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Voices ASNE 2012
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Voices ASNE 2012


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2012 ASNE Reynolds Institute for High School Journalism Teachers News Magazine. Teachers enhance their publishing skills by producing a journalism news magazine that discusses classroom challenges as well as lessons of inspiration they found to take back to their students.

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Voices ASNE 2012

  1. 1. Vo i c e s t h a t c h a l l e n g e Sting of sexism crosses decades By Debra Gorham Piner was filled with young journalism ceremony, he was whisked away to Social media, the Supreme Court, and the First The wail began with a low, graduates, both male and female, a private meet-and-greet at a local guttural groan and evolved into a who covered crime, politics and inn. As city editor, I had a standing Vicki Francis Amendment at a crossroads full-out scream of anguish across the sports, no longer male beats. The invitation. From starting our newspaper by Ruban Valadez newsroom. This unnatural noise was humiliation I had endured as a first- The small upstairs room was filled website, using It is Monday morning, but before you finish your first cup of coffee, the principal is standing soon accompanied by a staccato of year reporter was no longer a part with civic leaders and local fans. Google Drive and@PennyMcKnight8 slamming drawers and the thud of of the job. It was 1991, not 1982, Clancy was talking shop about the seeing a myriadI am taking at your classroom door. Parents are upset by something your staff posted on the school’s new a heavy book landing somewhere. and sexual harassment laws and the movie rights to his latest novel and of incredibleaway a TONof practical online newspaper. From now on, he tells you, no stories can be posted without his consent. You Meredith O’Brien was angry as a Massachusetts Legislature protected was busy signing autographs for websites, I filled my treasure chestresources and realize that the integrity of the voices of your students may hang in the balance. hornet and could not hold back. women’s rights. the mostly male audience. I raised of technologyInternet links andarticles! Wow! So, what do you do? How far can you go? “That stupid, sexist, idiot Ten years earlier, I had been my hand to ask a question and was skills to help my pig…” She stopped herself before refused access to crime scenes, acknowledged by the as ... er ... students become Start with Tinker v. Des Moines. This landmark 1969 Supreme Court decision ruled even more career descending into more colorful the detective’s bureau and judge’s author.@LorrieSyms that students and teachers do not check their First Amendment rights at the schoolhouse speech, a newsroom no-no. Tears chambers because of my gender. “Mr. Clancy,” I asked in my best ready.I can go backto my classes door. Tinker stressed that non-disruptive actions are constitutionally protected by the First welled up in her eyes as she stood up Ogling, pinching, and big “fatherly” broadcaster voice, “you have been @EbyVicki I plan on takingwith a better Amendment. and turned toward my desk. “He said hugs were all part of the new terrain described as the Danielle Steele for to my students aunderstanding women can’t understand his novels of crime and political reporting. The men. Is that an accurate description?” new perspectivefor developing Nearly twenty years later, empowering for [students] to know involving online speech. and suggested I have a male reporter final test was an all-night drinking The wail began with a low, on what it is toand maintaining be a journalist.a professional however, the Court modified its their rights.” In two Pennsylvania cases, an call him back!” binge with the managing editor and guttural growl and evolved into a Empower them tojournalism ruling on the rights of students In states where Hazelwood appeals court upheld the rights of The “pig” was author Tom Clancy, his cronies. He assigned the beats, full-out scream of anguish. I smiled find and expressprogram. RJI under the First Amendment. remains unmodified, explaining the students to create fake MySpace who was about to receive the John and you drank up or gave up. I just and closed my notebook. The words their voice.Totally ROCKS! The Hazelwood School District law can be a difficult task. pages mocking their administrators. F. Kennedy National Award from threw up … at home. Clancy was screaming were not fit to @Madisonnewsnow@AliK_AliG v. Kuhlmeier guidelines say an “I spend significant time [on In another, however, a West Virginia the Holyoke St. Patrick’s Parade Now Meredith, a seasoned print. EverythingJournalists tell administrator can censor a student Hazelwood] with my intro to court agreed that a school had except birth and Committee. The award is named for journalist fresh off a landmark rape Twenty years hence, I close mygood stories. I a funeral can bewant to train my publication if it is sponsored by journalism students,” said Sylvie the right to suspend a student for its first recipient and is accompanied case, had been reduced to a puddle file and contemplate the powerful done at home:students to think the school, considered part of the Ellen, a teacher in Maryland. creating a MySpace page targeting by a week-long celebration by a pompous dinosaur. I took her voices, both male and female, who college, highand choose the school’s curriculum and is not The emergence of social media as another student. culminating with the country’s off the story and decided to cover the are teaching the next generation. school, officebest way to do considered a public forum. There a tool in scholastic journalism adds LoMonte expects that when the jobs, banking, second largest St. Patrick’s Day best-selling blowhard myself. There Armed with amazing technologythat. shopping, reading must also be a valid educational to the confusion. These forums are Supreme Court finally does take Parade. would be no more tears – at least not such as deep web and the protection the paper ...