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Focus Video Script

  1. 1. Hey what’s up, it’s Zack from PA Back in 1999,when I started studying real estate investing I rememberbeing so ridiculously overwhelmed. Back then I was buyingnew books and courses, like daily and was attending moreseminars than probably anybody on the planet. The resultwas major information overload. I was overwhelmed with somany techniques and strategies that I literally had no ideawhich ones I wanted to start off with. I remember beingsuper stressed out because I didn’t know which directionwas best for me. Was I gonna wholesale or retail. Was Igonna form an llc or corporation. Was I gonna do leaseoptions or owner financing? It was nuts. I didn’t have afreaking clue what I was gonna do yet I kept learning moreand more. Most new investors I talk to experience this samething so if you are going through it right now don’t worry,it’s normal.Here is what I am going to recommend you do howeverstarting today. I want you to take a serious self assessment.I want you to write down where you are at with regard tothe following criteria:1] how much cash do you have that you can dedicate to realestate investing2] what’s your credit like? are you financeable?3] what’s your cash flow like? Do you have extra money leftover every month to use for investing or are you living paycheck to paycheck?3] how much time per week can you dedicate to real estateinvestingZack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300
  2. 2. 4] what skills do you bring to the table that compliment yourreal estate investing business.And finally what do you truly want out of real estateinvesting? Are you doing it for long term wealth creation ordo you need money to pay the rent next week?Knowing the answers to these questions is a good start indetermining what type of investing to start off with. Forexample, if you have no money and no credit then of courseyou shouldn’t be out trying to buy rental properties to holdlong term, you should probably be looking to bird dog orwholesale.My advice to you is to take a self assessment similar to theone we just talked about. When you have your answers,compare them to different real estate investing techniquesand determine which techniques makes the most sense foryou. What I can tell you is if you keep learning techniqueafter technique, strategy after strategy with no thought onwhich ones make the most sense for you, you will spin yourwheels forever and never make dime. Get focused, figureout what makes the most sense for you and your personalsituation get educated on that and take action NOW. With allof that said, if you have decent credit and some money toinvest with, check out my website at I offer aphenomenal program that helps people invest in turn key,fully renovated investment property and it may be just whatyou’re looking for. Check it http://www.padeals.comZack WiestPaDEals.com717-901-7763 Ext. 300