Neil Katz: Future forecast: How a 30-year-old TV company got obsessed with mobile


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Neil Katz

Editor-in-Chief and VP of Content, The Weather Company

Neil Katz serves as editor-in-chief and vice president of content for The Weather Company’s digital properties, which include,, and its category-leading lineup of smartphone and tablet applications. Katz owns editorial direction of the properties overseeing digital video content, news, lifestyle and sponsored advertising content. He supervises all content staff as well as content acquisition and analytics.

Katz joined The Weather Company in November 2012 from The Huffington Post, where as executive news editor he was part of the senior team that oversees editorial for The Huffington Post. He led the editorial team and oversaw The Huffington Post business, tech and crime verticals, as well as the production of several new video series. Previously, Katz spent several years at as an executive editor and was the founding editor of the CBS News Crimesider site. In addition, he was a field producer for “48 Hours,” and a freelance video journalist for The New York Times and PBS.

Prior to his journalism career, Katz art directed online campaigns for clients including Intel, Cuervo, Johnson & Johnson and the American Lung Association. In addition, he founded Merging Media, a digital design firm that produced sites for Nickelodeon, Hasbro, NYU and others.

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Neil Katz: Future forecast: How a 30-year-old TV company got obsessed with mobile

  1. 1. Future Forecast How a 30-Year-Old TV Company Got Obsessed with Mobile
  2. 2. What do you know about the Weather Company? Nothing.
  3. 3. When I started here... Me neither.
  4. 4. But this blew my mind
  5. 5. Three decades before Smart TVs, before XBox, before the Web, before most folks had email or cell phones I WAS COOL IN 1982
  6. 6. A small company out of Atlanta, Ga., pulled off an amazing technological feat
  7. 7. This is technology? Really?
  8. 8. Really This is a national cable channel delivering near real time forecasts to every zip code in America.
  9. 9. Even Today no other television company can delivery unique news to your TV. That’s why unlike the web, we all see THE SAME newscasts each night.
  10. 10. Soon after An enterprising engineer thought it would be neat if Weather Channel employees could have their email at
  11. 11. Eventually people started searching their local zip code and weather…. Boom!!
  12. 12. So by accident was born and the company is the dominant weather news site on the web
  13. 13. Now 100 Million People Read more than a billion pages each month on our site
  14. 14. But we had a problem When it’s sunny outside people don’t show up
  15. 15. So we invested heavily in journalism, video production and storytelling
  16. 16. Tripled our editorial staff CBS News, Huff Post, Daily Beast, Everyday Health, AOL, Audubon Magazine
  17. 17. Went Big on Photos Original photography from more than 100 shooters around the world Andrew Newey Beekeepers of Nepal
  18. 18. And Built a digital video production unit and a documentar y unit
  19. 19. Today we make 20 videos a day on breaking weather news, travel, health, science and action sports
  20. 20. And will release 6 short docs this year
  21. 21. On topics you wouldn’t think we could do America Burning Fracking and Toxic Air Homeless in Coldest City in America Climate Change Denial
  22. 22. Our digital unit is also making TV Two hours of Primetime called “Will to Live” Runs on TV, Web, Mobile
  23. 23. Good for you but now everything is going mobile…
  24. 24. So what’s your next trick? Reinvention
  25. 25. 40 Million People use our apps each month another 10 million on mobile web
  26. 26. formatted for mobile hiring editors just for Deliver News & Video
  27. 27. Go Long, Go Deep Mobile doesn’t only mean short form
  28. 28. make it easier than web vine is the leader Fast Start Video
  29. 29. Facebook and Twitter are driving how we scan mobile news. News Stream?
  30. 30. GPS locked severe weather warnings and breaking news. What’s your version of that? Location Matters
  31. 31. We’re experimenting with content that relates to your location. Will it be interesting, timely, high quality? Do you just want cat videos? But does it always matter?
  32. 32. Are big media sites daring enough? Old School?
  33. 33. What can the upstarts teach us? New School
  34. 34. Visual content up high + super social New School
  35. 35. Upworthy is the king of social. Should news sites follow? New School
  36. 36. Upworthy is the king of social. Should news sites follow? New School
  37. 37. Can a 15 second newscast really work? /p/mLfcuHM95B/ New School Hasn’t radio been doing this for a really long time? PS: Instagram now has more MAU than Twitter Back to School?