Lower My Mortage


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Lower My Mortage

  1. 1. Lower My Mortage “How can I lower my mortgage?” This is a question that thousands of homeowners are asking as interest rates are increasing, causing mortgage payments to skyrocket. Though many people fear they have no alternatives, there are several pre-foreclosure options. The key is acting in a timely way. By refinancing your home with new terms, you can keep making payments and avoid foreclosure. However, this is a process that should be negotiated between a firm that employs both licensed and bonded mortgage brokers and attorneys and your lender. Homeowners should not represent themselves. In addition, the debt negotiations firm can advise you about potential tax consequences, as well as any impact to your credit rating. “We want our clients to understand each step of the process before they sign the newly negotiated contract. Though this is a good alternative to foreclosure, it is still a new contract, and should be evaluated,” says a representative from RE Acquisitions, a debt negotiations firm in Portland, Oregon. It is easy to let the pressure of today’s economy build into a feeling of hopelessness. But before you walk away from your house, contact a debt negotiations specialist like RE Acquisitions (www.sellhomeowner.com) for help. You have options, don’t lose your house without exploring all possible alternatives. mortgage reduction, mortgage rate reduction, foreclosure loan, lower my mortgage