@gwennebraskto bring more reason for this censorship. evolving at an incredible pace, and up the issue, it will likely release a Clancy’s refusal to talk to our by any women. of the SPLC, tomorrow’s journalists Debbie D.investigative Later on, 10 state legislatures student journalists have new ways of pragmatic ruling that continues to best reporter reignited a feminist The following day, Clancy arrived will topple new walls in their search I want to setreporting to our responded to the Hazelwood expressing their voices on Twitter, carve out narrow exceptions to the fire that had been in embers since in town and was greeted with all the for truth. The glass ceiling that I up an onlineschool. We’ll decision by passing laws or Facebook, and other media. So what First Amendment rights of student my appointment as city editor at the pomp and circumstance afforded helped to crack is now in shards – newspaper. Rightenhance thewriting we’re regulations offering more protection can an adviser do when a school journalists. Transcript-Telegram. My newsroom a national award winner. After the finally! now we only have a print edition.already doing & + for student publications. Today, is intent on censoring electronic Still, the best way to beat backgrittier stories. Washington, Oregon, California, content? scholastic censorship is simply aElle Perry - I want Colorado, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, According to Frank LoMonte, matter of good journalism. Recent The top five reasons why Adam’s a good dad Roger Gafke. New colleaguesto create more & resources. Arkansas, Pennsylvania and executive director of the Student court cases tell us that if a story isopportunities for Lessons: Pick mymy students to Massachusetts protect the rights Press Law Center, the current fair, accurate, and well-written, 1. He counts us to make sure we are all on priorities; no guiltlearn, to practice, of student expression to a greater Supreme Court justices seem to there is no legitimate justification for not doingand to network degree than other states. be uncomfortable about affording for censorship. the bus. everything.w/ industry Still, even in these states, the First Amendment protections to While waiting for the Supreme 2. He encourages us to make friends with theprofessionals. @maksl: Seeing conversation about the First electronic speech. Court to issue a ruling for the new “Buddy System.” advisers grow@jenalotI want to Amendment and the protection “There is a real sense among them digital journalism frontier, knowing 3. He drives us anywhere we need to go. so much, and try that it offers to student journalists that the Internet is a medium in and discussing the lessons of Tinker new things, wasconvince my 4. He tries to give us good advice. truly inspiring.students that their continues. which a lesser degree of protection and Hazelwood remains the bestvoices matter, “It’ll be one of the first things I go is okay,” LoMonte said. way to provide students with an 5. He secretly loves it when we call him Can’t wait to see what yourand ignite their over,” Gwen Eden, a teacher from In January of this year, the Court unfettered voice in high school “Dad.” students createhunger and this next year.curiosity! Colorado, said. “I think it will be declined to hear several cases journalism.Deb PinerI will take home the knowledge that I am not @ evzayas @ZGarci12 Cathy Collinsa single flickering candle but part of a briliant To improve the I will use Social Start incorporating media @JeffreyBee #education Remember to continue posting foraurora borealis of teachers and professors that school culture Media Tools to teach literacy lessons into the The best part was meeting such “To the weak difficulty is a closed door. To #ASNEmo. Also, remember to use thestretches from Hawaii to Massachusetts! by creating a students Journalistic curriculum more regularly dedicated teachers, hearing their the strong, however it is a door waiting to be resources at ASNEMissourian.com. For Students By Principles and throughout grade levels and stories and feeling their passion for opened.” Argentine Educator Almafuerte We will remember this forever!2 7 promote Crotalus ASNE READER Students publication subject areas their profession. ASNE VOICES Yearbook Sales 26 July 2012 26 July 2012
