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Mini Executive Summary - rFramers


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A technology and business solutions company that helps rGreen Consortium’s clients and partners run their business operations more efficiently.

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Mini Executive Summary - rFramers

  1. 1. 1 Proud member of rGreen Consortium. WHAT IS rFRAMERS? A technology and business solutions company, rFramers, Inc. provides reliable, agile, and flexible options that help our clients and partners run their business operations more efficiently by giving them the ability to let us handle the hard stuff, so they can focus on growing their business and their profit. Our expansive network of knowledge and commitment to best practices, allows us to deliver results. What is a Technology & Business Solutions Company? By providing cost effective solutions and services, business operations and technology can be comprehensively streamlined. Today’s businesses need robust technology and operations teams in order to stay ahead of their competition. rFramers, Inc. handles the needs of their client from concept through implementation, and through the entire ongoing service and support process. rFramers, Inc. creates custom technology for the rGreen Consortium business partners, and licenses the technology to them. We do all of the sweating and lifting, coordinating and launching, so that our business owners/managers and CEOs can take a breath and focus on the next item on the to-do list that grows the company. We provide the infrastructure support to implement products and services, to deliver ongoing support, efficiently, securely, and in compliance. We also leverage services through vendor partners in order to provide businesses with technologies and service management solutions that enhance our services, but for a cheaper cost. Our available services include web hosting, data storage and security, mobile application and overall development and the support of rFramers, Inc.-owned technologies, through to marketing-plan campaign development, execution, and management. We pride ourselves on strict adherence to industry regulations and internal policies and procedures. Our top-notch quality assurance
  2. 2. 2 teams ensure that we deliver smart and secure products and services that are consistently above our client’s expectations. rFramers, Inc. is basically an operations center for rGreen Consortium. Technology, software, and special software developed by rFramers, Inc. is used to generate revenue for businesses, both within and outside the rGreen Consortium. All mobile application features developed are available for licensing. Our ability to be a complete solutions provider removes the hassle of managing multiple vendors, logistics, and technological bottlenecks. It gives every Consortium partner and member the peace of mind that they have chosen a reliable, long-term partner capable of solving their technology and operational needs. rFramers, Inc. has produced a world-class mobile app that is used to introduce the businesses within rGreen Consortium, promote crowdfunding for education, protect the lives of all children, promote rMost Valuable Insurance as a macro-priced byproduct, and promote our omni-channel rGreen Bank banking services. Our Child Pro Crowdfunding mobile app also supports rGreen Landfill with its socio-political needs, enhancing the lives of the entire community with higher air and water qualities. Essentially, rGreen Consortium promotes a crowdsourced, crowd(funding) economy via “rCommunities for Education” boots-on-the-ground warriors and the tools rFramers Provides. rFramers profoundly bridges industry forward, pulls communities together, and leads to providing a fully-funded higher education for all children within a community! rFramers and the business partners of rGreen Consortium are Evangelistic and all benefit each other! We strongly believe that we can make a difference by offering robust products and services that empower every person and every entity within a community. We make life better! We are looking for the right relationships for our consortium of Startups! For more information, please contact: RJ Randall Co-Founder, Managing Director Phone: 1+ 407.325.6568 Email:
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