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LTDC. Do or not do. Supporting ePortfolio adoption in a year


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Presentation to LTDC earlier in the year about the process of ePortfolio adoption at UW Oshkosh

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LTDC. Do or not do. Supporting ePortfolio adoption in a year

  1. 1. Do. Or not do. There is no try: supporting Program Level ePortfolios in a Year R John Robertson LTDC Central Regional Showcase UW Stevens Point 2013-03-13
  2. 2. UW Oshkosh ● 1800 anticipated First Year Students ● 12000 undergraduate population ● Significant transfer student intake
  3. 3. Coming Fall 2013
  4. 4. USP ● A focus on First Year Experience explicitly based on AAC&U's High Impact Practices (AAC&U / Kuh) Also seeking to document learning in an ePortfolio ● Reform of general education program approved by Faculty Senate in March 2012. From approved plan to running for the first year intake in a year ●
  5. 5. USP Team & ePortfolios ● An ePortfolio specialist ● Recruited, appointed, started mid July
  6. 6. Do. Or not do... [Imagine Yoda]
  7. 7. Challenges - scale ● Approximately 250 courses and at least 200 instructors ● 1800 First Year Students
  8. 8. Challenges - purpose ● One driver for USP is demonstrating the value of our Gen Ed program, so who is the ePortfolio for? ● Accreditation as a driver but with the potential to distract from pedagogy
  9. 9. Challenges - process ● ePortfolio new for most instructors ● Developing the idea of a program level ePortfolio and helping students frame assignments from a course in the wider picture of a program and degree ● Course and ePortfolio assignment may have been set up by department before instructor hired
  10. 10. Challenges - technology ● Thinking technology does xyz; discovering it does uwx but not xyz ● Guarantees about software sustainability ● Terminology
  11. 11. Use the Force Luke Pilot 5-6 instructors ~200 students Different starting points Examining issues formatviely Challenge of summative review Support resources endorsed
  12. 12. Professional development ● Going to every meeting and training opportunity with the wider program that I can ● Enhancing Student Learning: reflection and the ePortfolio process workshop series
  13. 13. Reference resources Resources ● ● ● ● ● USP site LT site D2L FAQ Guides and Brochures Access points for students?
  14. 14. Learning opportunities ● Spotting and acknowledging mistakes ○ assumptions about what tools can do ○ when shared spread misinformation which you have to address later ● Assumptions ○ about your role in relation to other units on campus ○ about use of platform
  15. 15. The biggest critical success factor? ● The engagement of the USP team and campus community ● Having the opportunity to explore, test, and find out how ePortfolio stuff works or doesn't work ● Being the person with their eye on this particular issue and being a voice for these questions in different contexts
  16. 16. Ongoing questions ● Export ● Analytics and data ● How do we ensure students keep their portfolios up to date? ● Student support beyond FAQ and resource sites
  17. 17. Contact ● ● @kavubob ●