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Wp 0 - Space for Innovation and Growth - Introduction - Johanna Bergström Roos


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Project leader of RIT: Swedish abbreviation for "Rymd för innovation och tillväxt". A regional growth enabler for the Space Industry in Norrbotten, Sweden.

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Wp 0 - Space for Innovation and Growth - Introduction - Johanna Bergström Roos

  1. 1. Space Innovation Forum 4 10-11 maj 2017 Johanna Bergström-Roos, Project Manager # Innovatespace
  2. 2. Norrbotten best in innovation • A newly released report from Business Index North • Anders Hersinger, Prof. of Accounting and Governance and Ossi Pesämaa, Assistant Prof. of Accounting and Governance at Luleå University of Technology, • The number of European patent applications per year Business Index North (BIN) is a project to contribute to sustainable development and increased awareness of business opportunities in the Arctic. Funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  3. 3. Cofinancing by Partners Operated by
  4. 4. Programme • Latest news from RIT • Inspiration - Open Innovation, Peter Sandberg - WideFind – a new space start-up, Kristoffer Ödmark • Product Development by the Space Industry • Workshop – Product Innovation led by Anna, Reza and Peter • Presentations and conclusions • Thought about next Space Innovation Forum
  5. 5. May 10 15.15 Four space companies present how they work with product development and innovation. - Staffan Brodin, Engineer in charge at GKN Aerospace - Fika break - Per Brodin, Head of AOCS Department at OHB Sweden - Martin Kores, CEO at Omnisys Instruments AB 18.30 Mingel in the restaurant Students are Welcome! 19.30 Dinner at Ferrum 13.00 Latest news from the RIT project 14.00 Keynote speaker, Peter Sandberg, innovation strategy RISE 14.45 Kristoffer Ödmark, CEO at Widefind – a new start-up within ESA BIC Sweden established by researchers at Luleå University of Technology. 15.05 Workshop Led by Anna Öhrwall Rönnbäck, Reza Emami and Peter Törlind at Luleå University of Technology. 10 representatives from EEN – Enterprise Europe Network
  6. 6. May 11 08.00 Product innovation at SSC, Anna Rathsman, Senior Vice President 08.30 Workshop continues 11.00 Summary of Workshop 11.45 Summary of Space Innovation Forum 4 12.00 Lunch
  7. 7. Purpose Contribute to regional growth Attract competence, investors and companies to the region Involve stakeholders locally-regionally-nationally-internationally Goal The space sector in the region has increased its capacity in R&D collaboration between academia, industry and stakeholders in the innovation support system. Three Workpackages 1. Establish a Centre of Excellence 2. Perform R&D projects between Academy and Industry 3. Strengthen the innovation support system for space business RIT – Rymd för innovation och tillväxt