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Art & Environment


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Published in: Art & Photos
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Art & Environment

  1. 1. VISUAL ART & ENVIRONMENTS Photo by: Ansel Adams
  2. 2. By studying environments, artists have the power to portray their environment from their own point of view. The artist decides what information include and what to leave out. Artists communicate more than what they see in their environment, they record what they hear, feel and smell. The artist expresses how their environment makes them feel when they interact with it.
  3. 3. NATURAL ENVIRONMENTS Wide Sweeping Landscapes Paths Flowers Foliage Animals Water Rocks
  4. 4. MAN-MADE ENVIRONMENTS Wide Cityscapes Architecture Streets Vehicles Signs Advertising
  5. 5. EXAMPLES Ansel Adams Winslow Homer Georgia O’Keeffe Richard Diebenkorn John Evans Walker Evans Richard Haas Romare Beardon Mark Bradford Andy Goldsworthy
  6. 6. Ansel Adams
  7. 11. Winslow Homer
  8. 16. Georogia O’Keeffe
  9. 21. Richard Diebenkorn
  10. 26. John Evans
  11. 29. Walker Evans
  12. 36. Richard Haas
  13. 43. Romare Beardon
  14. 48. Mark Bradford
  15. 53. Andy Goldsworthy