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10 2 athens-rogachev_mb_rtp_approach_draft_v2


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The Russian technology platform approach

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10 2 athens-rogachev_mb_rtp_approach_draft_v2

  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENT 1. Innovation Support through ”Innovative Elevator” 2. Federal Target Programme 3. Russian Innovation Infrastructure 4. Technology platfroms: EU versus Russia 5. Interaction of Development Institutions with Technology platforms 6. Russian Foundation for Technological Development and Technology platforms 7. Cooperation with EU
  3. 3. COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES OF RUSSIA • Geographical position • Large reserve of raw minerals and natural resources • Law internal energy prices • Relatively well-educated work force • In accordance to the World Bank ranking Russia is ranked: • 8th largest economy in the world, • 5th largest economy by purchasing power parity in the world • High income level country • Extensive expertise in aviation, machinery, space and agriculture industries • Strong fundamental science 4/14/2014 3
  4. 4. 4/14/2014 4 4 INNOVATION SUPPORT SYSTEM DIRECTION R F T D RFBR FASIE RHSF MSP Bank RVC RUSNANO VEB SKOLKOVO VEB-Innovation RDIF Seed Fund 2013 2012 2011 2011 2010 2007 2006 2006 1999 1994 1994 1992 1991 RSCF Maintaining the research and development complex, including the applied research and development sector Stepping up support and financing of innovation Creating an effective, adaptive and mobile infrastructure for resolving problems in financing innovation
  5. 5. Debt Financing Venture Financing Grants FINANCIAL INSTITUTION SUPPORT SYSTEM ALLOCATION Russian Foundation for Basic research Federal Target Programme Rusnano Vnesheconombank Skolkovo Foundation RFTD MSP Bank Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises RVC VEB Innovation 5 Russian Science Foundation
  6. 6. INNOVATIVE ELEVATOR 4/14/2014 6 Start up project Establishment Growth period Expansion and restructuring •Development institutions aimed to support innovative projects at all stages of their business cycle •The “Innovative Elevator” concept helps to pass the project on to the relevant development institution as it grows and makes it easier for businesses to obtain financing Vnesheconombank (Development bank) Sizeoffinancialsupport, mln.USdoll.,average perproject Business project stages 0 0,3 3,5 20 40 RUSNAN O Seed fund Venture funds RVC Regional venture funds FASIE SME bank RUSNANO RFTD Seed funds RVC
  7. 7. FEDERAL TARGET PROGRAMME “RESEARCH&DEVELOPMENT 2014 – 2020” 4/14/2014 7 The priority tasks addressed by the Programme are: Accelerating development of the applied science, providing for the effective influence of the global competitive sector of research and development on professional and technological outfitting of economic branches. Formulating a system of priorities and mechanisms for its realization for scientific breakthroughs in separate priority directions. Formulating a unified infrastructure for the provision of the research and development sector, allowing it to develop complex projects on a national scale, and creating mechanisms for its regulation and coordinated development. Federal Target Programme (FTP) is a Russian analogue of the European Union Seventh Framework Programme
  8. 8. FEDERAL TARGET PROGRAMME “RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT 2014- 2020” 4/14/2014 58,8% 7,1% 15,5% 14,7% 3,9% Block 1 Block 2 Block 3 Block 4 Block 5 Forming a forward- looking science & tech undertaking International cooperation Research & development infrastructure Material and technical resources Administration of Program realization Financing of Programme Blocks (share in %)
