Buy and Hold Rehabbing


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Buy and Hold Rehabbing

  1. 1. Buy and Hold Rehabbing Many factors can make or break you as a real estate investor but one of the most critical is rehabbing. Now, I am not going to discuss the pitfalls that can occur during the renovation process quite yet. But instead I am going to focus on how you need to be renovating properties to be used as buy and hold investments. Renovating properties to use for long-term buy and hold investing is similar to buy,fixing, and selling renovations but there are some key elements you mustconsider or you will be out of business as quick as you got into business.First, when it comes to rehabbing buy and hold real estate the main focusmust be on the mechanicals. Buy and hold investing is a long term strategyand you need to rehab your investment for the long term. Improperlyrehabbing a rental property is one thing that can surely put you out ofbusiness as quick as you got in.Yes making the interior desirable to a tenant is important but not nearly asimportant as the mechanicals. So, the next or maybe the first buy and holdproperty you purchase remember mechanicals, mechanicals, mechanicals.Make sure the plumbing and electrical are up to code and in good workingorder, ensure the furnace and the roof are in good condition these are bigticket items you do not want stealing your first year of cash flow. Buy andhold real estate investing can be very lucrative when done right and can bevery expensive if not.
  2. 2. If you do not pay attention to these items during the renovation and moreimportantly during your purchase you may be in for a world of trouble.Imagine renovating a great property and your tenant moves in during themonth of March. Now, here comes Spring and the rain starts falling. Opps,you forgot the roof and your tenant has water leaking in all over the 2ndfloor.Okay, so you get out of that one only cost you $3,000 to put a new roof onand the tenant is finally calmed down after their things were ruined by thewater leak. Then summer comes along and your tenant places a window airconditioner in place and as soon as they turn it on all the lights on the 2ndfloor go out.Opps, you forgot to ensure your electrical system was up to par. The repairheads back out to the property only to find knob and tube wiring allthroughout the 2nd floor and the electrical panel box needs upgraded. Theregoes another $1,500 to fix this mess. Finally, 9 months into this tenant’sresidency in your property and it is getting colder outside and they attemptto turn the furnace on.Yep, you called it now the furnace is no good. At this point you are ready tothrow the towel in and never invest in real estate again. This could have allbeen avoided if you performed the property due diligence.Buy right based on the renovation you need to complete. At PA Deals, LLCwe offer a complete turn-key approach to buy and hold investing. We offerour clients turn-key completely renovated properties ready to go the long-term with you. These properties have new roofs, new heat systems,upgraded plumbing and electrical systems. At PA Deals, LLC we focus onprovide you with an investment that will grow your investing business notput you out of business.Check out the PA Deals, LLC’s streamline approach to long-term buy andhold investing at
  3. 3. Author Zack WiestEmail social@realestateseminar2011.comKeyword: PA Deals LLC Real Estate Investing and RehabbingResource Box Resource BoxZack Wiest is owner of PA Deals, LLC. They are a residential real estateinvestment firm located in Harrisburg, PA. Though founded in 2006, theprincipals of the company have been investing in real estate since the year2000. You can find out more about us at Real Estate InvestingSummary: Many factors can make or break you as a real estate investor butone of the most critical is rehabbing. Now, I am not going to discuss thepitfalls that can occur during the renovation process quite yet.