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rMost Valuable Insurance - Mini Executive Summary


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rMost Valuable Insurance is a Captive insurance company. The best part is the macro priced cost – rMost Valuable Insurance Company, through the benefits of crowdfunding, is able to offer this unique coverage at low or no cost to the family.

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rMost Valuable Insurance - Mini Executive Summary

  1. 1. Proud member of rGreen Consortium. WHAT IS rMOST VALUABLE INSURANCE COMPANY? In a nutshell…We are a Captive Insurance company (“Captive Insurance” explained below) unique in how we operate, the services we provide, and the explosive growth we have! rGreen Consortium’s business model is built on the coupled technologies provided by Consortium partner, rFramers, Inc.  Every child's parents will demand our insurance product, they don’t even have to pay for it, crowdfunding does!  Macro Pricing, $1. Per $1K of Insurance.  The LOVE of a child by Parents, Family and Friends is worth more than a $1.
  2. 2.  rGreenConsortium currently consists of 5 highly profitable, modeled companies all tied together with a single steering committee.  Collectively sharing resources and thus, empowering each other socially and financially for the greater good.  The foundational data derived from crowdsourcing is re-used across our tied industries for disruptive growth & expansion.
  3. 3. rMOST VALUABLE INSURANCE COMPANY INC. ULTIMATELY ALONGSIDE THE PARTNERS WITHIN THE rGREEN CONSORTIUM SUPPLY A COMMUNITY WITH ENDLESS NORMAL DAILY ACTIVITIES JOINED TO PROVIDE A FULLY- FUNDED HIGHER EDUCATION TO ALL CHILDREN WITHIN A COMMUNITY: Definition of a Captive Insurance Company: The strict definition is “an insurance vehicle that is owned by its policyholder(s).” The two types of captives are: a) Pure captives — these are owned by their insureds, and include both single-parent and group captives. b) Sponsored captives — these are owned and controlled by unrelated parties, and include rental and cell captives. rMost Valuable Insurance Company will most likely be a pure captive, which is formed by a group of individuals or entities with joint ownership of a captive insurance company. One kind of group-owned captive allows a group of insureds from entirely different industry groups to be a joint owner. This heterogeneous group captive may be a reinsurance pool, formed to create underwriting capacity through the pooling of risk. A reinsurance pool does not provide direct insurance, but reinsures either the captives of its owners or the admitted insurers that issue policies to the pool's owners. The group captive or pool may also provide other risk management services for the group. rMost Valuable Insurance Company will operate as this latter type of captive. The tied industries of the rGreen Consortium will form the joint ownership structure and reinsurance will be provided through a partner commercial insurance company that can provide capital toward initial risk coverage. We have begun exploring possible partnerships with __________________, _____________ and __________. Benefits from the captive insurance structure would be significant. Here’s how:  Improved cash flow.  Tax deduction for our parent company, with insurance premiums paid to the captive.  Various other tax savings opportunities, including gift and estate tax savings for the shareholders and income tax savings for both the captive and our members.  Opportunity to accumulate wealth in a tax-favored vehicle.  Distributions to captive owners at favorable income tax rates.  Asset protection from the claims of business and personal creditors.  Ability to broaden coverage options with growth (expanding to offer business insurance, Flood, Home, Life, Auto, Pet, etc.)  Stabilized Pricing and increased availability of insurance.  Reduction in the amount of insurance premiums presently paid by our operating companies.  Access to the lower-cost reinsurance market.
  4. 4.  Insuring risks that would otherwise be uninsurable. We aren’t alone! Captive insurance companies continue to experience growth. One of the key reasons is that captives provide organizations with greater control over their risks in the following ways:  By facilitating the ability of businesses to collect underwriting and loss data.  By providing them with information to make informed decisions about how to drive down costs.  By reducing the frequency and severity of losses.  By managing risk more effectively - regardless of market conditions.  By enjoying the same tax status afforded commercial insurers, and further building on their ability to accumulate capital to protect against loss. As a result of their willingness to write a broader range of emerging risks, the popularity of captive insurance companies is increasing. In many cases, the captive acts as an incubator regarding environmental and reputational type risks. In a sense, it’s holding risk until the market has sufficient data to model, price, and accept the risk. Being therefore more comfortable retaining these risks, the captive gains the ability to plan for a predetermined increase in risk capacity and can better create and execute its strategic roadmap. In addition, the number of jurisdictions in which captives can be established has expanded, particularly in the United States. Captive growth is also due to increasing representation of the middle market, particularly in the area of group captives. More small- to medium-sized companies are expressing an interest in this type of captive, looking at like-minded companies of similar size with similar exposures, and exploring how captives can help them manage both costs and risk. Why rMost Valuable Insurance Company is a Captive: rMost Valuable Insurance Company is providing insurance coverage that cannot be found with any other insurer, and in order to launch the product, we feel that the captive insurance structure is the most compatible with our business model and growth plans. rMost Valuable Insurance Company not only has ownership in and control of the company, but benefits from its profitability. Simply put, we are willing to risk our own capital in anticipation of the financial rewards associated with better control over our insurance program. This is based on several logical premises:  We are a profitable entity seeking substantial annual adjustable tax deductions.  Businesses with multiple entities like ours can create multiple operating subsidiaries or affiliates.  Our businesses will have $500,000 or more in sustainable operating profits.  Our businesses have requisite risks currently not insured or that could easily be underinsured.  As businesses owner(s) we are interested in personal wealth accumulation and family wealth transfer strategies.  As businesses owner(s) we are looking for asset protection.  Fronting Insurance Company Partner: Examples - AIG, The Hartford, (AARP), Met Life.  Proprietary software built into the Child Pro (CP) Crowdfunding mobile app.  First Month 40k Participants. Over 1 Million 1st year.  $240 Million 1st year Insurance Premium Revenue.  Macro Pricing, $1 per $1K of Insurance  Premiums paid via crowdfunding participants.  Projected annual return on investment between 100% to 150%
