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Develop your strategy


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The Reference Framework for European Sustainable Cities (RFSC) is an online toolkit designed to help cities promote and enhance their work on integrated sustainable urban development. It is available free of charge to all European local authorities and offers practical support in integrating sustainability principles into local policies and actions. Find out more at

Click through this general presentation to find out how the l“Develop your strategy/project” tool can help enrich and formalise a city's sustainable urban development strategy, in line with local priorities .

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Develop your strategy

  1. 1. Develop your Strategy/ProjectDevelop your Strategy/Project
  2. 2. Develop Your Strategy‘* Inner city business area redevelopment DYS’Information provided by
  3. 3. The inner city business area Binckhorst is the largest inner citybusiness area in Blue City and one of the largest projects oftransformation in our country.In 2009 a large top-down redevelopment masterplan of the PublicIn 2009 a large top-down redevelopment masterplan of the PublicPrivate Partnership (Blue City and two private parties) failed. Since2009 an organic urban redevelopment is chosen without blueprint,in an open process, with participation of all stakeholders, defining84 ‘building blocks’ and ‘maps of directives’ for small plots andspecific projects in the Binckhorst area.Can we check the future new developments in small areas and forspecific projects in the Binckhorst area with the RFSC?
  4. 4. commentfields
  5. 5. commentfields
  6. 6. Use of comments field• Helps in picking the actions that best suit your local priorities and choseyour level of commitment• Change the meaning of the sub-objectives so that they suit yourstrategy/project best• Arguments for the scores and judgements• Stimulate exchange of arguments and communication with teammembers and stakeholders• Source of scoring and judgement (e.g. Urban Development Plan , page 56-60)• Reminder to look up things at a later stage• Reminder to talk with chef, deputy mayor, mayor et cetera about theactions, priorities, commitment et cetera
  7. 7. explain your oryour team’s choice
  8. 8. explain your oryour team’s choice
  9. 9. Conclusion,interpretation,next steps
  10. 10. Type of conclusions and further actions• The small area development proposed is not addressing ourenvironmental priorities• The balance of noise and air pollution after old industries arerelocated and the new economic activity (event hall) is yetrelocated and the new economic activity (event hall) is yetunclear• Check with staff members of other department the actionschosen• Check the commitment of the private stakeholders in the PPP• Present the overview to the deputy major and ask if theproject could be improved for certain key objectives or thatour commitment could be increased