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Top10 techtoolsforbacktowork.2013fall


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1. Canon PowerShot Facebook Ready:
2. Pico Projectors
3. Uber
4. Portable Chargers
5. Web Conferencing
FaceTime (For Apple users)
Google Hangouts
6. Hootsuite
7. Cloud Storage: Evernote / Dropbox
8. Keyboards:

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Top10 techtoolsforbacktowork.2013fall

  3. 3. Canon Power Shot Looking for a fast way to update your Facebook Business page, but with camera quality images? Then, the Canon PowerShot is for you! With a small Facebook button, you can upload pictures, share and comment right away (as long as you’re connected to wifi).
  4. 4. PICO PROJECTORS Number Two
  5. 5. PICO PROJECTORS Have you created a slideshow, on Power Point or KeyNote and it’s time to present? A pico projector is a hand held portable device that is compact and convenient. You can then project your power point, from your phone or tablet, onto a wall, screen or airplane headrest! How great would it be, to do a client presentation from your phone, but project right onto the wall of your client’s house?
  6. 6. TAXI EASE Number 3
  7. 7. UBER | HAILO Requesting a car or booking a taxi has never been easier. Thanks to companies such as Uber and Hailo, you can have a car delivered to you from your phone and complete the transaction, no cash needed. You can request taxi’s, black cars and SUV’s, making travelling around town easy and luxurious.
  8. 8. PORTABLE CHARGERS Number 4
  9. 9. PORTABLE CHARGERS How often are you searching for an outlet, or missing calls because your phone is dead? Don’t let a battery stop you from getting work done! Using portable power sources like myCharge, From cases that keep your phone charged all day, to a plug in device, you’ll never have a dead batter again.
  10. 10. WEB CONFERENCING Number Five
  11. 11. WEB CONFERENCING Have you tried to video call your clients or team members? Having virtual meetings makes it easier for people to organize to meet at a specific time and allows them to do it from the comfort of their home. Easy to connect, plus with benefit options of sharing screens and documents.
  12. 12. HOOTSUITE Number Six
  13. 13. HOOTSUITE Keeping up to date with social media can seem overpowering. Especially with the first key task of updating and managing more than one account. Easily manage Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn from one place and have the ease of pre schedule content. With Hootsuite, you can push the message out to different platforms at the same time, and have the convenience of pre- scheduling them so that you can spend more time booking appointments.
  14. 14. CLOUD STORAGE Number Seven
  15. 15. CLOUD STORAGE Saving documents, appointments and files to the cloud is not only safe, plus saves memory space on your computer, but allows you to access the information from anywhere. Using tools like Evernote and Dropbox allows you to create folders, store photos, audio and documents and share with clients and team members no matter where you are. If you have the programs downloaded on your phone or mobile app, you’ll be able to send files to clients even if you’re at the cottage.
  16. 16. KEYBOARD TABLETS Number Eight
  17. 17. KEYBOARD FOR TABLET To really take your business to a mobile level, you need to feel comfortable with working on a tablet. Attaching a keyboard to your iPad, gives you the familiar feel of working on a computer, but conveniently allows easier portability than laptops.
  18. 18. RE-FUND.COM Number Nine
  19. 19. RE-FUND.COM An easy way to get a refund back on your airport taxes from flight tickets! Advocating for you on behalf of cancelled or missed flights, to help you get some money back!
  20. 20. TECH ACCESSORIES Number Ten
  21. 21. TECH ACCESSORIES With all these tools, don’t let it compromise your outfit. With well designed and brand name accessories for your phones and tablets, you’ll look great no matter what tool you’re carrying!
  22. 22. Connect With Us! REMAXOA