  9. 9. 4/14/2014 9 1.2. 1.3. 1.4. 2.1. 2.2. ACTION: “Carrying out research with the aim of creating a S&T undertaking” … by means of a selection of enterprising proposals from representatives of the scientific community. “Carrying out applied research with the aim of creating a forward-looking S&T undertaking for the development of economic branches”… by means of a selection of enterprising proposals from representatives of the business community, technological platforms, and territorial clusters. “Carrying out applied research with the aim of solving complex S&T problems” … providing solutions for the most important scientific problems, necessary for innovative economic development. “Carrying out research in the context of international multilateral and bilateral cooperation” ... by means of a selection of enterprising proposals from representatives of the scientific community, TP, territorial clusters, and representatives of the business community, in accordance with the Programme's priorities. “Supporting research in the context of cooperating with European Union member states”… by means of a selection of enterprising proposals from members of the scientific community, TP, territorial clusters and representatives of the business community, in accordance with the Programme's priorities. Actions of Programme “Research and Development in 2014-2020” (quotes)
  10. 10. NATIONAL INNOVATION INFRASTRUCTURE 4/14/2014 10 Research and Education institutes Development programs of the leading classical universities (Moscow State University and St. Petersburg State University) Selected universities (9 federal and 29 national research universities) receiving additional government support Establishment of national research centers Skolkovo Innovation Center Unprecedented tax benefits (no profit tax or VAT), limited social payments, etc Favorable administrative regime Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology (in co- operation with MIT) Technical Innovation Special Economic Zones 5 TIZ in Russia: in the Moscow region (Dubna), Moscow (Zelenograd), St. Petersburg, Tomsk and the Republic of Tatarstan (Innopolis) TIZ are provided with necessary transport, engineering and social infrastructure Various tax incentives, exemption from certain customs duties, etc. Other innovation infrastructure More than 60 technology parks Cluster development centers Cluster development centers, technology transfer centers, centers for the collective use of scientific equipment, business incubators, etc. Knowledge Generation Commercialization Development of innovative infrastructure is aimed at fostering high-tech projects and providing for the interaction of research institutions and businesses: In accordance with Ministry of Economic Development materials Fundamental science (RAS reform)
  11. 11. THE CONCEPT OF A TECHNOLOGY PLATFORM 4/14/2014 11 industrypriority Government ScienceBusiness 34 technology platforms had been launched recently (including such platforms as : “Future Medicine”, “Bio-industry and bio-resources” (“Biotech 2030”), “Perspective technologies of renewable energy”, “Deep processing of hydrocarbon resources” and others Technology Platforms A tool for bringing together various parties - government, business, science & education - to identify innovative challenges, developing a program of strategic research and identifying ways to implement it Basic principles of Technology platforms Combining the efforts of the most significant stakeholders (government, business, science & education) Ensuring the development and implementation of long-term (strategic) priorities across certain sectors of the economy EVALUATION OF CHALLENGES DEVELOPMENT OF RESEARCH PROGRAMS DEFINITION OF MEANS OF REALIZATION In accordance with Ministry of Economic Development materials
  12. 12. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS: EU&RUSSIA 4/14/2014 12 Characteristics ЕU Russia Principle of formation Bottom-up Top-down Goals Synergy among major stakeholders Connections between fundamental research and practical applications Coordination of interests of EU member states Creation of new technologies Attraction of additional resources for R&D Improvement of legal regulations in R&D and innovation Tasks Development of Strategic Plan and road maps Marketing of ideas in EU Development of Strategic Program Development of programs to disseminate new technologies Development of educational activities Expert functions for the government Financing State, private, self-financing Government support through FTP Government role Promotion of platforms concept Limited financial support of operational activities No instruments to push platforms to any activities Participation in governance of platforms Attraction of platforms as experts in government decisions Monitoring according to set of indicators
