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SIF 3: Lantmäteriet (Land Surveyors) - Applications Based on Satellite Data


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Jörgen Hartnor presented Lantmäteriet and applications based on satellite data.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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SIF 3: Lantmäteriet (Land Surveyors) - Applications Based on Satellite Data

  1. 1. Applications based on satellite data Space Innovation Forum 19-20 October 2016 Jörgen Hartnor
  2. 2. Background To most people, space technologies are ”complex” and uptake outside the usual suspects most of the times requires “facilitators” and Lantmäteriet is one. Two examples: •Saccess: ready-to-use satellite imagery •SWEPOS: very accurate positioning
  3. 3. • Saccess is used by authorities, forestry companies, county administrations, utility companies, municipalities, the armed forces, private individuals and others to study changes in the landscape over the years. For instance agriculture, forestry, environmental studies, planning … • Since the start in 2007 some 3 200 users have registered and downloaded some • 42 000 products. • Free of charge. Government appropriations and cooperation between Lantmäteriet and the major users. Saccess – use and users
  4. 4. SWEPOS - Objectives  Provide GNSS-data to allow • Positioning with centimeter accuracy in real time (GNSS normally ~ 5-10 meter) • Scientific use • Navigation • Climate studies –”Space weather” • International cooperation  The basis for SWEREF 99  Monitor the function and quality of the GNSS- system
  5. 5. More than 3700 users, total connection time more than 650 000 hours/year
  6. 6. Examples of usage • Surveying: Approx. 50 % time savings • Construction: An excavator equipped with GNSS increases efficiency with approx. 30% • Farming: Providers of farming equipment estimate a reduction of 5 % in fuel consumption and 10 % in seeds and fertilisers Free of charge for research, education and cultural activities.