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The September Mobile Mix report takes a closer look into mobile device, OS, application, and tablet trends over the second quarter of 2012. Additionally, this report features insights into the growth of Smartphone and Tablet devices and their impact on the mobile market.

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Mobile Mix Report - September 2012 - Millennial Media

  1. 1. SEPTEMBER 2012Device & Manufacturer DataDevice & OS MixMobile Developer TrendsGlobal Tablet TrendsVisit to sign up
  2. 2. millennial media’sT HE MOBILE DE VI C E I NDE X September 2012 Device & Manufacturer Data Top 15 Manufacturers (all devices) Top 20 Mobile Phones Ranked by Impressions Ranked by Impressions CHART A CHART B RANK MANUFACTURERS Q2 2012 RANK DEVICES Q2 2012 TYPE OS 1 Apple 31.38% 1 Apple iPhone 15.84% Smartphone iOS 2 Samsung 21.97% 2 BlackBerry Curve 4.96% Smartphone BlackBerry OS 3 Research In Motion Ltd. 13.49% 3 Samsung Galaxy S 3.49% Smartphone Android 4 HTC 8.79% 4 BlackBerry Torch 3.00% Smartphone BlackBerry OS 5 Motorola 6.97% 5 BlackBerry Bold 2.97% Smartphone BlackBerry OS 6 LG 5.25% 6 Samsung Galaxy 5 2.91% Smartphone Android 7 Microsoft 3.31% 7 LG Optimus 2.41% Smartphone Android 8 Nokia 1.58% 8 Motorola Droid RAZR 2.05% Smartphone Android 9 HUAWEI 1.53% 9 Samsung Vibrant Galaxy S 1.70% Smartphone Android 10 Amazon 1.03% 10 HTC Desire 1.59% Smartphone Android 11 NTT DoCoMo 0.45% 11 Samsung Galaxy Ace 1.51% Smartphone Android 12 Acer 0.39% 12 BlackBerry Pearl 1.44% Smartphone BlackBerry OS 13 Kyocera 0.38% 13 HTC Evo 1.31% Smartphone Android 14 Pantech 0.20% 14 BlackBerry Bold Touch 1.18% Smartphone BlackBerry OS 15 KDDI 0.17% 15 HTC Droid Incredible 1.17% Smartphone Android 16 Samsung Droid Charge 0.91% Smartphone Android Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. 17 Samsung Admire 0.90% Smartphone Android 18 Samsung Fascinate 0.90% Smartphone Android Insights: 19 Motorola Droid X 0.77% Smartphone Android 20 Samsung Galaxy Mini 0.75% Smartphone Android Apple continues to be the leading device manufacturer on our Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. platform, representing 31% of the impression share (Chart A), up from the previous quarter. Apple iPhone maintained its position as the number one mobile phone on our platform with nearly 16% of the impression share (Chart B). Samsung represented 22% of impressions (Chart A), maintaining the number two spot on our Top 15 DID YOU KNOW? Manufacturers. Samsung’s total phone impressions showed Even though they are one of the leading growth in Q2, with eight phones on the top 20 list for a mobile device manufacturers in the U.S., combined impression share of 13% (Chart B), almost double Samsung’s U.S. Smartphone sales represent that of Q1. All Samsung phones rose in position compared to about only about 5% of the company’s Q1, with a number of new entrants to the top 20 list, including global Smartphone sales. the Samsung Galaxy 5 (i-550 Europa), available outside the Source: estimated from Business Insider chart, August 2012. United States. RIM was the third device manufacturer on our platform, with 13% of the impression share (Chart A). The same five BlackBerry devices were in the Top 20 Mobile Phones, for a combined impression share of 14% (Chart B). HTC moved to the number four position on the Top 15 A LOOK BACK... Manufacturers ranking (Chart A) for total device impression share of 9%. In Q2, HTC had two phones on the Top 20 Mobile iPHONE 4S RELEASE Phones list for a combined impression share of 4% (Chart B). When the iPhone 4S was released in mid-October 2011, impressions on our platform for this device grew 200% after one Motorola moved to number five on the Top 15 Manufacturers week, and grew over 1800% after one full month of adoption. With ranking in Q2 with 7% of the overall impressions (Chart A). Two the release of the iPhone 5 pending, it will be interesting to see how Motorola devices held positions on the Top 20 Mobile Phones this new version stacks up against its predecessors. ranking (Chart B). Source: Millennial Media, 2012.Visit to sign up 2
