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Access Experiences Spring 09


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Launch of Mimio tradeshow property (pages 6-7)

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Access Experiences Spring 09

  1. 1. V o l. 5 N o. 1 S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 Enabling Progress: Technological Advances ThatCreate Competitive AdvantagesEastman Chemical:Promoting an Umbrella BrandAmong Its Well-Known Productsmimio Translates TechnologyBreakthroughs to the Show Floor
  2. 2. Dear Valued Clients, At Access TCA, we are committed to driving business success for you. What we do best is develop solutions that support effective selling. That includes providing a robust service offering within a well-defined process. It includes adopting technology that will help advance your goals. Sometimes it means having to develop an entire system that offers you greater control over your programs. TM In this issue, you’ll discover SNAP! , our fully integrated, Web-based asset and project management tool, offered exclusively to Access clients. Designed to give you fingertip control over your exhibit assets and programs, this brand-new, user-friendly application has been customized for the face-to-face marketing industry. Think of it as an extra staff member, available 24/7. You’ll also read about the use of technology as an enabler of creative content options, increased integration and easier program management. You’ll learn about how Access assisted Eastman Chemical with its family of products by leveraging a hybrid exhibit solution. Finally, you’ll read about how Access helped mimio promote a new product that makes participating in interactive learning more affordable for schools. Thank you for your continued partnership. Very truly yours, Richard G. Silton President On the cover: The user experience is enhanced by technology, creating memorable interaction on the exhibit floor.AT L A N TA If you have comments about the contents of this publication, please contact Kerry Pascetta, our director of marketing, at 508-266-2642 or For more information about Access TCA, visit VEGAS © 2009 Access TCA, Inc. Access experiences is published three times a year.EUROPE If you wish to use our material in your own publication, please contact Access TCA, Inc. Printed on recycled paper: Chorus Art Gloss—50% postconsumer waste.
  3. 3. CASE STUDYPromoting a Corporate Brand Within Vertical MarketsFor more than 80 years, Eastman Chemical ability and to communicate the companys core ” We had a traditional customhas been a leader in developing chemicals that brand promise. The design needed to weave theenhance life as we know it. Eastman’s products primary brand colors with a secondary palette exhibit in the past, alonginclude acetate yarn for apparel and home fur- and allow Eastman products to be incorporatednishings, plastics for the packaging industry, into the exhibits architecture. Eastman and with some portables. WePET plastics for carbonated-soft-drink packaging, Access determined that a hybrid exhibit would wanted something thatand a new-generation copolyester that offers be the best option; mixing construction materi-design capabilities for applications such as the als allowed Eastman to boost its custom brand was lightweight, whichKor One hydration vessel. presence while traveling with a lighter, more efficient exhibit. would net a savings onEastman was the first U.S. manufacturer to transportation and I&Ddevelop and commercialize technology that Resultderives chemicals from coal rather than from Kathi Watkins, who heads up Eastmans in- expenses. Access gave uspetroleum—a technology that was 25 years house creative agency, remarked, “We wanted aahead of the demand for non-petroleum-based hybrid, and we certainly have one. This exhibit exactly what we wanted.”products. is inherently flexible—just what we asked for. It goes from eight feet to 12 feet in height, and Anna LawsChallenge the configuration adapts from smaller display Eastman’s trade showsDespite possessing an array of products used to units at events to a 10-x-30. We can change or and events specialistmanufacture several widely recognized brands, add elements in the original design with Eastmanthe Eastman Chemical brand was not as promi- products, but we dont have to. Even the lightingnent in some vertical markets. One of Eastmans is flexible.”current marketing initiatives was to put astronger focus on leveraging the corporate Anna Laws, Eastmans trade shows and eventsbrand to en- hance the customer experience. specialist, compares the new hybrid exhibitBecause neither its trade show program— from Eastman’s former exhibit. “We had a tra-which provided the best environment for direct ditional custom exhibit in the past, along withencounters with the various markets that some portables. Then we had a heavy customEastman serves—nor its current exhibit ade- structure, a 20-x-20, in which we continuallyquately supported its rebranding goal, Eastman changed out graphics. This property was labor-decided to invest in an all-new environment. intensive and expensive to maintain and modify. We wanted something that was lightweight,Solution which would net a savings on transportationThe exhibit needed to be flexible, reconfig- and I&D expenses. Access gave us exactly whaturable and lightweight, to demonstrate sustain- we wanted.” Access experiences S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 | 3
