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FreshInk- Franklin University

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FreshInk- Franklin University

  1. 1. institutional self-study Document Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio The Institutional Self-Study document was part of the re-accreditation process for Franklin University. Rebecca Feldbush The design had to follow university style guidelines to compliment other official publications, yet still look Graphic Designer unique. I integrated text and data in a smooth-flowing format for a document that was over 300 pages long. 11905 Cameron Court The accreditation committee commented that this was one of the best-looking and most easy-to-read self Monrovia, MD 21770 studies they had ever seen. ResPonsible foR: Layout and design, graph and chart creation from provided data, organizing information. 614.406.1213
  2. 2. institutional self-study Document Franklin University, Columbus, Ohio Rebecca Feldbush Graphic Designer 11905 Cameron Court Monrovia, MD 21770 614.406.1213