  13. 13. INTERESTS OF THE PARTICIPANTS OF THE TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS 4/14/2014 13 BUSINESS SCIENCE STATE • Access to modern technological achievements • Reduction of own development expenses through use of jointly developed base technologies • Inclusion of interesting themes and projects to the program of general research • Access to information required to broaden planning horizon and depth • Stimulation of the demand for innovative products • Influence on professional training, taking into account necessary technological competencies • Financial support for implementation of innovative projects •Expansion of opportunities for choosing partners • Participation in the formation of the branch of scientific and technical policy • Involvement of business in partnership with science at the stage of pre-commercial research and development • Advancement of developments, expansion of demand in research and development in business • Specification of inquiries from business and expansion of proposals (research and development, training, engineering, forecasting) • Inclusion of created small innovative enterprises in the business-R&D system • Formation of new cooperative networks in the scientific sector • Formation of the potential to implement difficult projects with plenty of participants • Information to establish middle and long-term priorities of scientific and technological policy • Opportunity to concentrate resources in priority directions • Increasing efficiency of use of budgetary funds • Improving quality of research and development management • Identifying directions for improvement of regulation, including branch regulation • Complex development of a national system of innovation • Increasing efficiency of large- scale state companies
  14. 14. 4/14/2014 14 Technological Foresight Technology Platforms Development Institutions: RFTD, Rusnano OJSC, RVC OJSC, Fund for Cooperation in the Development of Small Businesses in the Scientific and Technological Sphere, the Skolkovo Fund University Support: • Research and Federal Universities, • Resolutions 218, 219, 220 Innovative Development Programs for Companies with State Participation • FTP “Research and development in priority developmental areas of the Russian scientific and technical complex for 2014-2020” • Sector FTPs • Fundamental research program through 2020, RFBR 14 THE PLACE OF TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS IN RUSSIAN INNOVATION POLICY In the area of applied research, such work must be coordinated based on technology platforms. /Vladimir Putin, Address of the President to the Federal Assembly, December 2013/
  15. 15. TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS IN RUSSIA: GOVERNMENT IMPLEMENTATION 4/14/2014 15 • Focus on universities and R&D institutes as driving forces in platforms • Linking “push for innovations” (applied to big companies) with platforms’ activity • Mechanisms of financing: from self-support to various government instruments • Government push – request to finance technology platforms through various development institutions • Inclusion of thematic R&D areas proposed by platforms in Federal Targeted Programme • Appeal to development institutions to start activities in support of platforms
  16. 16. INTERACTION OF DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTES WITH TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS 4/14/2014 16 Selecting R&D directions Forming GP, estimating expense, selecting developer, ordering R&D Research efforts, experimental development, tender documentation development, SD, standard design documentation, certification Introduction to production, adaptation, engineering support Technology platforms: Scientific and technical expertise, selecting projects, forming sector “road maps”, rendering development and designing services Emphasizing key products/technologies development Forming GP for development Selecting developers Technical control Private Investments State Development Institutes Offering new developments
  17. 17. RFTD ACTS AS AN ORGANIZATION PROVIDING SUPPORT OF THE RTP ACTIVITY 4/14/2014 17 4/14/2014 17 RFTD ACTS AS AN ORGANIZATION PROVIDING SUPPORT OF RTP ACTIVITY R F T D S u p e r v i s o r y b o a r d a p p r o v e d t h e h i g h p r i o r i t y l i s t o f 1 3 RT P RTPs serve as experts for RFTD projects JOINT STAND “RFTD – 32 RTP” AT OPEN INNOVATION EXPO Roundtable “The role of high- priority Technology Platforms in fulfilling the Strategy of the RF Innovation Development for the period to 2020” RFTD acts as an organization providing support of RTP Activity Kick-off meeting with RTP JOINT STAND “RFTD – 34 RTP” AT OPEN INNOVATION EXPO - 2013 Joint participation of RFTD and RTP representatives in Industrial Technologies Joint International Projects 2014 2013 2012 2011 Participation of RTP in RFTD R&D projects competition Joint events. Cooperation with Federal Government agencies RTP become expert centers. International Cooperation