  4. 4. Enabling Progress Thoughts from Industry Experts on the Impact of Technology in Experiential Marketing If scientists and engineers have been the our management software are all integrated primary catalysts of progress throughout with SNAP, our client-facing asset and program world history, then technology has been management system platform. As a result, Access has realized efficiencies in communications its messenger. As with most marketing and operations. Our clients have benefited even disciplines, conventions and trade shows beyond that. Through SNAP, our clients can are chief benefactors of the develop- access all of their information with 24/7 ments that technology has helped to availability. That translates to increased introduce. Show floor communication, program control to the desktop—a critical interactivity, system integration and element, especially in this economy.” Simplified Net-based Asset & measurement have all significantly Project Management Tool improved as a result. In this article, three Graphic advances in the eco-conomy industry leaders share their views about “Rental, modular and hybrid options—once technology as the enabler of experiential strictly alternative products have become primary solutions. The demand for system “SNAP!TM brings control marketing progress. exhibits has put more emphasis on exhibit of trade shows and graphics to be the differentiator. Technology events to the desktop. Mike Yag, Access TCA’s CEO and founder, has increased the speed of development and SNAP is a 24/7 explains the importance of technology in creating production. It has also introduced interactive digital portal to efficiencies, impacting the environment and software that can work in tandem with tradi- access and manage delivering control to clients. tional graphics to communicate brand and full exhibit programs, product messaging.” created specifically for System integration that translates the experiential to client control “As we continue to evaluate our environmen- marketing industry.” “In the beginning, our objective was to elimi- tal impact, we rely on technology to help us nate redundancy through the myriad of business create more earth-friendly alternatives. Access’ Mike Yag in-house UV printing is a good example of and accounting applications. We knew that if CEO, AccessTCA green technology. Graphics are produced we could enter data once and have it populate all of our software systems, we could create faster and in a more environmentally friendly time efficiencies that could be passed on to way. Technology has made the information our clients. Technology has made it easier for readily available and the process achievable.” us to expand externally. Today, we integrate Measuring return everything we do with everything we deliver. “In the past few years, show floor data-collection Our processes, our internal accounting and4 | Access experiences S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 methods have evolved from paper to card
  5. 5. Access’ UV printer uses no tertiary materials, increasing efficiency and ecoconscious benefits. Kaon Interactive’s technology brings virtual products to the face-to-face selling environment—illustrating innovation with ecoconscious benefits.swipes. Even more compelling is the way we Charles Slatkin, creative director ofcan now analyze data. We know from our WOW Inc., creates unique immersive experi-clients that the demand for return on their ences for exhibits, events and permanent instal-investment is increasing. Technology helps us lations. Slatkin believes that exhibitors todayto be more precise and comprehensive in our need to commit to a new mission of digital story-reporting. With a little upfront planning in telling enhanced with advanced and emergingconjunction with new technologies, the technologies to attract and maintain viewerexperts on our account team can provide attention.compelling data to validate specific tradeshow spend and help our clients plan for Technology supercharges “King Content”the year ahead.” “We live in a world of all content, all the time. HDTV Plasma and LCD screens have becomeKaon Interactive delivers sales and mar- commodities—perfect tools for the home or atketing solutions that function both offline and a museum, but everyone now has one. In the “New learning vehiclesonline, and it builds product demonstrations six minutes or so that you have people at your are continuously evolving.that provide a virtual experience. Gavin Finn, exhibit, you need to create a more meaningful When these are intelli-Kaon’s president and CEO, explains how and emotional experience. You need to show gently incorporated withintechnology enables the creation of interactive people something unique, clever, and something powerful exhibit design,product showcases. they haven’t seen before. If you want their the content can better attention, you need to create wonder!” connect with the viewer—Selling virtually opening channels of per-“Exhibitors can showcase products virtually Technology continues to be the ever-pres- ception that make graspingso that attendees truly experience them. ent workhorse that makes the ideal real. information easier andOriginally we produced everything online, but As external forces like government regula- more enjoyable.”so much business-to-business selling is done tions and the volatile economy challengeface-to-face. Our product has applications on Charles Slatkinthe trade show floor and in the field, enabling exhibitors to do even more with less, our creative director, WOW, Inc.marketers to repurpose their investment in experts agree: taking the time to considersolutions. Salespeople have noticed that cus- the best technology for each situation istomers enjoy the interactive experience. critical to experiential marketing success.Additionally, by spending time on specific Access is committed to continuing toaspects of the product, customers actually invest in technology in ways that advancelead salespeople to a more targeted and effec- its clients’ marketing and sales goals.tive sales presentation.” Access experiences S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 | 5