  3. 3. millennial media’sT HE MOBILE DE VI C E I NDE X September 2012 Device & OS Mix Device Mix – Q2 2012 Device Mix – Q2 2011 Ranked by Impressions Ranked by Impressions CHART C CHART D 7% FEATURE PHONES 17% FEATURE 19% PHONES NONPHONE CONNECTED DEVICES 17% NONPHONE CONNECTED 66% 74% DEVICES SMARTPHONES SMARTPHONES Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2011 Smartphone data does not include what could be considered Smartphones running Smartphone data does not include what could be considered Smartphones running proprietary Operating Systems, e.g. Samsung Instinct, LG Vu. proprietary Operating Systems, e.g. Samsung Instinct, LG Vu. Insights: OS Mix Ranked by Impressions Smartphones led the Device Mix with 74% of impressions (Chart CHART E C). Smartphone impressions as a percentage of all activity grew 4% 1% from Q1 to Q2 2012, and the mix of overall Smartphone impressions grew 8 percentage points from the same quarter a year ago (Chart D). 15% Android The share of impressions from Non-Phone Mobile Devices grew 2 iOS percentage points in Q2 2012 from the same quarter a year ago 46% BlackBerry OS (Chart D). Windows Symbian Android led the OS Mix on our platform with 46% of the 34% impressions (Chart E), largely driven by their increased market share over the past year. 14 of the Top 20 Mobile Phones in Q2 were phones running an Android OS (Chart B). The increasing number of Android-based devices, by different manufacturers, at a range of price points helps increase adoption of these devices. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. iOS represented 34% of the OS Mix on our platform (Chart E), growing slightly from the previous quarter. iOS devices continue to be market leaders in their categories: mobile phones and tablets. Travelers are using their Smartphones DID YOU KNOW? and Connected Devices while away to search for local content and stay The majority of tablet owners are connected while on vacation. Travel multi-platform users. 60% of iPad owners and grew 200% year-over-year on our 70% of Kindle Fire owners have a Smartphone platform in 2012. To learn more or Feature Phone from another OS provider. download Millennial Media’s Travel Source: comScore, June 2012. S.M.A.R.T. report. Visit to download now.Visit to sign up 3
  4. 4. millennial media’sT HE MOBILE DE VI C E I NDE X September 2012 Mobile Developer Trends Top 10 Mobile Application Categories Ranked by Impressions CHART F CATEGORIES Q2 2012 Q1 2012 GAMES 1 1 MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT 2 2 SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY 3 — MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA 4 3 COMMUNICATIONS 5 4 WEATHER 6 9 Impressions from Science & Technology NEWS 7 7 and Books & Reference apps were SPORTS BOOKS & REFERENCE 8 9 — 6 15X HIGHER in Q2 over Q1 AUTOMOTIVE 10 — Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. Source: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. Insights: Gaming applications held the number one position on the MOBILE INTEL SERIES: Top Mobile Application Categories (Chart F). There are tens ENTERTAINMENT of thousands of Game applications available, and with such a large number of mobile gaming entertainment to choose NOW AVAILABLE from, Games appeal to a broad range of mobile device users. The increased adoption of Smartphones and Non-Phone Science & Technology and Books & Reference applications Connected Devices has changed how both trended upwards in the Top Mobile Applications consumers can access entertainment Categories in Q2 (Chart F). The occurrence of year-end content both in their homes and school exams in the second quarter likely contributed to the on-the-go. In Millennial Media’s growth of these categories. recently-released Mobile Intel Series: Entertainment guide, findings show Mobile Social Media was a Top Mobile Application Category that the mobile audience is made up on our platform in Q2 (Chart F). Within the category, of consumers who are using their devices to: yearbook, social sharing, and communications applications were strong. This increase in impressions was likely due to • Access movie information including viewing trailers & purchasing the end of the school season as well. tickets on-the-go Music & Entertainment remained a Top Mobile Application • Check and watch TV content while engaging with mobile devices at Category on our platform in Q2 (Chart F), with music players the same time and downloads as the top apps in the category. TV guide • Purchase DVD, gaming, and digital content. and channel lineup applications trended strong in Q2, when end of season finales aired on primetime cable in May. Mobile entertainment users also over-indexed on Smartphone & Tablet ownership. To learn more about how consumers are accessing entertainment Weather applications gained on our platform in Q2 (Chart F) content on all of their devices and becoming multi-screen viewers, download where both national, as well as local weather service apps Millennial Media’s newest Mobile Intel Series: Entertainment guide. saw increased impressions. Weather apps have the unique position of being relevant year round, and of interest to a Visit broad range of mobile users, regardless of device. to download the free guide.Visit to sign up 4
