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From Question to Action


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Published in: Data & Analytics
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From Question to Action

  1. 1. From Question to Action
  2. 2. 3 Refine analysis objective What you’re going to learn 2 1 Build dashboards that answer your questions Interpret reports to enable a specific action
  3. 3. Sample Exploratory Call Vandelay Industries, Inc.
  4. 4. Analysis Recap
  5. 5. • Move from “I want more good customers” to “I will adjust my marketing budgets based on the historical performance of my acquisitional channels” • Collaborative dashboard creation • Interpretation often leads to more focused questions Analysis Recap
  6. 6. • Coupons: Should discounted orders be counted differently? • AOV: Should $100 orders be counted differently than $50 orders? • Seasonality: How is your business impacted by holidays or different seasons? • Order type: Should individual orders be treated differently from recurring revenue? Additional Considerations
  7. 7. Data Analysis Services acts as your analyst team to review your goals, design analyses, interpret results,and ultimatelyanswer your business questions. Our clients use Data Analysis Services for help with: • Managing current inventoryon-hand and inventory turnover • Identifyingthe best method to join disparate data sources • Determiningwhich products to recommendto customers to increase average order values Data Analysis Services
  8. 8. Thanks for joining! Questions?