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Digital Yuva Daywise Calendar

  1. 1. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Duration : 2 monthsLab AssignmentDay 1 Windows 7Interaction withstudents.Course Introduction.How computer is usefulin our day-to-day life.Day 2 Windows 7 Getting StartedLogging On toWindows7Exploring the DesktopTurn On your computer.Turn Off your Computer.Restart your computerExplorer Windows DesktopFind Icons available on the desktop.Use Taskbar and Start button to open various applications.Identify use of Recycle bin.Day 3 Windows 7 Personalizing Windows7Changing the DesktopBackgroundApplying a Screen SaverChange wallpaper of your desktop. Use various.Apply various picture positions and picture settingsApplying Screen saverDay 4 Windows 7 Personalizing Windows7Applying ThemesChanging MouseSettingsApply various themes available in Windows Operating System.Customize your desktop for various events such as Birthday,Teachers Day, Friendship Day etc.Change mouse pointerDay 5 Windows 7 Using Applications Windows Media PlayerOpen Windows Media Player.Change mode of windows Media Player.Use Windows Media Player to listen your favourite songs.Listen songs and enjoy your day!Day 6 Windows 7 Using Applications PaintOpen Paint application and use various tools available in Paintapplication. Save the picture file.Digital Yuva Day Wise Break UpHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicPage 1
  2. 2. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicDay 7 Windows 7 Using Applications PaintCreate Scenery / Greeting Card / Your Classroom picture and setit as a wallpaper.Day 8 Windows 7 Using Applications NotepadOpen Notepad application.Type your name and address and save the file.Open existing file and print the document.Day 9 Windows 7 Using Applications WordPadStarting WordPadUse Word WrapFormat Text by applying bold, Italic, Underline stylesIncrease Font Size of selected text and Save the document.Day 10 Windows 7 Using Applications WordPadOpening WordPad Document, Find and Replace Text, Move andCopy Text.Insert and Resize Picture.Day 11 Windows 7 Using Applications Windows Movie Maker Create your own movie using Windows Movie Maker.Day 12 Windows 7 Using ApplicationsCalculatorSnipping ToolSticky NotesOpen Calculator and perform various calculations.Change mode and view history of your calculations.Using Snipping Tool, take a snapshot of your desktopbackground.Use Sticky Notes to prepare list of tasks.Day 13 Windows 7 Using ApplicationsGamesMath Input PanelUsing Games Explorer play various Games available in WindowsOperating System.Use Math Input Panel to write down Math Expressions.Day 14 Windows 7 Working With WindowsParts of a WindowCopying BetweenApplicationsExplorer various buttons present on Title Bar. Use Menu Bar andscroll barCopy picture from one application and paste into otherapplication.Page 2
  3. 3. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicDay 15 Windows 7Windows ExplorerCustomizationFiles, Folders andLibrariesCreating Folders andLibrariesDate & Time SettingsGadgetsOpen Windows ExplorerWhat is File?Use of Folders.Use of LibrariesCreate Files, Folders and Libraries.Change Date & Time of your system.Change Calendar SettingView or Hide GadgetsDay 16 Windows 7Day 17 Internet Getting StartedWhat is InternetBrowsersInternet Explorer 9Uses of internetSocial NetworkingLearn internet and web with Tiri-MiriLearn browsers (Tiri-Miri Video)Learn domain name with Tiri-MiriOpen Internet Explore.Use Address bar and Refresh buttonsSet as Home PageInternet for Entertainment (Tiri-Miri Video)Internet for Education (Tiri-Miri Video)Social Networking (Tiri-Miri Video)Day 18 Internet Hindi Typing Using Google IME Use Google IME to type in HindiDay 19 Internet Exploriments Using ExplorimentsLearn by doing ApproachSensitive & Proactive EnvironmentsUnusual & Imaginary DevicesDay 20 InternetUsing Google mapOnline shopping withFlipkartJourney planning usingGoogle mapOnline shopping withFlipkartUse Google Map to arrange your picnic.Online shopping with FlipkartDay 21 InternetCommunication throughEmailCreate Email AccountCompose and SendEmailSPAM mailsInvitationsUses of internet for communication (Tiri-Miri Video)Create Gmail, Hotmail, Rediffmail or Yahoo accountEmail (Tiri-Miri Video)Compose and Send Email in GmailSend email in other than English languageInformation regarding the spam emailsCreate an invitation for birthday partyInterim Performance Test (IPT) 1 : Windows 7Page 3
