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Open house - In a Real Estate sale


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Open House - An effective way to showcase your house for sale and get the best price

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Open house - In a Real Estate sale

  1. 1. 1How to Conduct an Effective “Open House”Presented By -Nirav Vakharia – Broker Owner @
  2. 2. What is an ??Open houses are a long-standing tradition in thesale of residential real estate to expose morepeople to a home put up for sale.Open houses are normally held on weekends tocapture more traffic because most people areoff work on weekends.A real estate agent often suggests to his clientsthat they open their home up for an openhouse if he thinks that inviting the public totour the home will help sell it.2
  3. 3. 6 Important Steps for an … Selecting the Right Property for openhouse Pre open house Preparations Marketing for More Visitors Unique Experience during site visit tothe customers Recall Value of your Brand andProperty Follow Up Mechanism for results3
  4. 4. Right Property for an .. It is critical to select the rightproperty for Open House.Rightly PricedProperty has to be in a well maintainedconditionClear Title and Papers of the propertyIn Demand Community / AreaSemi Furnished/Furnished propertiesget better results4
  5. 5. The Property We Selected…Exterior Elevation5
  6. 6. 6The Property We Selected …Garden Space6
  7. 7. 7The Property We Selected …Formal Living Room7
  8. 8. Preparations before the Getting the Property Ready & Presentable: Cleaning of the Property Watering of Green Areas Getting the Marketing tools ready: Flyers/Invitations/Brochures ( Design Centre) Open House Post Cards to invite neighbours Getting the Tools for a Unique Experience to theClients coming on site: Music system, Air Freshener, Candies,Refreshments, Water, Sitting arrangements8
  9. 9. Innovative Marketing for MoreVisitors to the …9 Go All Out !!!Target maximum triggers to attract and invite: Neighbours, Potential Buyers, PotentialSellers, BA Prospects, RE/MAX Affiliates Trigger 1: Print Media Target the Press medium with the bestresponse in your city for properties andmake your ADStand OUT !!
  10. 10. Innovative Marketing for MoreVisitors to the … Trigger 2: Web Presence Iconnect Listing Upload: First step to gaining Webadvantage. Slideshare: Face book:• Create a Face book Open House Event and Invitemaximum Friends– At least 1 week before the Open House & Keepposting on it daily to increase curiosity about it.• Pay and Promote Your Open House Event on FB•!/events/3510
  11. 11. Innovative Marketing for MoreVisitors to the …You Tube:Make a small video of couple of minutes outside theProperty for sale and upload it.Post the Video on Face book on your Wall as well asPage/Group and Tag as many people as you can. VIDEOS GO VIRAL !!!Our Open House Video Reached people as perour Face Book page statistics …Trigger 3: Email CampaignReach out to your database of past clients and leadsSeek support from RO for the same as wellAlso take up paid services for Mass Email Campaigns.
  12. 12. Innovative Marketing for MoreVisitors to the …12Trigger 4: RE/MAX NetworkInforming entire RE/MAX network about the open houseevent through BBM/FB/SMS/Emails/WhatsappInvite each BO personally withDesign Centre Brochure and get it pasted on thenotice board of their officePop by for a better feel good factor to other officesInvitation Card/Personal noteCollect Matching listings from other offices forsharing options to coming Clients.Trigger 5: Invitation to NeighbourhoodOpen House Invitation cards were distributed inbungalows in like wise societies in the neighborhood.Personal Invitation to the immediate neighbours
  13. 13. Design Center Invitation PostcardFrontBack13
  14. 14. Innovative Marketing for MoreVisitors to the …Open House Sign Trigger 6: Direction Signs/Open House Signs We missed doing this but realized later This is a very critical requirement for Open House Gives directions to the property Generates more visitors on busy roads Making this concept popular in India is something onlyRE/MAX can do.14
  15. 15. Unique Experience to Visitors ..Experience is all about senses:5 Basic Senses to be kept in Mind Visual: Prepare the property in such a way that it’s a greatfeeling to see the same.e.g. - Colourful Balloons, Bright Bed Sheets, Clean Premises Smell: Spray Air Freshener in the house for a better appeal Taste: We arranged Chocolates/ice creams and Cold mineralwater bottles for all visitors Sound: Have soft music playing in the back ground Touch: Let the customer touch and feel any thing in thehouse and have a first hand experience to his probable futureHome. Do Have proper seating arrangements in place. Brand your Property with RE/MAX Posters/Standee’s for overallcustomer awareness of OUR BRAND. We managed to touch all senses for a pleasant experience toour visitors.15
  16. 16. RE/MAX Branding & Visibility16
  17. 17. RE/MAX Branding & Visibility17
  18. 18. RE/MAX Branding & Visibility18
  19. 19. Recall Value of Brand & Property It is critical to build a recall value for:The PropertyThe Broker AssociateThe Broker Office Each and Every visitor was handed over aRealty Solutions envelope containing: Design Centre Brochure of the property Personal Note – thanking them for visiting Visiting cards with photo’s of BA and BO19
  20. 20. Design Center Brochure ..20
  21. 21. Follow Up Mechanism of Leads .. A visitors feedback form was filled for all who came whichcontained: Personal Details, Email, Mobile Source of Lead Basic Actual Need & Time in which they wish to buy On the Next day of Open House: Thank you email to all the visitors for visiting Thank you SMS to all the visitors21
  22. 22. Sign In Sheet for Visitors ..22
  23. 23. Cost v/s Results of …23Overall including all the mediums of advertisingand printing expenses, our total cost amounted toRs. 25000 approx.However we gained:Brand Awareness of great levelAnxiety and curiosity amongst neighboursBrand Recall to over 50 visitors who had aUnique and Pleasant Experience of seeing apropertyHopefully this transaction will be done andthis will get us future buyers and futureseller leads as well.
  24. 24. Heart Felt Thanks !! We would like to thank the following for thisSuccessful Open House: Regional Owners of RE/MAX MGM and entireRO team for their support/help and advice. TOM FERRY Coaching Manual Brian Buffini Coaching RE/MAX Design Centre for wonderfulmarketing tools RE/MAX Network of BO’s and BA’s ofAhmedabad Entire Team of BA’s and Admin ofRE/MAX Realty Solutions.24