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How To Boost Restaurant Profits


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How To Boost Restaurant Profits

Published in: Food
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How To Boost Restaurant Profits

  1. 1. FOOD Modify menu items: Portions and ingredients Monitor theft Negotiate better prices and terms with suppliers Reduce waste TECH Customer apps to make reservations Headsets for staff communication POS system Scheduling manage- ment system SALES Encourage online customer reviews Market and advertise on social media Push the most profitable menu items Start a customer loyalty program Upgrade your website OPS Keep alcohol under lock and key Limit use of linens Maximize HVAC efficiency Measure profitability of all menu items Reduce food inventory (and buy local) STAFF Conduct surprise audits on cashiers Cross-train staff Recognize employees and pay fairly to reduce turnover Use part-time help HOW TO BOOST RESTAURANT PROFITS A restaurant can improve profits in many ways. Here is a rundown of the profit-building techniques that have the biggest impact. OVER 200 MILLION AMERICANS VISIT A SIT-DOWN RESTAURANT ANNUALLY OF PATRONS RESEARCH A RESTAURANT BEFORE DINING OF CUSTOMERS AGREE THAT THE USE OF SERVER TABLETS IMPROVES THE RESTAURANT EXPERIENCE OF TODAY’S RESTAURANTS ARE UPGRADING TECHNOLOGY RESTAURANT EMPLOYEES WANT HANDS-ON TRAINING FROM MANAGERS OF CONSUMERS READ RESTAURANT REVIEWS 90% 68% 80% 70% 92% Source: All stats provided from – restaurant-insider – industry-statistics