  18. 18. 4/14/2014 18 18 COOPERATION WITH EU Industrial Technologies - 2014 ManuFuture-2013 Joint S&T Committee 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2011 2012 A summary booklet for the 34 Russian Technology Platforms prepared in 2013 by the RFTD was published on the European Commission website Photonics (RU) Photonics 21 Industry of the Future ManuFuture BIOTECH- 2030 EUROPRobot- building Bio-based economy Meetings with EC Officials Information & Communication Joint Programs
  19. 19. σας ευχαριστώ You can download this presentation on 4/14/2014 19
  20. 20. LIST OF TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS(1) 4/14/2014 20 Orientation Technology Platform Coordinator Medicine and biotechnology 1. Medicine of the Future 2. The bioindustry and bioresources - BioTech -2030 3. Bioenergy Siberian SMU, Tomsk city OJSC "RT- Biotechprom"; Moscow State University named after Lomonosov RRC “Kurchatov Institute” IC - technologies 4. National software platform 5. National supercomputer technology platform OJSC “Concern Sirius” (SC “Rostechnology”) Program Systems Institute named after A.K. Ailamazyan Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow State University named after M.V. Lomonosov Photonics 6. Innovative laser, optical and optoelectronic technologies - photonics 7. Russian LED technological development Noncommercial partnership “Laser association” OJSC “Rosnano” Air-cosmic technologies 8. Air mobility and aviation technologies 9. National space technology platform 10. National information satellite system 33.Light and reliable structures FGUP “CAGI” FGUP “CNIIMash”, MAI OJSC “Information satellite systems” named after academician M.F. Reshetnyov, RSC “Energia” Nuclear and radiation technologies 11. Closed nuclear-fuel cycle with fast neutron reactors 12. Controlled thermonuclear fusion 13. Radiation technologies SC “Rosatom”; SSC of RF “Troitskiy Institute of Innovative and Thermonuclear Researches” Fund “Skolkovo” Power 14. Intelligent Energy System of Russia 15. Ecologically safe thermal energetics of high efficiency 16. Future technologies of renewable power 17. Small-scale distributed energy 34. Complex security of industry and power engineering FSU “Russian Energy Agency” Energy Ministry of Russia OJSC “All-Russian thermotechnical research institute” OJSC “RusGidro” “Electric Energy Balances Forecasting Agency”, “Inter RAO United Power Systems”, Kurchatov Institute
  21. 21. LIST OF TECHNOLOGY PLATFORMS (2) 4/14/2014 21 Direction Technology Platform Coordinator Transport technologies 18. Application of innovative technologies to improve the efficiency of the construction, maintenance and safety of highways and railways 19. High-speed intelligent railway transport SC “Rosnanotech” OJSC “Russian railways” Metallurgy technologies and new materials 20. Advanced polymeric and composite materials and technologies 21. Materials and technologies of metallurgy FGUP “VIAM”, SC “Rosnanotec” FGUP “VIAM”, OJSC “RT-METALLURGY”, MISiS Extraction of natural resources and oil-and-gas processing 22. Technological platform of solid minerals 23. Hydrocarbon Production and Use Technologies 24. Deep conversion of hydrocarbon resources OJSC “SUEK” Russian State Oil and Gas University named after I.M. Gubkin “VNIIPIneft” Electronics and engineering technologies 25. Technologies of mechatronics, embedded control systems, radio-frequency identification and robot-building 26. UHF technologies 27. Ocean development 29. Industry of the future 30. Textile and light industry MFTI, OJSC “Rosnano”, CNII RTK OJSC “Roselectronika” (SC Rostechnology) OJSC “Concern MIS” “Agat”, OJSC “OSK”, OJSC “Concern MPO-HYDRODEVICE” OJSC “Oboronservis” SC “Rosatom” GOU VPO “Kazanskiy STU” Ecological development 28. Technologies of sustainable ecological development 31. Environmentally friendly vehicles "Green car" VOO “Russian Geographical Society” FGUP “NAMI”, STU “MADI” AIC 32. Healthy food Voronezh State University of Engineering Technologies; Michurin State Agrarian University, Astrakhan State University