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SIF #2 Day 2: Needs of the Space Industry - OHB Sweden


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Needs of the Space Industry - OHB Sweden

Published in: Engineering
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SIF #2 Day 2: Needs of the Space Industry - OHB Sweden

  1. 1. SATELLITE SYSTEMS Needs of the Space Industry: OHB Sweden AB Space Innovation Forum #2 May 10-11, 2016
  2. 2. Page 2May 10-11, 2016OHB Sweden / Space Innovation Forum #2 Company Presentation OHB Sweden  Part of OHB Group  Specializes in  Small Satellite Systems  Attitude and Orbit Control Subsystems (AOCS)  Propulsion Subsystems  On-going projects  Small GEO AOCS and Electric Propulsion (telecom)  European Data Relay Satellite AOCS (telecom)  Electra AOCS and Electric Propulsion (new all-electric telecom platform)  Solar Orbiter AOCS and Propulsion (ESA M-class scientific mission)  Innosat/MATS (latest Swedish National Research Satellite)  Several studies within Formation Flying, high-altitude GNSS navigation, propulsion technologies
  3. 3. Page 3May 10-11, 2016OHB Sweden / Space Innovation Forum #2 Interest Areas Two Strategic Areas Selected for Research Cooperation Telecommunication Formation Flying
  4. 4. Page 4May 10-11, 2016OHB Sweden / Space Innovation Forum #2 Technology Needs Telecommunication Satellites  Trends within telecom:  Telecommunication Platforms with Electric Propulsion only for  Comple Transfer Phase (low-thrust transfer)  On-Station Operations  On-board GNSS navigation for efficient transfer and on-station control  Co-location of several satellites within same operational slot  On March 11 2016, The OHB Group, SES, and ESA signed the contract for Electra – a European fully electric telecommunication platform  OHB Sweden Contributes with Electric Propulsion and AOCS A strong need for OHB Sweden to develop strategies for autonomous co-location of telecommunications satellites with on-board GNSS and Electric Propulsion
  5. 5. Page 5May 10-11, 2016OHB Sweden / Space Innovation Forum #2 Technology Needs Formation Flying  OHB Sweden has unique knowledge within Formation Flying and Rendezvous from the PRISMA mission  OHB Sweden conducted dedicated GNC-experiments within Passive formations, Forced Motion, Autonomous Rendezvous, Orbit Safety  Multi-spacecraft formations are expected to be an important component in future space systems and more than two spacecraft was originally on the wish-list for PRISMA  Multi-spacecraft formations is a natural extension from the dual-spacecraft PRISMA mission and OHB Sweden needs to gather further knowledge in this area in preparation of future formation flying applications  The following areas have been selected for study:  Failure tolerance and guidance architectures  Multi-agent performance enhancement mechanisms  Optimal and robust reconfiguration All three areas are strongly interrelated and treat problems that will be necessary to tackle for any future Multi-Spacecraft application: How will the formation be controlled? How can the participants cooperate in the best way? How is this done while maintaining mission safety?
  6. 6. Page 6May 10-11, 2016OHB Sweden / Space Innovation Forum #2