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Leadership by Saloni Chopra

Who is a Leader? What are the traits of Leader? Types of leader...

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Leadership by Saloni Chopra

  1. 1. Who is a Leader ?A leader is a person who influences agroup of people, towards theachievement of a goal
  2. 2. What is Leadership ?Leadership is described as a process ofinfluence, in which one person canaid and support others in theaccomplishment of a common goal
  3. 3. Few Types of Leadership Style1. Autocratic : The Autocratic Leadersmakes decisions without reference toanyone else.
  4. 4. Few Types of Leadership Style1. Autocratic2. Democratic : The Democratic leader is aconsultative one and encourages decisionmaking from different perspectives .
  5. 5. Few Types of Leadership Style1. Autocratic2. Democratic3. Free Rain : Free Rain also known as DelegativeLeadership, is a type of leadership style in whichleaders are hands-off and allow group membersto make the decisions.
  6. 6. Few Types of Leadership Style1. Autocratic2. Democratic3. Free Rain4. Paternalistic: A Paternalistic leader makesdecisions, he/she may consult; The Leaderacts as a ‘father figure’.
  7. 7. The Ideal & PositiveLeadership Compass
  8. 8. InfluencerThe Success of aleader lies inInfluencing thebehavior of thehundreds of peoplewho execute hisvision
  9. 9. PlanningA Leader make itto the top with theresult of carefulplanning, settingand hittinghundreds of smallgoals
  10. 10. Excellence evenUnder pressureA leader deliverseven under pressure,He has no choice heis the he is the faceof the organization
  11. 11. Set standardsThe quality of a goodleader is reflected inthe standards theyset for themselves
  12. 12. FocusA leader who wantsto win does notloose track of hisgoals and the focusis always the endresult
  13. 13. Integrity &ResponsibilityWhat you sow is whatyou reap…
  14. 14. Connectivity &CommunicationA Leader should be afew steps ahead of histeam but not too farfrom the team, to beable to understand andfollow him. He has tobe approachable.
  15. 15. These are the Qualities that aleader has…However, you need to havesoft skills to complete the IdealLeader Compass…………..
  16. 16. Importance of soft skillsSoft skills are increasinglybecoming the Hard skills oftoday’s work force…
  17. 17. JudgementEach person in ateam or an officehas the potential ofexcellence, it is theleaders job to helpthem achieve it.
  18. 18. ListeningListen to yourteam, respect theiropinion and try tounderstand whythis opinion wasformed
  19. 19. CourtesyIn any situation it isnecessary to behavepolitely, kindly andbenevolent with all yourcolleagues/subordinatesand clients.Treat people like youwant to be treated…
  20. 20. PrivacyKeep your personalbusiness to your selfand share what isnecessary of thevision to others.
  21. 21. LiteracyYou must speak andwrite withexcellence at alltime. Everysentence shouldhave substance
  22. 22. Appearance• Dress for success…• Look your best at alltimes…• What you wear givesa reflect into yourpersonality…
  23. 23. FeedbackGive back feedbackwhether positive ornegative, this keepsthe performance levelhighApplaud in Publicand correct inprivate
  24. 24. A Great Leader will sayImpossible is NothingImpossible is not a fact it is an opinionIt is not a Declaration, its a DareImpossible is TemporaryBut Possible is Permanent…
  25. 25. Thank you