Introducing... RES HyperDrive


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  • Easy for usersFollow-me-data that works across any device (laptop, smartphone, tablet)Seamless for the user, integrated in Outlook, Windows Explorer, Mac Finder – smartphones and tablets are supportedAd-hoc file sharingEndorsed by corporate ITEasy for ITSecure, on premisesFollow-me-data that is client independentEasy to set up, offer and support follow-me-data to your uses, fits in with what you already have in your environmentEasy to set up for IT: Uses your database your Active Directory, you virtualization platform, your storage.Easy to deploy for IT: Using Virtual ApplianceEasy to maintain for IT: Using RES Automation ManagerInnovative approachEasy to assess current Dropbox usage using RES Baseline Desktop AnalyzerCombine best of both worlds: Secure, on premises solution with a flexible subscription modelIndependent from virtualization and cloud providersEnd-to-end solution to migrate existing corporate data from consumer platform back into corporate environment
  • Introducing... RES HyperDrive

    1. 1. Overview
    2. 2. Extending the User Workspacebeyond the Windows Desktop ? ?2
    3. 3. “Offers the easiest, most secure and on premisesway to share files on the go for enterprise users”
    4. 4. RES HyperDrive benefits Easy for users  Seamless follow-me-data across any device  Ad-hoc file sharing  Endorsed by corporate IT Easy for IT  Secure, on premises and client independent  Easy to set up Innovative approach  End-to-end solution  Flexible subscription model  Independent from virtualization and cloud providers5
    5. 5. Simplicity & FlexibilityDropboxSugarSyncSyncplicity ShareFile* Zumodrive Box.NET* Business Security On Premises File Server Microsoft SharePoint * Off premises / cloud offering
    6. 6. Introduction RES HyperDrive creates a virtual drive on your computer Drag-and-drop a file onto the RES HyperDrive and it is automatically…• Encrypted and stored locally on your computer; offline availability• Synchronized to your other computers (Windows and MacOS);• Backed-up to your own secure corporate data center;• Mobilized and made accessible to smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone) and tablets (iPad);• Shared with other people you’ve invited.
    7. 7. Access Your Files From Any Device OS X Windows8
    8. 8. Access Your Files From Any Device Web browser9
    9. 9. Access Your Files From Any Device iOS,Windows Phone, Android, BlackBerry10
    10. 10. RES HyperDrive Features File Ad-Hoc Security Sharing Access Smart Anywhere Syncing11
    11. 11. File SecurityCapability DescriptionEncrypted Local Drive Protected by 256-bit encryption. Not accessible without running HyperDrive and without password.TheftGuard Remotely destroy files and folders on HyperDrive.Automatic Backup No data loss when device is lost.File Revisions Keep track of multiple versions of the same file.12
    12. 12. Ad-Hoc SharingCapability DescriptionFileLink / FolderLink Instead of e-mailing large files recipient clicks on link to download file from RES HyperDrive dashboard. This can be done directly through Explorer/Finder integration. Optionally links can be protected with passwords, expiration dates and number of downloads.Outlook Plugin A Microsoft Outlook Plugin automatically converts email attachments into FileLinks.File Download Tracking Receive notifications whenever recipient downloads a file that has been shared.Collaboration Share files and collaborate amongst team members.13
    13. 13. Access AnywhereCapability DescriptionWindows Explorer & A drive lets you easily access your files and foldersFinder Integration on Windows and Macs.Online File Manager The RES HyperDrive online dashboard gives you the ability to easily manage your files from any device through a secure connection.Smartphones & Tablets RES HyperDrive offers 5 mobile apps enabling easy access to your files from Android Phone, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone and Blackberry Phone.14
    14. 14. Smart SyncingCapability DescriptionAutomatic Sync Simply drag and drop or save files directly on your HyperDrive and your files are automatically synchronized.Smart Sync Only the changed portions of files are synchronized increasing performance and bandwidth.Smart Filters Some files are too sensitive to be shared or are too large to be synchronized. Set up filters to exclude these files from sharing or syncing.Smart Notifications Keep track of when other contributors add, delete or modify files on your shared HyperDrive.15
    15. 15. Cross Platform Support Create / Delete Folder Add New HyperDrive Invite to HyperDrive Offline File Caching Display HyperDrive View HyperDrives TheftGuard Track Change Password Upload Pictures Upload Any File Create Account Files / Folders Send FileLink Devices GuestsPlatformWindows Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesMacOS Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes YesBlackberry Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes NoWindows Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes NoiPhone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes NoiPad Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes YesAndroid Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No16
    16. 16. Subscription Models Monthly Subscription Yearly Subscription (Pay-as-you-Go) (Pre-Paid - Save 10%) £ 3.5 per user per month £ 38 per user per year € 4 per user per month € 43 per user per year $ 5 per user per month $ 54 per user per year1. Automated transaction 1. Manual transaction2. Customers subscribe online 2. Customers buy through partners3. Virtual Appliance needs to be 3. Virtual Appliance needs to be activated and will report actual activated and will support the usage for monthly billing number of pre-paid users
    17. 17. AvailabilityQ2 2012 Release Candidate (for Evaluation) (Mid April) General Availability (Begin of June)Q3 2012 Full integration with RES Workspace Manager (Early Q3)18
    18. 18. RES Baseline Desktop Analyzer Free report on actual Dropbox usage19
    19. 19. RES Automation Manager Free RES Automation Manager agent embedded on Virtual Appliance Provisioning tasks:  Create RES HyperDrive accounts  Query RES HyperDrives  Configure RES HyperDrive Virtual Appliance  …20
    20. 20. RES Workspace Manager Works side-by-side with RES HyperDrive Integration with RES HyperDrive client expected early Q3 201221
    21. 21. “Offers the easiest, most secure and on premisesway to share files on the go for enterprise users”