  6. 6. CASE STUDY Translating Technology Breakthroughs to the Show Floor ”Trade shows are a critical element in our marketing mix, providing one of the main ways for us to meet with potential customers mimio is a leading provider of interactive and users of our products. and digital whiteboard technology for K-12 Challenge We view our partnership teachers. mimios interactive teaching technolo- mimio views trade shows as a critical compo- gies enable educators, students and collabora- nent of its marketing strategy. However, with Access as highly tive teams to capture, manage, share and inter- mimios existing exhibit was not delivering the collaborative; there is a lot actively create and present information and impact it needed, particularly during its expan- ideas. With a heritage that includes personnel sion into international markets. In addition, of trust on both sides. This from M.I.T., Bose, Resonate and CardScan, mimio was embarking on a rebranding initia- design and build represented mimio is now one of Newell Rubbermaids tive that would require an impressive presence a team effort in the best fastest growing brands. at two concurrent major trade shows. sense of the term.” mimios product line includes: Solution • mimio® Interactive—a compact whiteboard- After three months of collaboration, Access Bob Gierschick, mounted device that converts any whiteboard produced two new exhibits on both sides of mimio’s senior marketing manager into an interactive educational tool the Atlantic Ocean. In January, mimio debuted • mimio® Ink Capture kit—a system that can its 16-x-36 European exhibit in London at digitally capture common dry-erase marker the British Education Teaching Technologies work from any whiteboard. Teachers can print (BETT) show, the largest educational technolo- handwritten whiteboard work, email recorded gy show in the world. One week later, mimios files, export to other applications or use for new 20-x-30 U.S. exhibit debuted at the online classroom content Florida Educational Technology Conference • mimio® Pad—a lightweight wireless tablet that (FETC) in Orlando. “This was the first time enables users to operate their mimio interactive we were able to achieve a simultaneous design 6 | Access experiences S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 whiteboards from up to 30 feet away and build both here in the U.S. and in Europe,”
  7. 7. Facing page: mimio’s new U.S. exhibit made its debut in January at the Florida Educational Technology Conference (FETC) in Orlando. This page: The company’s latest international exhibit made its debut one week earlier in London at BETT. “Our new trade show proper-said Bob Gierschick, mimios senior marketing the live streaming video from the FETC showmanager-global marcom. “Our new trade show floor, in which attendees could be seen in real ties were critical in deliveringproperties were critical in delivering a consis- time on mimios Web site interacting with the a consistent, polished brandtent, polished brand image on a global basis. exhibit. image on a global basis.We were very pleased that we could accom-plish our re-branding initiative with close to a Result We were very pleased thatsimultaneous launch on two continents. The Exhibit traffic was at an all-time high at both we could accomplish ourAccess team was critical in ensuring that this shows. mimio collected more than 800 leads ateffort happened without fail.” BETT, up from 300 the year before. At FETC, rebranding initiative with Mimio gathered over 1,300 leads, more than close to a simultaneousWith creative use of space, including a theater doubling its 2008 total. launch on two which teachers presented the technology,both the BETT and the FETC shows were huge “Trade shows are a critical element in our mar- The Access team was criticalsuccesses for mimio. Thanks in part to the uni- keting mix, providing one of the main ways for in ensuring that this effortfied branding across its new exhibits, mimio us to meet with potential customers and usersnow presents a consistent image worldwide. of our products,” said Gierschick. “Having the happened without fail.” right look and feel to our exhibit properties ismimio sent preshow direct mailers and e-blasts important. We view our partnership with Access Bob Gierschick,containing giveaways and other premium offers as highly collaborative; there is a lot of trust on mimio’s senior marketing managerfor attendees. The colorful new graphic cam- both sides. This design and build represented apaign also drew visitors into the exhibit, as did team effort in the best sense of the term.” Access experiences S p r i n g 2 0 0 9 | 7
  8. 8. Next Issue: Summer 2009 • Achieving Large-Scale Promotion in the Government Sector • Making a Centurial Brand New Again