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How secure is your data?


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Published in: Technology
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How secure is your data?

  1. 1. How secure is your data? ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  2. 2. Current Security Landscape“Take heed of Lockheed… theattackers are really smart and theirexploits are highly sophisticated” Art Coviello - RSA Breaches are increasing and becoming more frequent and more costly ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  3. 3. Rune background and pedigree Created by a team of security stalwarts to: “absolutely ensure that critically sensitive information does not get into the wrong hands” “develop an encryption technique that was simple to use and portable” Backed and supported by industry and government experts Deployed in hostile environments such as Afghanistan, Somalia and China ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  4. 4. What Does Rune Information Security Do? We don’t secure every potential vulnerability – we secure sensitive data that is important to you Ideal for small user groups who need to share sensitive data The user decides what data needs to be secured (not an enterprise-wide policy) Military-grade encryption made easy… • Using any portable USB device • Floating tool bar • Select it, Secure it ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  5. 5. User Groups requiring extra protection? Cyber-security teams – requiring higher than enterprise level data security Government & Military contractors – working with highly sensitive military/defense information Intra company secure comms – establish secure, encrypted channels with partners / 3rd parties Senior Management and Board Level communications R&D teams – clinical trials, international operations in countries like China Legal teams – attorney/client privilege ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  6. 6. Use Case - Executives on the move Senior executives travel a lot and work from anywhere The data they carry and share is usually sensitive Security sometimes takes 2nd place to productivity Executive Protection (personal) is a concern, but data protection is not? Airport Hotel Trusted circle of comms Partner office and data for Leadership Team anytime, anywhere Home office ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  7. 7. Use Case - intra-company data &communications Examples: Outside Counsel, Payroll Processor, Manufacturing Partner Rapid deployment (within 24 hours) Partner, Government, Consultant, Law Strong authentication and control Firm, Customer, etc. Minimal set-up between parties Military-grade encryption – for data at rest and in motion Easy to use Secure data transfer Establish secure Client company-to-company company communications within hours ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  8. 8. Customer Use Cases Government & Military teams keep operational directives secure in hostile areas Board Level projects and communications Executives travelling to high risk countries with sensitive company data ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  9. 9. Easy deployment and flexible managementmodel 1 USB device per user Small number of users and/or groups No management required Deployed in hours (monthly or annual) USB devices provided or software Multiple users and groups Client (or 3rd party) chooses to manage Deployed in days ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  10. 10. Easy Deployment & Pricing Model Define your user groups Ship devices (or download software) to users Load application and go From $300 to $1,500 per user per year Annual or monthly service Managed Service or client-owned ENCRYPTION MADE EASY
  11. 11. For More Information Contact Us Rune Information Security Rob Levey, VP North America Phone: +1 978-996-2758 Email: Web: ENCRYPTION MADE EASY