  2. 2. Strong voices in the classroom by Van Grimes “What we do as teachers inspires ronment. Issues ranged from going Acronym Madness Think about the last time you our students so we can build bridges beneath the surface of our emotions to getting information from a variety by Sylvie Ellen & Alicia K. Garcia saw a teacher portrayed on tele- with our future leaders,” Avants said. @MUngricht vision. Chances are, that teacher Tom Reilly, from Millbury Junior/ of sources. Teachers discussed how With so many acronyms thrown at us this week, here’s a quick and easy guide to what they all mean. Knowledge is was a woman. But males are Senior High School in Millbury, educators can inspire their students to Y’know... just FYI. power; dig deep practice journalism in a way that ac- into the data and@AjenkinsTN starting to make up a larger pro- Mass., said he doesn’t feel his gender commit oneself portion of the profession. impacts his classroom performance. knowledged and unleashed their au- FB IRE ACE ASNE APPOne big change to the truth withcoming to Terra Media representations of gen- As a veteran teacher, he said he feels thentic voices. Facebook Investigative Assistant City American Society Application fact and evidenceNova is that we der sometimes skew our percep- that teachers learn a lot of ways to OJ Stublefield, from James Madi- More social Reporters and Editor of News Editors How we got into boldly, fearlessly.are definitely tions of reality, and during the command respect, and gender is al- son High School in Houston, Texas, media? Nooo! Editors Adam, Jeffrey, and Two body parts. this institute in the @hlhanksgoing to have a The emotion felt Roger. They make last two weeks of July, a group most never a part of that. The most said that being male has allowed him first place. Well, I want to bebigger presenceonline. I have of 32 journalism advisers from important thing he said he has learned to be a “father figure” to his students. SPLC when woken up at it all happen. RJI that and our good able to enhance Student Press Law 7:20 a.m. by a fire Reynolds looks. the power ofdrunk the Kool- across the country discussed how is empathy, which he said he feels “I am not afraid of new ideas or lis- my students’Aid. they can help their students better gets him through most situations. tening to students explain what they Center alarm... on our Journalism storytellingKimberly Trieweiler tell stories of the diverse realities. “Most students want to like you. need from me in order to help them Don’t sue me, ONE day off. JEA Institute URL abilities byThe biggest thing However, among those 32 You can’t be their friend, but liking learn,” Stubblefield said. please! Journalism An almost god-like Uniform Resource helping them useI will change Education technology to the teachers, the distribution of the you is good.” Reilly said. No matter how teachers view gen- PoPS entity that bestows Locator when I get home fullest.is teaching sexes was not equal. Only six of In a workshop that explored di- der, race or cultural differences, one FOIL Parents of Association great gifts upon us. What we want to ‫@‏‬garyavantsethics before we the 32, or about 19 percent, were versity in journalism, participants of our goals is to unleash a more au- Freedom of Publications A positive do after eating too I am takingget started on male. They used this experience, were forced to examine their origins thentic representation of diversity in Information Law Students affirmation, i.e. YaYA much at lunch... Twitter andpublication. “Is Shakespeare’s however, to debunk stereotypes, versus their current teaching envi- student publications. How we bring our Adam Youth and Young and dinner. Google Docs@newseditor78 leftover Thai food Jeffrey pizza good?” Adults to connect with implode archetypes, navigate the writer’sI’m going to back to the hotel. Roger “JEA it is!” The way we feelimpose some their own fears of social media, community . after sitting still More bridgesorder when I get and step away from their comfort for three hours. connectingback home! zone regarding the gathering and students and@ArianneAFrazier sharing of information. teachers#ASNEmo Vicki Francis, from Capitalis the bomb High School in Boise, Idaho, Top 10 reasons Jeffrey is magic! @AnnaMarieWarre1 I want 2 inspirediggity!!! I my stdts2 lookloved every shared that her yearbook classes by Alicia K. Garcia & Sylvie Ellen beyond theminute of tend to draw the more social stu- obvious. I alsobeing here. I’m dents, and girls tend to be more 1. He got his letter from Hogwarts but decided want 2 encouragegoing back to social. She said she tends to scare them 2 find andB.R. Friday not to go. He’s already magic. become comfort-a confident away the males because she has a reputation for being strict. 2. If he had a moustache, it would make Tom Selleck jealous. able with theiradvisor. THX own voice.guys! “The males in yearbook tend 3. Martha Stewart calls him for event planning tips. to take on leadership roles.” 4. Although we are hilarious, he somehow @sylvie_ellen@baxterburgundy Journalism isI’d like to help Francis said. manages to resist our humor. where the peoplemy students Gary Avants, from Val Verde 5. He taught Tim Gunn to “make it work.” are! Get up, getbecome good high school in Perris,Calif., said out and go talk toreporters and 6. He won the 75th annual Hunger Games. he feels that many males today people.good citizens in 7. He’s the only person Chuck Norris fears.a digital world lack healthy role models. He said @reillythomasm he treats his students like his own 8. He knows Victoria’s Secret. He’ll never tell. Pride in myLisa Nathan work, the com-...I return to children, and feels his students 9. He’s like Visa: everywhere we want to be. Only he is 20 minutes panionship of myAL with new appreciate this respect and see early, dressed for the occasion and tapping his foot impatiently. Institute fellows,friends, new him as a mentor. He said he feels 10. The KC Royals decided to permanently and a renewedskills and new blessed to have accumulated a faith in what weanticipation for name suite 30 “The Jeffrey Beeson Suite.” do every day.great classes. wealth of stories that he can use to reach his students. @mmlarson22Kim McKnee I will take awayA lot of valuable