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WP3 1 - LTU Business AB - Innovation Ecosystem for the Space Industry in Sweden - Mattias Gustafsson


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Mattias Gustafsson, head of the innovation ecosystem work package, talks about the vision for a well-oiled ecosystem for the space industry and academy. The purposes of the previous Space Innovation Forums, key challenges for the ecosystem and short take on the next space innovation forum.

A funnel is presented - starting with problems supplied by the space company partners, ideas for solutions supplied by the individuals in the ecosystem, assessment of the ideas through "Innovation Due Diligence" from LTU Business AB, and spin-off or initiated innovation projects as an end goal of the ecosystem.

Key challenges: Increasing the inflow of ideas, developing the entrepreneurial culture around space, innovating with LTU - tapping into the creativity and ideas of partner organisations, coming in at the fuzzy front-end of idea development (brainstorming together).

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WP3 1 - LTU Business AB - Innovation Ecosystem for the Space Industry in Sweden - Mattias Gustafsson

  1. 1. Mattias Gustafsson Head of Innovation Ecosystem LTU Business
  2. 2. Agenda The Innovation Ecosystem • Vision of our ecosystem – What do we want out of it and how do we get there? • Then and Now – Expectations from partners and results of previous events – Potential of international relationships and projects – Today • Key challenges that stand in front of us and a well-oiled ecosystem • The next Space Innovation Forum
  3. 3. Vision of the Ecosystem • What do we want out of it and how? 1. Problems • Continuously supplied by the space company partners – Announced to the ecosystem actors • Generated through workshops 2. Ideas for solutions • Delivered by the ecosystem actors – LTU (students, researchers), entrepreneurs, SMEs, partner personnel • Incited through workshops and competitions • Teams is set up around the solutions 3. Innovation Due Diligence – Commercialization potential • Team assess the commercial potential of the solution in collaboration with LTU Business AB (150 IDDs/year) 4. Initiation of Innovation Projects or Start-ups • Incubated in ABI, ESA BIC or a partner company.
  4. 4. Then and Now • Expectations and results of previous events – SIF #1: Purpose of RIT and goal of meetings – SIF #2: Space industry problems and regional competence – SIF #3: Innovation – from problem to solution • Networking and relationships – Regional SMEs – European Enterprise Network – Cluster organisations • SIF #4: Innovation Management and Product Development within the Space Industry – Getting to know the innovation system and processes of our partners
  5. 5. Where are we now? • Inflow of ideas increased • Higher involvement of ecosystem actors (LTU with students and researchers, LTU Business AB, ABI) • Commercialization process for early innovations further developed and standardized (LTU Business AB) • ESA BIC Sweden – Status of start-up companies – Event – Capture European Space Industry (ABI)
  6. 6. Key challenges in front of us and a well oiled ecosystem • Increasing the inflow of ideas – Innovation Factories and workshops focused around challenges important to the partner companies • Utilizing the creative and competent minds of students – Results in ideas for projects – could be thesis or summer jobs • Developing the Entrepreneurial Culture – Group activities with ecosystem actors and idea owners • Innovating with LTU - Tapping into the creativity and ideas of partner organisations – Not all ideas fit into the current business model of our partner companies, or align with their competences • Responsibility of identification and development of these could be outsourced to the ecosystem, as LTU outsourced it to LTU Business - ultimately leading to spin-offs. – Original idea owner gets to set up demands regarding the development of the idea • Coming in at the fuzzy-front end of idea development – brainstorming together
  7. 7. Space Innovation Forum 5 • November, w.45-46 • Theme? Becoming a Supplier - Quality Management and Purchasing in the Space Industry • Luleå?
  8. 8. Thank you!