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Birds of a Feather Tweet Together


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Itai Himelboim, Department of Telecommunications, Grady College, University of Georgia

Published in: Technology, Education
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Birds of a Feather Tweet Together

  1. 1. Birds of a Feather Tweet Together Itai Himelboim Department of Telecommunications Grady College The University of Georgia
  2. 2. What’s in a (Twitter) Network? Follow, mention, reply Self-selected information flow maps for specific topics
  3. 3. Divided We Tweet?Clusters Hubs Density #s, URLs
  4. 4. ClustersInteracting Across the Aisle?
  5. 5. @Jjauthor @Dbargen @atlasshrugs@stevenertelt @Katyinindy Information Sources Hubs@Postpolitics @OFA_FL @johnfmoore@Thelastword @OFA_NC
  6. 6. Political Social NetworksWe don’t talk with you, but we talk about you #P2 #TCOT #TCOT #P2We learn the news from different sourcesOur information flows differently
  7. 7. Not all Twitter Graphs Look the Same
  8. 8. Thank you!Itai Himelboim (