the vast treasureinformation chest of resourcesthat will take Destiny Schipman Terry Cassreino @LockhartLaura Van Grimes and experts I canweeks to weed What I will take away are 32 mentors; a I plan to use what we’ve covered the last RJI has empowered and reminded me that I will take away the amazing level of com- contact. I willthrough. true rolodex of diverse information. two weeks to make a difference at my journalism is an exciting and dynamic mitment, passion, expertise and insight from require interview I will create a facebook page for our school by strengthening and improving our adventure. Next year my students and I will my fellow participants and presenters. I will accuracy sign-off be on the best journey yet! lose my aversion to social media and arm sheets.6 3 school publication - one without the journalism program. And I still believe no ASNE READER profanity should go in the paper. myself with as much knowledge as possible. ASNE VOICES comments option enabled 26 July 2012 26 July 2012
  3. 3. Gary Avants, from Val Verde High School in Perris, Calif., took a morning run on the second day of the workshop and found inspiration for the lessons he will take back to this students. “Five-thirty?” They both side-glanced. in my tracks. This unseen voice whispered. “What “Five-forty-five? Better?” There was a sigh. A morn- is going on here?” One’s mind begins to imagine the ing run was what we needed after the last few days best, the worst, then juicy secrets hiding just off the of downloading so much journalistic information. path. The journalist, the investigator wants to know I woke up late and needless to say, I was pound- the facts, imagine the details and know how to marry ing the asphalt in the preheated morning solo. It was the two into a noteworthy article. in that solitary moment that the inspiration came for As the body relaxes, the brain starts to process. this piece. As the voices of my teachers began to We have been absorbing so much this week. As a quiet, the voice of silence cleared its throat. It was journalist, we are always looking at ways to peel preparing its oration hoping for some ears to fall back life and really understand it. It has been like the upon. sumptuous meals that Jeffrey Beeson has consistent- “The Road Less Traveled,” it seemed to say. “Take ly provided. Sue Skalicky has systematically served some time and rediscover, process, remember ... up sensational story-gathering techniques. Adam forget.” Maksl and Joy Mayer have mobilized monster meals of social media. Frank LoMonte lavished us withKansas City Interstate 70 connects Columbia with other parts legalese and low-key tools to tranquilize turbulent Columbia of the state of Missouri. Thousands of commuters situations. and visitors keep its concrete trail well-marked. There are many rarely traveled roads that With a head full of ideas, I see the two roads be- fore me. Perhaps, there is a fork between them.  Do I Independence run alongside these bigger and badder counterparts. The back road gives really have to choose which one to tread upon? The access to a spattering of private freeway of technology beckons all drivers. Strap in! Hold on! Prepare for the ride of your life!  The St. Louis munities. homes, churches and sleepy com- quiet road more graveled slows us down to a deep- breathed pace. The smells of “rocket” fumes on the Almost without perceiving the four-lane interstate is replaced by sweat and sweet. gradual change, a man-made cul- Will these two roads always be at odds and be the vert transforms into a rocky, musical two extremes we have to choose from? Jefferson City riverbed. To my right, the sparse prickly shrubs are being rapidly transplanted A second sign seems to carry yet another message: into hearty, creaking white oaks “For rent by owner.” I think that voice is dropping a sporting beards of English ivy. few clues on topic. The A-frame buildings are tucked Their aroma tantalizes the behind sunlit trees. I wonder why anyone would weary to breathe deeply want to leave this place? We are all simply renting and linger longer. space. Change is always tough, but isn’t that how we grow and experience new things? SNAP. CRACK- LE. POP. The Then it sinks in. Maybe, as journalists, we need to sounds of red, be able to travel both roads. We can use social media worn sneakers on as a tool to get face to face with others. We don’t crunchy gravel need to fear its replacing human contact. Technology, and waving like anything else, is something to manage wisely Missouri snake- and to be taken in usable doses. I think the beauty of root wading being a journalist is getting out of our comfort zones, through our cubicular mindset, and getting in touch with flesh crispy and blood people. road Having a real social experience is a trip down the grasses. quiet roads of life. The lost art of real communication This is (which includes includes listening, asking questions my musi- and enjoying comfortable silence) need not die with cal contri- our parents’ generation. bution to As you are processing all the journalistic possibili- this symphony ties, consider how to navigate on the merging path of nature. before you. You have been given a chance to get up A sign catches to speed on the information highway and bring your my attention: “Re- students along for the ride. Also consider how to take search in Progress: those periodic trips down those quieter contemplative DO NOT DIS- side roads. May the journalism road you travel on be TURB.” These words one of endless possibilities. in the silence stopped me