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UW Oshkosh ePortfolio Oct 2012


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My introduction to the work on ePortfolio adoption at UWO for the UW LTDC committee

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UW Oshkosh ePortfolio Oct 2012

  1. 1. UW Oshkosh:ePortfolioadoptionR. John Robertson,LTDC & Site Admin meeting,UW Whitewater, 8-9th October 2012
  2. 2. OverviewOrganizational contextPilot models and questionsD2L, artifacts, assessment
  3. 3. Context of ePortfolios @ UWO
  4. 4. ePortfoliosWhat type of ePortfolio are we interested in?● admission● learning● professional assessment● employmentOthers may follow
  5. 5. Communication linesLearning Technologies working with:● USP Council● Provosts Office (Assistant VC for Curricular Affairs and Student Academic Achievement)● Faculty Senate Committees (indirectly)This presentation presents the issues,challenges, and efforts of all those involved
  6. 6. PilotThis semesterCourses in Theatre, Health Education, Writing,Communications, and Computer ScienceSome courses part of USP, some notMixture of experience with ePortfoliosAbout 250 students
  7. 7. Emerging modelsAs ePortfolio use is [initially, currently] targetedat a program level weve identified two differentmodels of participation, both of which wereexploring in the pilot.● Lite: the course produces an artifact and reflection for the program ePortfolio● Full: using the ePortfolio inside the course and the collection of artifacts as a process
  8. 8. Emerging questionsHow to use D2LMeaningful artifacts and reflectionsTraining and supportAssessmentAlignment with LOs
  9. 9. D2L ePortfolioD2L ePortfolio as student space & artifact storeeP Presentations-templates-themesAside: creativity and given academic formatInvestigating alignment with key coursestructures
  10. 10. D2L ePortfolioWorking through options for:Placing the Dropbox?Rubrics and other Feedback?Reflections (formatting)Copying to ePortfolio - working out the workflow
  11. 11. D2L ePortfolio workflow
  12. 12. D2L ePortfolioStorageaka: hurray for Utility/ System!aka: hurray for Kaltura!aka: erm web2.0 meets FERPA [= unknown?]
  13. 13. meaningful artifactsdiscipline specificlearning objective/ outcome alignedQuestions:what to do with large classes and multiplechoice quizzes?what to do with group projects?what to do with civic engagement?reflections?
  14. 14. support needsContent management for students digital literacy: description, ipr, media skillsAssessment Using rubrics/ feedback recording alignment with learning outcomesReflection developing good questions articulating disciplinary learning
  15. 15. supporting institutional assessmentwhat data do we have?what is useful?how do can we supply it to supportinginstitutional assessment processes?investigating competencies in D2L (circlesrather than straight lines)