Student engagement in online learning


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Reference copy of some thoughts about engaging students in online learning, slides for a professional development workshop. first time talking about this so there's lots in these that I would now adapt/ develop further

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Student engagement in online learning

  1. 1. EngagingStudents OnlineJohn Robertson, Learning Technologies UW Oshkosh,Presentation at College of Education ProfessionalDevelopment Day,22 January 2013
  2. 2. Just like face to face classes, sort ofWhy am I here?What is the value of this?What do I get from this?Why do I care?Who owns this?
  3. 3. The internet has cats https://i.chzbgr. com/maxW500/6952760064/h4061 45DD/
  4. 4. The internet has cats in boxes https://i.chzbgr. com/maxW500/695275673 6/hD0403B03/
  5. 5. The internet has lots of cats
  6. 6. and a billion other thingsTwitter, Facebook, Ebay, Amazon, Farmville,more cat videos, facts and theories abouteverything, that song / music video/ tv episode,...
  7. 7. The challenge of mediated presenceIn a classroom your presence and personalityplay a big part in communicating your passionand engaging students. Structure, resources,and environments play a role.In an online environment the balance shifts.
  8. 8. The medium is the message (a)types of engagementspeed of engagementnature of engagementHow do expectations change?Facebook, Twitter, D2L, email, phone, text chat
  9. 9. Mediated environments?three kinds of experimentation● a safe space● a space to try, explore, and fail● a space to find a voice
  10. 10. The medium is the message (b)what activities are you doing, why are youdoing them this way?eg forum discussionssubstance/ style/ spelling/ citations/ evidence/Do you grade them as a forum discussion or asan essay? is there a difference?
  11. 11. Everyone likes free stuff● course outline● lecture notes● lecture recordings● bibliography (annotated/ linked)there are good reasons why you might not wantto provide these for your students but itsstraightforward to do so have you articulatedwhy you havent
  12. 12. Attendance or learningboth obviously but...what are you assessing in your course?eg all notes online and podcasts might meanstudents dont need to turn up; there are lots ofreasons why this is not good, but if theyreengaged online does that count - and why?
  13. 13. If you own the server, you make therules, but with consequencesAn example:● Graduate course● Students given forums● Some specific subforums for particular courses but for general use● Post politely critical of lack of course feedback appears● Extensive discussion ensues● ...and the thread is deleted by Faculty mod● Forum use vanishes
  14. 14. Badges, levels, experience, rolesOnline community profiles and digital badgesMuch of this is about identity and feedback● capture something specific about themselves / create context● make some aspect of the digital tangible● describe / award others● get feedback
  15. 15. e-Learning and Digital Cultures
  16. 16. P2PU - School of Ed are they doing right?How can you do it?
  17. 17. SaylorEducational Psychology Course
  18. 18. Make art - ds106