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Networking in Nutshell


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Human are natural Networkers.. some are well versed in the skills for networking and some shy off or hide those. Thus limiting or stopping yourself to raise and grow more. Lets see few things which in a nutshell says how you can develop the habit of networking..

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Networking in Nutshell

  1. 1. Networking in a Nutshell
  2. 2. Building a habit of networking
  3. 3. • A positive practice essential to any professional in business •Especially in the real estate industry •Think networking a lifelong part of your job •Make effort to network on a regular basis •It is important to build your network and experience internally
  4. 4. Networking tools
  5. 5. •Participate as attendee or volunteer at industry events •Volunteering sets you apart, so make that a goal •Get involved in other non-industry groups by volunteering and being a leader. •Create a networking strategy on - who you want to meet and why
  6. 6. •Equally focus on networking within your own offices to seek out mentors and build relationships. •You have 15 chances to set up your own networking opportunities in a normal workweek, provide the perfect time to get together over breakfast, lunch or drinks
  7. 7. How to make a strong Personal Introduction
  8. 8. •Don’t keep talking about yourself with the new contact •Take the time to listen to what this person has to say •It helps build a more meaningful relationship •Take your mind off the immediate goal you are pursuing
  9. 9. •Shift your attention to broader objectives •This way you take a ton of pressure off of your interactions You get to “win” as you are meeting an achievable goal.
  10. 10. Be a successful “node” in the real estate industry
  11. 11. •Cultivate your relationships, as you want them to last •Do not press someone for a favored relationship •Do not disappear after it has been granted •It may tarnish your relationship-building reputation
  12. 12. •Take the long-term view on your career, so think about the reputation you want to establish in the industry •Build on how you can achieve it • Build your network •Cultivate your relationships for the long term
  13. 13. NETWORKING becomes your gold!! So, Keep Networking… Become the best Networker… Make your Network, your Net worth… -Thank you