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Judd Slivka, By the Numbers


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Judd Slivka discusses created local, staff-produced video without breaking the bank.

Published in: Technology
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Judd Slivka, By the Numbers

  1. 1. By the numbers Creating local, staff-produced video without breaking the bank Judd Slivka Missouri School of Journalism @juddslivka
  2. 2. “I had something to say and didn’t want to break the bank to say it like I did back in 2007 when I spent my life savings to self-finance what is now probably the most expensive demo-tape on YouTube. Plus, everyone consumes so much content on their phones anyway, and the cameras on these things have gotten so great, that I said why not shoot something on the very device most of us can’t live without!”
  3. 3. ⋙…of U.S. adults watch videos online. About 36 percent of those watch news videos. ⋙Nearly half of adults 18 to 29 watch online news video. Source: Pew Research Center, 2014.
  4. 4. ⋙… percent of in- stream video ads are watched to the halfway point. ⋙72 percent are watched to completion. Source: CMO.,
  5. 5. ⋙Video news stories can easily be edited to include in-stream ads (or you can buy a service). ⋙Native advertising is easy to produce and quickly pays for itself. Source: Pew Research Center, 2014. revenue generating paths
  6. 6. $4.3 freakin’ billion Source: log/2015/01/29/an-insiders- guide-to-native-ad-sales/
  7. 7. ⋙5-year cost for a DSLR video kit, plus laptop to edit and process. ⋙The equivalent mobile equipment would cost about $2,000. $7,089
  8. 8. ⋙… big challenges to using mobile tools for video. ⋙Sensor. ⋙Stability. ⋙Sound. Source: CMO.,
  9. 9. 100 watt-equivalent LED $260︎ Sony wireless mic $600 Super-Wide iPro lens Set of 3 $199 iRig $150 pre-amp with Velcro mount $70 Beastgrip Universal Lens Mount Rig for Smartphone iPhone 6 $499︎ $1,778
  10. 10. ⋙RTE’s mobile kit $1,434
  11. 11. ⋙The Mizzou Mobile Kit $1,539iRig pre-amp Genaray 36 LED light w/arm Sony wireless mic w/ lav and hand mic transmitter VidPro XM-55 shotgun mic iOgrapher iPad Mini case 16GB iPad Mini 2
  12. 12. ⋙Best camera: iPhone 6+ ($499) ⋙Best camera value: iPhone 6 ($299) ⋙Best frame: iOgrapher ($65) ⋙Best alternative mCamLite ($120) ⋙Best pre-amp: iRig Pro ($150) ⋙Best pre-amp value iRig Pre ($50) Gear recommendations
  13. 13.