Tales of Things and Electronic Memory and other stories


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Presentation by Jane MacDonald, Tales of Things, o

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Tales of Things and Electronic Memory and other stories

  1. 1. TOTeMTales of Things and Electronic Memoryand other storiesJane Macdonald
  2. 2. Tales of ThingsPartners:University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh College of Art)University College LondonBrunel UniversityUniversity of DundeeUniversity of SalfordFunded by the Digital Economy Research Councils UK
  3. 3. Spimes“Spimes” are objects that can be tracked through space and time, andthroughout their lifetime. Spimes are regarded as “materialinstantiations of an immaterial system, they’re virtual objects first andactual objects second”, which “begin and end as data”-Bruce Sterling, Shaping Things (2005)
  4. 4. Social Things
  5. 5. www.talesofthings.com
  6. 6. Wester Hailes, Edinburgh
  7. 7. Oxfam
  8. 8. Oxfam Shelflife
  9. 9. National Museum of Scotland
  10. 10. Aims1. Provide additional content on the objects using primary material and rich media2. Encourage the public to add their own story to artefacts in the museum, thus extending the museum’s collection through a growing archive of personal stories
  11. 11. New TownCumbernauld
  12. 12. NMS Memory Booth
  13. 13. Singer SewingMachine
  14. 14. DancingShoe
  15. 15. Object Cinema / Thingema
  16. 16. Memory Mix
  17. 17. Housewives of Tomorrow, 1951
  18. 18. Lessons learnt- QR codes not ideal and not marketed enough in the museum- Asking too much of people in the gallery, downloading app- Outside of the workshop scenarios visitors were not so keen onsharing stories and don’t value their own memories enough- Lack of wifi an issue in museums- Objects themselves a powerful way to elicit stories and narrative
  19. 19. National Museum of Rural Life
  20. 20. Travelling Treasures
  21. 21. Thank you!jane.macdonald@ed.ac.uk@talesofthings