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  • Sean 3 min.Review visualby Craig. We mightuse the house dayandnightvisualsby Jeff F.
  • Scalability, Application Management based on process, Workspace Simulation and Microsoft System Center integration.
  • RES Workspace Manager Editions now represents the number of modules instead of functionality.Bronze = 1 moduleSilver = 2 modulesGold = 3 modulesWhen purchasing a Silver Edition, IT administrators can now choose which modules they want to use. The module Composition & Personalization is mandatory.
  • Event ViewIT administrators are often event minded, but it was not easy to view composition actions per event. Now IT administrators have new categories for the following events:At logonAt refreshAt reconnectAt logoffPer category, the associated actions are shown in order of execution.Quick EditIT administrators can now modify multiple applications at once. The following properties can be quick-edited:Access ControlInterceptPublishing Split Setup nodeThe Management Console has been improved by splitting the Setup node. The Console now has a Setup menu for items that you only configure once, and an Administration node that contains items that you regularly access as an IT administrator.Remember column orderAllow IT administrators to change the column order of list views in the Management Console to match their preference. Modified column orders are rememberd, but can be reset to default.
  • What does it do?The new RES Workspace Manager Relay Server is a data broker between Agents and Datastore. Relay Servers can be chained to support enterprise network topologies. The Relay Server is a light-weight component with a small footprint which stores a cache of the datastore. Agents relay data from and to the datastore via one or more Relay Servers, which are automatically detected.Each Agent still uses a local cache for operation.Why did we put it in?In some network topologies, the database replications provided by the database vendors was not flexible enough to support low bandwidth connections. Also the use of Relay Servers provides more control over data volume being transmitted over a WAN topology.
  • Anynetworktopologycannowbeaddressed without database replication.
  • What does it do?IT administrators can now invoke software distribution through Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager on global level and application level.Why did we put it in?The ability to invoke software distribution leverages Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager to a context-aware software distribution solution. Customers who already have Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager in place, do not have to replace the solution for software distribution initiated by RES Workspace Manager.Arno.Demo!
  • What does it do?RES Workspace Manager 2012 now supports the interception of applications that are not started by a managed shortcut.IT administrators can now configure an application to be managed by RES Workspace Manager, without replacing the shortcut. The following management tasks are supported for intercepted applications:User SettingsActions: Drive and Port Mappings, Drive Substitutes, Folder Synchronization, User Home Directory, User Profile Director, Printer Mappings, Registry, ADM Policy, Execute Command, Automation Task, Microsoft ConfigMgr Task, and Environment Variables.E-mail SettingsData SourcesApplication NotificationsWhydid we put it in?Customers wanted application management without replacing the shortcuts. This new capability is also ideal in Citrix published applications infrastructures, that you want to start managing with RES Workspace Manager, but you do not want to have to re-publish all applications.
  • The RES Workspace Manager Integration Toolkit for Citrix XenApp (version 4.5, 5 and 6) helps you implement RES Workspace Manager in your Citrix environment by using information about published applications. Additionally, the RES Workspace Manager Integration Toolkit for Citrix XenApp eliminates the need to recreate existing applications manually as published applications in RES Workspace Manager.Use the RES Workspace Manager Integration Toolkit for Citrix XenApp to:extract information about existing published applications from a Citrix farmcreate a Building Block of selected applications, that can be imported in a new or existing environmentOnce the applications are available in the RES Workspace Manager Management Console, configured as Citrix published applications, they are managed centrally, making full use of the benefits that RES Workspace Manager brings.Basically, two scenarios can be followed when migrating or integrating Citrix XenApp Published Applications from unmanaged to managed equivalents. Which scenario suits you best, mainly depends on whether you want to republish your existing Citrix XenApp applications.The first scenario reads existing published applications from a Citrix XenApp farm and re-publishes the applications as managed applications. The second scenario reads existing published applications from a Citrix XenApp farm and created managed applications in RES Workspace Manager 2011 R2 IR1 as intercepted applications. No re-publication is necessary.
  • What does it do?The new workspace simulation enables IT administrators to view the workspace analysis of a simulated session. Parameters to define the simulated session are:IdentityLocations and devicesWorkspace ContainerTime of dayAfter filling in the parameters, a predicted workspace analysis is shown, to verify impact of changes, without actually logging on in that particular context.Whydid we put it in?It was not possible to predict the workspace, without logging on in a particular context. Now IT administrators can predict the impact of changes they make in the Management Console, before affecting the users.
  • Smart User SettingscachingRES Workspace Manager manages User Settings independent from the user profile. To use the settings across sessions, you store them on a network location.If these settings are stored on a network location, you can enable local caching of these settings to improve performance.When User Settings grow to large files, read/ write from a network location might decrease performance. Caching these settings will process user settings locally and improve performance.Reporting ServiceA new Reporting Web Service allows IT administrators to collect Usage Tracking information from the RES Workspace Manager database through SOAP web requests.Customers requested access to the RES workspace Manager database to collect Usage Tracking information. Due to the lack of views in the database, this was not possible.ImprovedUsage Tracking ReportingAdditional columns have been added to application reports in Usage Tracking. New columns are:Path of the application# Users# Devices# Times startedDate last usedFolder RedirectionIT administrators can now configure the redirection of Microsoft Windows User Shell Folders with RES Workspace Manager 2012. Folder redirection enables the IT administrator to redirect the location of certain folders of the user profile to a different path, such as a shared network location.For example, the local folder c:\\Users\\<username>\\My Documents can be redirected to a different target folder location.If the folder does not exist in the target location of the user session, it will be created automatically, if possible in the user context.ExecuteCommandwithDynamic PrivilegesAllows IT administrators to run external command with elevated privileges.New Zone rulebased on file or folder existenceA new rule has been added to Location and Devices based on the existence of a file, folder or drive.Filter rulesfor User SettingsIT administrators can now configure filters on User settings actions to limit the amount of data being synchronized. Filters available:# of recent files to preserveSizeDateWildcard support forapplication managementThe path of an application to be managed can now contain wildcards to cope with applications that are installed in different locations in your infrastructure. This means that %ProgramFiles%\\Microsoft Office\\Office14\\Winword.exe can also be defined as C:\\*\\Winword.exe. The wildcard is resolved into a path upon launching the application. Directory Services based on SIDSID based Directory Services allow IT administrators toperform access control based on SID instead of SAM name (as today). Advantage of this new Directory Service type is thatrenames of AD objectsworkseamless. A disadvantage is thatan test andproduction Directory Service that has similargroupnameswillbe more difficultto import/ export as building block.Whenanexisting Directory Service is changedto SID, a notification is givento the IT administrator to run a database maintenance tasktosynchronizeexisting SAM nameswithSIDs.
  • What's new in... RES Workspace Manager 2012

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    16. 16. Workspace Simulation• Why? – Simulate the User Workspace for a specific scenario• What? – A wizard let’s you specify the context of a user and present a simulated Workspace Analysis© Copyright RES Software.v2012-Mar30. 16
    17. 17. Advanced• Smart User Settings Caching• Reporting Service• Improved Usage Tracking Reporting• Folder Redirection• Execute Command with Dynamic Privileges• New Zone Rules based on file or folder existence• Filter rules for Captured User Settings• Wildcard support for application management• Directory Services based on SID© Copyright RES Software.v2012-Mar30. 17
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