RGB Broadcast Services: System Integrators


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RGB Broadcast Services: System Integrators

  1. 1. For more than twenty yearsRGB Broadcast Serviceshas been a leading independentSystems Integrator of Broadcast andDigital Media Solutions.
  2. 2. We provide solutions to meetcustomers needs...Our Expertise Broadcast TV,Broadcast Radio, ProfessionalAudiovisual
  3. 3. ...and when you choose RGB to be involved in your project, we canmanage as much or as little as you require.
  4. 4. How we do itWe treat each milestone with the same level of importance as the final objectiveProject Management Technical Advisory & RecommendationsPutting together a new facility or updating an old We give fair and impartial advice on a wideone can be a challenging task, we specialize in range of technical issues that allow yourworking with your specifications to deliver turn- company to set reasonable goals andkey projects on time and within budget. objectives. Our recommendations help you plan your strategies by giving you timely informationCost Estimates in an ever-changing technical environment.We provide estimates for the purchase ofbroadcast systems and the construction / Station Rebuilddevelopment of TV and/or radio facilities. RGB will visit the station facilities, make a technical assessment and submitSystems Integration recommendations based on a cost efficientRGB delivers full systems integration with factor.complete documentation to meet all of youneeds. From edit rooms to full station arranges Emergency Serviceand from analog to digital, we can supply top of Someone will always be at there to help whenthe line installations. you really need it. Telephone Support – Sometimes all you need isDesign Services a quick answer and support will be provided.RGB will assist you in choosing the appropriateequipment to meet your detailed requirementsand provide a complete layout and design.
  5. 5. Broadcast TV Our team can offer invaluableWe know broadcast: resources to any Television Station.Transmitters, Single Frequency Network Projects, We can fulfill everything andVirtual Studios, Servers, Production & Master ControlSwitchers, Automated Workflow anything necessary to fulfill your broadcast technology needs.
  6. 6. Recent Broadcast TV ProjectsInstallations & IntegrationsWJPX-TV, CaribeVision Mayagüez 2010 - XXI Central American andMaster control installation in SD. Caribbean Games Master control installation both in SD and HD.WUJA-TV, NCN Television Also, a post production studio was created forMaster control installation in SD and post the event at the Coliseum.production studio facilities. University of Puerto Rico, CarolinaWMTJ-TV, Sistema TV -PBS Station Production studio and post production facilitiesMaster control installation in HD. Post both in HD.production studio control both in HD and SD. 2GHz BAS RelocationWSJN-TV, Telecadena SBN Installation & integration of equipment forMaster control installation in SD. relocation of BAS incumbents in the 1990-2025 MHZ band as required by FCC .WBQM, BuenaVision, NYMaster control integration.
  7. 7. At RGB we use our experience to ensure you have a flexible, lowBroadcast Radio maintenance and reliable facility.We offer top notch service & state of the art Our design team will work with yourequipment staff to plan a radio facility that meets your needs. We treat every project with the same professional approach.
  8. 8. Recent Radio ProjectsSales, Installations & IntegrationsWIPR, 940AM & 91.3FM WXYX, La X - 100.7 FMBoth radio stations were transformed from HARHPX30HDPL21 Harris 30KW FM+HD withanalog to digital with an automated workflow. Flextstar (TM) HDX-FM Digital FM/HD ExciterWAPA AM, Cadena WAPA Radio-680 AM WEER, Radio Redentor - 104.1 FMHarris DAX-1, 1 KW, 100% solid state HS-readyAM transmitter, 531 khz to 1705 khz, with power WIDA, Radio Vida - 1400 AMrange of 5 watts to 1100 watts. Equipped with 10kW Flexiva™ FM Transmitter 90.5 MHzsynthesized carrier generation.WIAC, Boricua - 740 AM, San JuanDAX-10 AM transmitter.WIAC, Boricua - 740 AM, PonceHarris DAX-1 transmitter.WIAC, Boricua - 930 AM, Cabo RojoHarris DAX-3 transmitter.WIAC, Boricua - 1390 AM, IsabelaHarris DAX-1 transmitter.
  9. 9. RGB is a national leader in Professional Audio, ProfessionalProfessional Audio & Video Video, A/V sales. For over 20 years,Leave it to the experts our goal has been to provide the best value with exceptional customer service. RGB is an authorized service center/distributor for most of the major manufacturers.
  10. 10. Recent A/V ProjectsSales, Installations & IntegrationsEl Yunque Tropical Rainforest, El PortalTheaterProjection installation in HD & projectionequipment and Audio 5.1.Francisco Arriví & Victoria EspinozaTheatersHD Projection and A/D interconnectivity.