  5. 5.  Premier independent captive insurance management firm.  Regulatory compliance throughout the U.S.  Licensed insurance agents. Our top secret insurance product will be offered initially as the sole insurance product available from rMost Valuable Insurance Company. Once profits reach appropriate levels and according to our strategic plan, the product offering will be expanded to underwrite additional coverage options that include the following:  Flood Insurance  Life Insurance  Home Insurance  Auto Insurance  Pet Insurance Other in-demand coverage opportunities will be made available that make sense for our risk model and customer demographics. Our policyholders will be parents and grandparents who are trying to do the best to protect and provide for their children and grandchildren. With the market focus on children and their families, rMost Valuable Insurance Company’s business is very low risk. The claim dollar amounts will be relatively small, premiums are low, and the volume of new policies will be high. Those three attributes of the program, paired with the structure of rGreen Consortium and our partnerships with large, stable insurance providers, make rMost Valuable Insurance Company a sturdy venture. Of course, we are well aware of the serious risks associated with the insurance business, and will take extreme care, being fully committed to maintaining a comprehensive risk management program. All risk factors will be addressed and executable monitoring and reporting procedures implemented in order to mitigate exposure to loss. The Risk Management program will be used to perform evaluations of underwriting policies and procedures, including analyses of data and in order to achieve continuous improvement. We are prepared to break through barriers and offer something special and secure to our policyholders…and we have what it takes! Keys to success with one hundred-plus combined years of experience:  On-Going Management: A laser-focused team that pays attention to detail while seeing the big picture, all with a smile.  Formation and licensing of our captive insurance company in record time (cells and series, too).  Regulatory Compliance: a subcontracted, seasoned team to take care of the red tape so we don't have to.  Partnering with a financially strong fronting company for insurance regulatory compliance throughout the US.  Licensed insurance agents to achieve insurance regulatory compliance throughout the US for the sale of our top-secret insurance product.  Insurance promoted via rCommunities for Education.
  6. 6.  Discount advertising, marketing and licensing provided via rFramers, Inc.  Adequate capital to support the underwritten risk. Marketing Plan We use a “Mobile First Approach” to get rMost Valuable Insurance Company’s top secret insurance product to market. Benefits of a Mobile First Approach:  Oct 2015: 68% of American adults have a smartphone. Studies show each adult has an average of 671 Social Ties within their mobile device. Direct ties 15 - Close Friends & Family, In-Direct Ties 35 - Ex- School Mate, Co-Workers, Social ties – 621 Email, FB, Twitter, SMS, Phone #’s, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Social Networks (SNS) …  There is a 40% Overlap in Social Ties.  The average adult belongs to 5.5 Social Networking Services (SNS), active in 2.8 SNS.  Each child will receive $1,775.13 in initial deposits, and $184.40 in monthly recurring deposits.  Eighty percent of children 11-18 years of age have smartphones that contain a multitude of Social Ties (many times more than the parent). The numbers reflected do not include this data.  Over $10 million in industry research supports our numbers & documentation.  From here it is uncontrolled viral growth. rGreen Consortium partner, rCommunities for Education, serves as a sales and marketing vehicle for the rMost Valuable Insurance Company insurance product. How? rCommunities for Education hosts events in the community in partnership with local organizations. They partner with businesses of all sizes to implement Internet of Things (IoT) technologies in order to empower the local business revenues using the local big data, data that cannot otherwise be attained without human input, and package the data into useful ways local businesses will utilize to interact with their customers. Possibilities include offering incentives, rewards, discounts, gift cards etc., to drive their business growth by strengthening and expanding their customer base. Many of these companies will turn to rCommunities for Education for enhanced growth, larger profits, social good, and to AVOID being left behind because of the services that are offered to them. rCommunities for Education is partnering with a nationally known and demanded motivational speaker with a similar mission to ours. We maintain a sharp focus on getting the entire community to download the CP Mobile app and begin to empower and change the lives of the entire community. rCommunities for Education is present in the community and generates revenue in partnership with local business by providing unique products and services to the businesses and their consumers! Financial Projections A formal Pro Forma has been developed and will be available upon an approved request. The data is highly profitable and based on projections from research completed in the development of the business plan.
  7. 7. With rMost Valuable Insurance Company and the rGreen Consortium, the possibilities are endless. We create a path for real success. We change lives! We save lives! We support the community as a whole! We become a loud voice, a force for the good of society, community-wide. Our actions and accomplishments embrace ideals the whole world can emulate to accomplish pure social good. We strongly believe that we can make a difference by offering a robust products and services that empower every person and every entity within a community. We make life better! We are looking for the right relationships for our consortium of Startups! For more information, please contact: RJ Randall Co-Founder, Managing Director Phone: 1+ 407.325.6568 Email: