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What is PolicyPLUS


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PolicyPLUS™ is your online healthcare compliance and policy management software that delivers simple and cost-effective online solutions for your policy, procedure, credentialing, and quality management needs.

PolicyPLUS™ Stores, Manages, Updates & Archives your
Policies, Procedures, Credentials & QI in one convenient Internet database.

Effective compliance management is an ongoing challenge, particularly in times of rapid change and with large numbers of staff located across multiple sites.

PolicyPLUS™ is an online Compliance, Document, Credentialing & Quality Improvement management solution providing:

Increased patient safety through easy & secure internet access by your employees 24/7.
Ensuring that all obsolete & duplicate policies are removed from circulation, resulting in a higher standard of care for your patients.
Easily distribute new documents and changes across multiple locations and organizational units.
Automatic email notification of upcoming document expirations.
Increase employee compliance: Your workers will know your policies.
Automatic email notification and reminders sent to employees with pending assignments due.
Track & archive policy changes.
Tracks your provider’s credentials,.
Email alerts warn of upcoming credential expirations and next credentialing cycles.
Reduce risk and liability exposure.
Track your organizations Organization & Provider KPIs, Work Plans, Patient Complaints, and Incidents.
IT staff is not required to support the application

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What is PolicyPLUS

  1. 1. Serving Communities In Need Your Online Policy, Procedure, Credentialing, & Quality Management Solution
  2. 2. Do your policies, procedures, and credentials look like this? Can you find them? Manage them? Use them to train your employees? Are you ready for an intensive compliance audit? 2
  3. 3. PolicyPLUS™ is a modular online compliance and document management software accessible 24/7: • Policy, Procedure, and Document Management • Provider Credentialing Management • Quality & Performance Management • Contracts Management (coming soon) • No hardware to purchase. • IT staff are not required to support the application. • Evaluation and gap analysis is available for your policies and procedures currently in use. 3
  4. 4. Policy, Procedure, & Document Management Module • Increased patient safety through easy online access to policies by your employees 24/7. • Three Levels of Secure User Access. • Document Life Cycle Management – tracks key dates. – provides email notice of expiring policies and provides ample time for policy review, editing, and board renewal. • Ensuring that all obsolete and duplicate policies are removed from circulation, resulting in a higher standard of care for your patients. • Ease of distributing new documents and changes across multiple provider sites and organizational units. • Increase employee compliance: Your workers will know your policies. • Email alerts to inform or remind your employees of any assignments due • Track & Archive policy changes. 4
  5. 5. Keyword Tags Find Relevant Policies Providing Easy Access To: Keyword tags make it easy to filter and review policies for needed updates when requirements change, and for easily locating policies needed for onsite surveys and accreditation site visits. • Policies relevant to accrediting or certifying standards (NCQA- PCMH, AAAHC, The Joint Commission, etc) • Policies relevant to HRSA’s 19 Program Requirements by category (Needs, Services, Management & Finance, and Governance) • Policies relevant to FTCA Deeming Requirements 5
  6. 6. Credentialing Management Module • Tracks the credentialing process and next credentialing cycles. • Lists and tracks important credentialing steps and dates. • Tracks the provider’s individual credentials and details and alerts to document expirations. • Allows providers to keep track of their credentials allowing them to proactively keep them current. • Reduces risk and liability exposure. 6
  7. 7. Quality Management Module 7 Quality Management Quality Improvement QM module to include: • Customizable Organizational Key Performance Indicators (KPI) tracking • Customizable Provider KPI Tracking • Workplan • Performance Measurement Trending Dashboard Reports
  8. 8. QFMS Leadership Team Randal F. Chitty – CEO, Operations, Technical Support Manager, Product Development Candace J. Chitty – COO, Operations, Policy Development/Review Analyst (Clinical, Quality, Risk), Compliance Support, Product Development Bonni Van – Senior Associate Consultant, Accounts Manager, Policy Development/Review Analyst (Clinical, HR) Amber Sapp – Accounts Manager Aileron Consulting, LLC, Senthil Ramiah, CEO – Software Design, Support, & Maintenance. OSIS, Inc – Dedicated Server Management, Support, and Maintenance. QFMS has additional resources available as needed who are experts in Financial, Statistical, HR, and Governance issues. After 12 years working with the most respected people in the field Candi has built up quite an impressive network of experts.
  9. 9. PolicyPLUS™ Demonstration Contact us for a Live Demonstration Today! PolicyPLUS, your key to compliance management