  11. 11. What our clients say... “RGB Broadcast Services outstanding work in developing business and relationships strategies dealing with broadcast transitions makes them instrumental in resolving and implementing broadcast quality information, recommendation and solutions. I would recommend them without hesitation”- Steven Hernández, General Manager, WSJN-TV, Puerto Rico. “RGB is simply the best there is! They will bend over backwards to make anything happen. Solutions, solutions, solutions!!! ”- José Guerra, Engineer Director, WAPA TV “World class expertise and a service that you can rely on for its integrity; this is my best description on what my experience has been with the RGB staff over 20 years. “RGB entire crew makes the perfect Dependable, great professional qualities in team. The support provided, high degree.”- José Medina, VP Engineer, prompt solutions and dedication as WKAQ-TV Telemundo-NBC. usual, exceeded our expectations. This is what I call, outstanding service. I have been doing business with them for 8 years, and will keep doing it.”. Ariel Díaz, Engineer, WMTJ- TV
  12. 12. Step by StepWalkthrough Integrations (1)Client Meeting Preliminary DesignRGB project managers will ensure that all Develop preliminary functional drawings withproject goals are well defined. equipment and rack layouts, mechanical requirements, millwork designs, etc.Project Team will begin to specify thecustomers particular facility requirements. The equipment specification process will also commence to better define some of the designEquipment and integration decisions.| and functionality parameters for the project.Identifying project’s limitations. Interactive design process will rely heavily on client involvement.Define and document the project path. Facility VisitProject Specification Development RGB Project Team will arrange to visit the clientProject timeline including all identifiable and not- site to ensure that all design issues areyet-known factors. addressed at an early stage of the project.Trace critical paths and critical projectdependencies. Review of the electrical system, mechanical system and general issues.Assign resources to the project ranging from Space planningProject Managers to installation staff.
  13. 13. Step by StepWalkthrough Integrations (2)Design Review Physical InstallationThe preliminary designs will be reviewed and Ensure a high standard of installation.modified to ensure that all the goals will Provide as many personnel as is necessary tosatisfied. complete the project in the target timeframe.Once these design revisions are complete, theclient will be presented with a final set of Design Revisiondrawings that embrace all of the facility Our Project Team will ensure that the client isrequirements for approval. involved at every stage of the facility installation.Ensure that all items are given due priority and Identify design and facility changes and rolleddependencies are clearly identified. into reality.Ensure that the required functionality andinfrastructure can be provided within the capital Facility Commissioningbudgets specified. Ensuring that each of the original designMaterial Definition parameters and requirements has been satisfied.Define and specify all required equipment. Each piece of equipment will be fully tested,Assure that all technical requirements are configured and/or aligned to ensure that it isadhered by the respective equipment ready to use.manufacturers. All cables and paths will be verified to ensure continuity and signal integrity.
  14. 14. Step by StepWalkthrough Integrations (3)Functionality Review Project TerminationOur Project Team will once again meet with the Once each of the remaining issues has beenclient to ensure that all of the project design resolved and the final documentation turnedparameters and functionality requirements have over and approved, the project will be closed.been satisfied.Any outstanding issues, whether installation orequipment related will be identified and taggedwith a resolution date.A clear path to the project completion will bedefined.Final DocumentationA final set of drawings, configuration informationand equipment documentation will be turnedover to the client team.A set of electronic and hard copy of thedrawings will be provided.
  15. 15. Line Card
  16. 16. Our thoughts... "RGB Broadcast Services continues to be a leader in the broadcasting industry. By taking a small television station, converting it to comply with a major network digital affiliate and achieving market growth, RGB has given that client’s market a quantum leap through quality equipment service, that others had “This industry has gone through major thought was impossible. Proving that the changes. OUR PROFESSIONALS have been station has worked hard to develop into the new millennium taking into consideration its pivotal with our committed work, at major market share. As RGB has watched many TV and Radio Stations, in the most stations, grow into adulthood, we are thrilled important transitions since 1980. We have to be a part of the continual growth of the witness from the analog world with the 2” stations and to be considered in most cases a equipment, the transition through different part of the family."- Heriberto Roque, formats, until the digital world and HD we -President, RGB Broadcast Services Corp. have today. The technology will keep up changing and RGB will be there to support our clients. Today in 2012, we can proudly say, that based on results, our clients continues to position us as Leaders in the Broadcast Service Industry.”- Ivette Ayala, -V.P, RGB Broadcast Services Corp.
  17. 17. Members of RGB Team along with Harris representatives during a recentTechnical Seminar created to develop our clients HD knowledge and problemsolving. Sheraton Convention Center, San Juan PR Contact Us President Heriberto Roque hroque@rgbbroadcast.com VP Ivette Ayala iayala@rgbbroadcast.com Goverment & Inside Sales Darío Cabán dcaban@rgbbroadcast.com RF & Networks Ramón Albandóz ralbandoz@rgbbroadcast.comBroadcast Engineering Service Desk Carmelo Vázquez cvazquez@rgbbroadcast.com