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Three tips for business energy savings slideshare


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UK industrial electricity prices are among the highest in Europe and, in light of this, a number of businesses are taking direct action to reduce their energy consumption. Here, Power quality specialist, REO UK, has published a SlideShare outlining three tips for businesses looking to reduce their energy savings.

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Three tips for business energy savings slideshare

  1. 1. Three tips for business energy savings
  2. 2. What can businesses do to reduce energy usage? This is especially true in commercial and industrial applications. We don’t accept estimated bills in other parts of our lives, why do we continue to do so for energy bills?
  3. 3. Tip one: use smart meters
  4. 4. Smart meters provide businesses with accurate energy monitoring This can be used to help reduce a facility’s overall energy usage.
  5. 5. Using smart meters keeps managers up-to-date on energy usage… … and managers can use this to control costs and identify problem areas.
  6. 6. Smart meters display the difference between working power, the total power consumed and how much reactive power (kVarh) is generated.
  7. 7. Tip two: Filter out reactive power
  8. 8. Although reactive power is wasted power, it is often still billable. Reactive power is common in industrial Environments due to the use of variable speed drives.
  9. 9. To filter out reactive currents, REO has created the REOWave passive. see how much you could save, visit
  10. 10. Businesses can save up to 25% of their energy costs using the filter… …as well as increase the service life and reliability of the electrical system.
  11. 11. Tip three: Minimise interference
  12. 12. Smart systems rely on data and energy transfer. This increases the levels of disruptive electromagnetic interference (EMI) and impacts power quality.
  13. 13. While smart metering will help businesses identify how they can be more conservative with their energy usage…
  14. 14. Smart metering itself, can interfere with power quality. This can affect the accuracy of any data recorded.
  15. 15. To prevent power quality issues and remove interference from the network, managers can use PLC filters, like REO’s CNW 161 filter.
  16. 16. Designed to be a pluggable unit, the filter can be used in a stand socket.
  17. 17. Alternatively, managers can use the CNW 163 filter, which can be DIN-RAIL mounted and housed in a control cabinet. Both filters, filter signals in the frequency range from 50kHz to 20MHz. This ensures compliance with the EC Directive 89/336/EEC.
  18. 18. By protecting your smart meter, more businesses can: - reduce costs - control energy consumption - and experience good power quality.
  19. 19. Whether you’re an electrical or design engineer, REO UK has the products to help ensure a high standard of power quality. For more information, contact the company on +44 (0) 1588 673 411. REO (UK) Ltd, Units 2-4 Callow Hill Road, Craven Arms Business Park, Craven Arms, Shropshire, SY7 8NT Email: