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The peel lessons learned v2


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The peel lessons learned v2

  1. 1. iPad App, Curated Content: Ups & Downs! reach new users? add new revenue stream? @hoosier40
  2. 2. Why create iPad app? Why curated content?  1 in 3 internet users to use Tablet by 2014  Percentage of iPad users among Tablet  The demographic of Tablet users  Tablet users want content to function w/ device  Younger demographic wants unique content  50+ demographic wants replica! @hoosier40
  3. 3. 1 in 3 internet users to use a tablet by 2014 US market, eMarketer Nov, 21, 2011
  4. 4. Percentage of iPad users among tablets US market, eMarketer Nov, 21, 2011 US market, eMarketer Nov, 21, 2011
  5. 5. Demographic of Tablet users US market, Report by Pews Research Center Oct 25, 2011
  6. 6. Younger demo wants content differently  More personalized by their likes and dislikes  Want unique content specifically designed for the device  They are not already reading your product, so you have to reach out Building content for a mass audience doesn’t work anymore… @hoosier40
  7. 7. OCR iPad app: Reaches out to younger demo  Unique content every day  Daily, regularly scheduled multi media feature stories  Content that takes advantage of the iPad functions  Aimed at a younger demographic than newspaper
  8. 8. OCR traditional print demo wants digital replica!  They like convenient access to content via smartphone  Shorter versions of same stories are fine  Like what they are used to – replica and news
  9. 9. Tablet apps designed for traditional audience
  10. 10. OCR iPad app transforms the print newspaper! @hoosier40
  11. 11. OCR App: content made for iPad functionality
  12. 12. Community building & growing downloads Create a VOICE! A profile Targeted advertising Social Media
  13. 13. What did we learn after initial launch?  Surveys showed people liked graphical approach  Most users were similar demographic as website audience  Questions concerning location of stories seen on website & obituaries  Hard to find sections pertaining to print product  Small numbers of new audience
  14. 14. Why did we rebrand app in 2012?  Admit failure to reach new audience  OCR brand while credible was a negative  Audience we wanted was more about video & content specific to them  Communicate findings & corrective actions  Change marketing to only use social & media associated with audience  Use social & audience we were after to come up with name  Adopt TV like approach to marketing & content @hoosier40
  15. 15. Rebranding: OCR iPad App becomes The Peel
  16. 16. The Peel Monthly Insights
  17. 17. The Peel: Target ads to 25-45 yr old iPad users
  18. 18. The Peel 2012 Survey Results  Average: 35 - 49 years old  61.7 / 38.3, male/female  53.9% annual income $100k or higher
  19. 19. Drive inbound traffic to a website…
  20. 20. The Peel, a bright spot according to Newsosaur
  21. 21. 2012… the explosion of iPads sold  iPad sold 17 million units in Apr-Jun 12 - NEW RECORD  More iPads sold in this period than any PC manufacturer sold of entire PC line  Last year iPad had 62% market share NOW 68% share  iPad is 91% of all tablet web traffic - Where are all the other tablets  700,000 apps in store 250,000 specific to iPad  Apple has sold 400 million IOS devices through June of this year
  22. 22. Revenue Stream from Mobile Apps @hoosier40
  23. 23. Ad Spending needs to catch up w/ Time Spent
  24. 24. Tablet users are even more engaged!  Tablet consumers spend more time daily  Check headlines 52%, read articles 42% SS US market, Report by Pews Research Center Oct 25, 2011
  25. 25. Selling Ad Space using Share of Voice vs CPM  On Tablets, users are more engaged with the content and the ads:  High Click Through (0.7%+)  3X higher visits  11X higher page views per unique than web  Much higher time spent  SOV is about percentage of pages viewed vs. CPM Unique audience is worth more and is sold in a different way @hoosier40
  26. 26. medium is new so we create the landing pages
  27. 27. print ad „clutter‟… to iPad excellence! @hoosier40
  28. 28. Where do we see this going? More ad impressions • Page views will continue to grow Standalone sales teams • Focused on selling mobile in larger markets Subscription based? US market, Report by Pews Research Center Oct 25, 2011
  29. 29. Lessons learned… the good stuff  We learned a key factor in attracting a younger audience was to brand the product with a unique name (non-replica of the newspaper), and play down any connection to its legacy brand.  Collaboration is very important with existing content sources, as the resources available from the legacy brand are vast. @hoosier40
  30. 30. Lessons learned… the good stuff  Video must play a major role in the development of content..  We inspired many other content businesses to follow our lead and produce content similar to The Peel.  The key component of The Peel each day was the feature story, with interactivity – with iPad functionality.  We averaged around 5,000 “Uniques” per week and had over 125,000 total downloads of the app.
  31. 31. Lessons learned… the not-so-good stuff  We started out thinking the best thing we could do was to tie our publishing efforts into our existing content management system and workflow. What a mistake.  We should have developed more video and original content sooner.  The name change to “The Peel” (from its original name “OC Register Tablet app”) occurred a bit late in the game. @hoosier40
  32. 32. Lessons learned… the not-so-good stuff  We should have created a Sunday edition of The Peel.  Finally, sales and advertisers weren‟t ready for this new medium‟s type of analytics. Selling “share-of-voice” was foreign to our sales reps and advertisers, who wanted to talk cpm based buys. @hoosier40
  33. 33. With new ownership came new expectations  The investment period for The Peel was cut off a year too short before we could witness true success.  I believe the future is bright for products designed to engage and deliver what a user expects from the device they are using.  Publish around audience expectations, don‟t try to repurpose traditional newspaper content to fit the screen of the device. @hoosier40
  34. 34. How to manage disruptive change at legacy?  Do your homework  Get CEO backing  Field the right team – don‟t repurpose  Recruit a sales champion  Admit failures & build on them @hoosier40
  35. 35. How does The Peel compare to The Daily  The Daily was staffed as a success from day one – 200 people  Tried to be iPad version of newspaper – transition vs acquisition  Moved to subscription base before enough scale of iPad audience  Never adopted TV style approach w/marketing or shows  Newscorp restructuring – lost CEO support
  36. 36. The original OC Register Tablet team  @hoosier40Doug Bennett, Benwood Farm: Mobile in Action!
  37. 37. Thanks! @hoosier40Doug Bennett, Benwood Farm: Mobile in Action!