  4. 4. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicDay 22 Internet TalksGoogle TalkSkypeYahoo messengerDownload and Install Google TalkInstant Messaging (Tiri-Miri Video)Voice chat using Google talkDownload Skype and create Skype accountDownload and install yahoo messengerVoice chat using yahoo messengerDay 23 Internet Online SearchInformationHobby or interestMapsSearch information using GoogleUse Wikipedia to search informationWikipedia (Tiri-Miri Video)Information about a hobby or interestSearch For a Map Or Driving DirectionsDay 24 Internet Online SearchProduct or serviceInformation forchildrenSearch for baby namesResearch on a product or service before buyingE-commerce (Tiri-Miri video)Electronic Commerce-Security (Tiri-Miri Video)Search jokes, activities, poems, sketches for childrensDay 25 InternetOnline TVOnline GamesLive TV3D GamesWatch live TV onlinePlay 3D games onlineDay 26 InternetDownload data frominternetWallpapersSongsVideosScreensaversDownload wallpaper on your PCDownload songs on your PCDownload videosDownload screensaversDay 27 InternetLearn languages oninternetLearn LanguageLanguageTransliterationeTempleLearn foreign language onlineLearn French onlineUsing Google transliterationLive darshan of Shirdi Saibaba onlineDay 28 InternetCourier & Speed post:online informationRead eBook usinginternetCreate Blogs and ForumsCreate Photo AlbumsonlineStatus of the post andcouriereBook ReadingCreate blogDownload photosEdit Photo AlbumLive Cricket MatchesCheck the status of courier onlineRead ebook using GoogleCreate your own blogInstall photo album and edit your photosWatch live cricket matches onlineDay 29 Internet Interim Performance Test (IPT) 2 : InternetPage 4
  5. 5. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicDay 30All AboutComputerIntroduction toComputersWhat is a Computer ?Components of aComputer SystemIdentify various components of your computerLearn data with Tiri-Miri (Video)Day 31All AboutComputerIntroduction toComputersHardware Learn input with Tiri-Miri (Video)Day 32All AboutComputerIntroduction toComputersElectronic Data andInstructionsLearn analog and digital with Tiri-Miri (Video)Day 33All AboutComputerDay 34SCRATCHProgrammingScratch Introduction What is Scratch?Open Scratch application.Explorer various options available in Scratch windowDay 35SCRATCHProgrammingCreating a ColorfulParrotCreating a WhirlingLobsterCreating a ColorfulParrotCreating a WhirlingLobsterUsing control blocks create colorful flowers.Apply whirling effect to the image.Day 36SCRATCHProgrammingCreating a DancingQueenCreating a DialogueCreating a DancingQueenCreating a DialogueCreate your own animation using Scratch application.Record your own voice and create dialogues in ScratchDay 37SCRATCHProgrammingCreating Your OwnSpriteCreating Your OwnSpriteCreate your own sprite using Image Editor.Day 38SCRATCHProgrammingAquarium Aquarium Create your own animation using the same blocks.Day 39SCRATCHProgrammingGreeting CardEmotionsGreeting CardEmotionsCreate animated greeting card for your friends birthday.Creating EmotionsDay 40Image EditingActivitiesPhotoScape Using PhotoScapeOpen Photoscape applicationScreen capturingSave fileDay 41Image EditingActivitiesPhotoScape Using PhotoScape Edit image, Apply animationsDay 42Image EditingActivitiesPixia Using Pixia Use Pixia to edit imagesDay 43Image EditingActivitiesTransferring Image Transferring ImageTransfer image from mobile to computerTransfer image from Digital Camera to computerInterim Performance Test (IPT) 3 : All About ComputersPage 5
  6. 6. Daywise Breakup for "Digital Yuva"Lab AssignmentHands on (1 hour)Days (Daily 2Hrs.)Learning through ERA (1 hour)TopicDay 44 General ToolsVideo EditingSound Recording andEditingUsing AvidemuxVideo ConvertorUsing Sound RecorderEdit videos using AvidemuxConvert videos into various other formatsUse Sound RecorderDay 45 General ToolsVoice RecognitionSystemUsing SpeechRecognitionUse Speech RecognitionDay 46 General Tools Basics of AutoCAD Basics of AutoCADOpen AutoCAD application, Use various toolsSave fileDay 47 General Tools Basics of AutoCAD Drawings Draw your own designingDay 48 General Tools Mobile Backup Mobile BackupData BackupBackup of ContactsSongs backupDay 49 General Tools Using QR Code Reader Using QR Code Reader Use QR code reader on your SmartphonesDay 50 General Tools CD/ DVD Writing How to write CD/DVD Write CD/ DVD to save all activities created in this course.Page 6