  5. 5. millennial media’sT HE MOBILE DE VI C E I NDE X September 2012 Global Tablet Trends Top 5 Tablets on the Millennial Media Platform Demographic Profile of U.S. Tablet By Impressions CHART G Users by Model June 2012 CHART H 1 2 3 53% 47% 51% 49% 43% 57% Apple iPad* Samsung Galaxy Tab* Amazon Kindle Fire* 4 5 iPad Android Tablet Kindle Fire Source: comScore, August 2012. Acer Iconia Motorola Xoom* Ranked in the top 20 among all mobile devicesSource: Millennial Media, Q2 2012. Insights: DID YOU KNOW? The average selling price of Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and the Amazon Kindle Fire tablets continues to decrease. remained the top three tablets on the Millennial Media Research by Business Insider platform (Chart G). These tablets also ranked among the top shows that the average price 20 mobile devices on our platform in Q2. The second half of of a tablet has come down 2012 should bring new tablet devices into the market, and it more than $350 since the first will be interesting to see how the adoption of these new tablet, the Apple iPad, was tablets affects the mobile device market. introduced in 2010. Source: Business Insider, August 2012. In Q2, Acer moved into the Top 5 Tablets on our platform (Chart G). Acer released their third tablet, the Android-based A700, at the end of the quarter. All three tablets in the Acer Iconia series feature built-in full-size USB drives and MicroSD card slots. The Motorola Xoom was the number five tablet on our platform in Q2 (Chart G), and has consistently been a Top 5 Tablet on our platform every month since Q2 2011. On our platform, 95% of total tablet impressions were from a Wi-Fi network, supporting the idea that most tablet owners A LOOK BACK... use their device at home or work where they have reliable Amazon Kindle Fire Launch Wi-Fi connections. When the Amazon Kindle Fire was released in November 2011 it showed According to a comScore study, tablet users are relatively strong signs of consumer adoption; impressions from the device grew at equally split between genders, age, and household income, an average daily rate of 19% in the first weeks after launch. but Kindle Fire users tend to trend more female than other Source: Millennial Media, 2012. tablet device users (Chart H).Visit to sign up 5
  6. 6. millennial media’sT H E MOBILE DE VI C E I NDE X September 2012 About Millennial Media Millennial Media is the leading independent mobile advertising platform company. Our technology, tools and services help app developers and mobile website publishers to maximize their advertising revenue, acquire users for their apps and gain insight about their users. We offer advertisers significant audience reach, sophisticated targeting capabilities and the ability to deliver rich and engaging ad experiences to consumers on their mobile connected devices. Visit for more information. About Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ reports key advertising trends with a focus on mobile manufacturers, devices, operating systems, connected devices and more. Millennial Media’s Mobile Mix™ is in complement to the Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting (S.M.A.R.T.)™ report, which delivers monthly insights on advertising performance and engagement. Both reports are based on actual campaign and platform data from Millennial Media. As the leading independent mobile advertising and data platform, we are capable of reporting and analyzing data collected over tens of billions of monthly ad requests. Elevating and driving the whole mobile ecosystem forward is central to our company mission. For questions about the data in this report, or for recommendations for future reports, please contact us at ©2012 Millennial Media, Inc. All rights reserved. All product names and images are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective owners.Visit to sign up 6