Raising Venture Capital with Data


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Highlights from a Q&A with "super angel", Jeff Clavier. Covering topics like: how key metrics differ for SaaS vs. consumer businesses, demonstrating analytical expertise in the pitch, what to do when your gut says yes, but the data says no.

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Raising Venture Capital with Data

  1. 1. Q&A with Jeff Clavier This deck These slides summarize a Q&A session with Jeff Clavier and RJMetrics. A full video recording of the event can be viewed here: http://rjmetrics.com/webinars/raising-venturecapital-with-data Jeff Clavier Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech VC #datadrivenpitch
  2. 2. Startups and Data
  3. 3. Who do you invest in? “A smart-ass team with a kick-ass product in a big-ass market.” - Jeff Clavier #datadrivenpitch
  4. 4. #datadrivenpitch
  5. 5. Metrics that Matter: Cohort Analysis
  6. 6. Cohort Analysis The Gold Standard of Startups To learn more, check out: cohortanalysis.com   #datadrivenpitch
  7. 7. #datadrivenpitch
  8. 8. Metrics that Matter: Customer Acquisition
  9. 9. #datadrivenpitch
  10. 10. Metrics that Matter: Engagement
  11. 11. #datadrivenpitch
  12. 12. Metrics that Matter: Retention and Churn
  13. 13. #datadrivenpitch
  14. 14. Attendee Feedback
  15. 15. Watch the Video: http://rjmetrics.com/webinars/raising-venturecapital-with-data