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Know the Local Market PA Deals

  1. 1. Know The Local MarketYes, weve all heard it in the news - on T.V., on the radio, in the newspaper,on the internet, etc. While the real estate market has been very stable for anumber of years, we now hear about the dreaded "National Bubble"Well, before we go too far, lets make this point up front – There is no NATIONAL Bubble. Period.Yes, it makes dramatic news and catches everyones attention, but buyers,sellers, and investors should be aware of what really drives housing prices(and real estate values in general).We do have certain areas (such as west coast, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Florida,etc) that have experienced significant price increases (a sellers market) andare now experiencing price corrections (heading toward a buyers market).But that comes and goes, in cycles. More importantly, what actually drivesprices and values.Imagine the MACRO Level as the red outer circle of a Target. It contains allof the National influences, such as:Inflation rateInterest ratesIRS tax lawsThink of the METRO Level as the white middle circle of a target. It containsall of the City influences, such as:Population growthEmployment growth & stabilityHousehold incomeZack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300
  2. 2. Picture the MICRO Level as the red inner circle - the bullseye. It contains allof the Neighborhood influences, such as:Age, Density, Development, PermitsSocial economics, schoolsAvailability of land / housingThe actual Price of real estate and housing can be driven by any or all ofthese factors. But, when assessing the market, be sure you look at whichINFLUENCES are truly affecting Price, and in what Location.In todays market, the National (MACRO) influences continue to be verystable. The City (METRO) influences vary, depending on where you buy, sell,or invest. The Neighborhood (MICRO) influences are always changing and itrequires hands-on Local knowledge and experience to spot the emergingopportunities. AIM at the Bullseye!It might be tempting to think or say the overall health of theindustry is weak. But, that is too generalized of a way to lookat it. Some might be tempted to say the opposite - that theoverall health of the real estate market is wonderfully strongand stable. But, that too is over-simplified.The REALITY is it depends on all the factors at all levels. Based on thesefactors, some areas will be good opportunities to lose money - so dont buyor invest there! Yet, other areas will offer exceptional opportunities. Does itneed to be said!? Yes, BUY or INVEST THERE!Does this all make sense?Real estate is a dynamic, look local market. So buy or invest that way, too -where the local markets are favorable!Log onto right now to be part of the most exciting real estateopportunity found anywhere.Zack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300