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Achariya bus-booking-engine


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Achariya has taken this a step further by enhancing the impact and effectiveness of Bus Booking Engine while keeping a keen eye on its business aspects. We have got on-board India’s major bus operators, giving us the capability to cover over 60,000 routes in India.

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Achariya bus-booking-engine

  2. 2. 7 9 ‘ . I lndustr Overview W I. I i . . T In India, one of the major modes of transportation is bus and nowadays, with better roads, online bus ticket booking and international standard buses — road travel has become convenient like never before. As flight rates are high and train tickets need to be booked well in advance, . o travelers prefer to look for bus ticket availability online. I. : V r V“ ‘ . . 1*‘ * - 5 ‘'1 '3 ’A' ‘_ , 7‘ Wide usage of internet, rising income, online bus ticket search and ‘$4 booking, growth in low cost carriers have further added to the growth of ' ' online bus booking market in India. '4 i 3‘ ‘ - '1 ‘. - 1 51-1 3 A O
  3. 3. ll. ‘l. IZ: l,CS'l? l.“*"’ / iitalflsls A L 600 Mn Passenger Growth Bus Market / Rs.60,000 Cum Rs-80.000 Cr 450 Mn ‘ Rs.45,000 era 4 — Rs.6o, ooo cr 300 Mn Rs.30,000 Cr} q _ Rs.40,000 Cr 150 M _1 n Rs.15,000 ci—F —I 4 — Rs.20,000 Cr OM“ R5_o cr __l: JjRs. OCr 2012 I Bus Passengers 2025 2012 2025 N0 of Buses T Bus Market Size - Improvement of Road Infrastructure with over 50,000 I<m of National Highways being 4/6 lined. Of this 17,764 km has already been completed, 14,280 km is under implementation, and a further 17,215 km is planned. in -The target customers for the bus travel industry is rapidly growing on an exponential rate.
  4. 4. s ,1 yet njl‘ If ié Nowadays the process of booking an inter—city bus ticket is fairly simple. The booking can be done using a phone call or by using Internet and the whole process takes only minutes. Similar is the case with airline ticket booking. Online bus ticket booking has revolutionized the industry in various ways such as: V Real-time seat availability. V Transparent ticket pricing. V Allowing the customer to choose their seat. V Instant refunds & cancellations. V Improving fleet management for bus operators. V Fewer empty seats — leading to better cash flow for bus operators.
  5. 5. 3 : c:I<”r‘i, g Erlgriie Achariya provides tailor-made solutions to Portal Owners & companies who wish to be a part of the booming travel industry, by helping them make use of the idea of Bus Booking Business. Having spent more than a year in‘R&D, our Engineers and Business Research Departments have perfecteda platform that is better than existing ones in the market. Our bus booking engine is powered by a set of high utility features that allow users to manage bookings, client data, create reports and translate the booking system without touching a line of code. 1500+ bus operators and over 60,000+ routes along with cab service. SMS & Email tickets will be sent to the customer. Lowest Fare G ua ra nteed.
  6. 6. Travel Industry's First N. Bus Booking ax xx We are one of the swiftly progressing bus booking pl India. Our association with top bus operators in the su ~—» continent has helped many a travelers to reach their corresponding destinations safely and in time. We are adding . . new operators to our inventory so that we could offer more destinations through our portal. YES, WE MADE IT! Now add full fledged bus booking service in less than 48 hours and present this attractive solution to "N" number of customers. Make the maximum out of your earning potential. Give the option to your customers to resell the solution as their own brand.
  7. 7. Easy to use Booking Flow Our bus booking engine helps you booktickets in just3 steps because ofour unique user- friendly GUI which enables a hassle free booking. AJAX Easy -0 Confirmed in Navigation navigation '7“ Just3easy eliminates with On -‘>7 _ PK‘? steps reloading Screen Pop- browser ups
  8. 8. Easy Booking Flow Book Your Bus . ( _ ’ on-nn. .u-- VhnnI| - nuiunr than not. .. S1arllngFmm u. ... ... n. _». ... ., ... ... em. .. . ... .. y-. . Agra enema‘ —-~ . mo-mu-i 2 mm 1I: IlIh)~ ex--n t us. oo = u. .. __. _-. .—. i _, _ V _ _ _ _ V _ _ _ . ._. i.. .. . i.. .¢iiam. :.— 11,111,, _. i.. ... ... .._ __ oaueauoumey Dale oinemm (Optional) 25-12-2015 l i ' I . ... .». ... ..-. ... ye. .- . ._. . e. .. . » | l*levNArv= r u .9. u. ... ,.. ..- e. .. u. .. | /1K(‘b4DDtl&]hA7‘YD-:1 Uilvl l: Il‘| liLu10lr‘u L: ..-. ni>: iiipiiiiu‘ ‘Z[l. R,MEiI‘Z Select the bus, seat and enter the nonunion —~ Trlvnntum . . . . . ... ... W. .. . ... ... .. . . details IIJV-lull no. .. no-n w. ... e.~. . Innerv- u. ..r. . ; (325001. . ;.. e.. .i. I ». ii. .ei. u -~—--- 2
  9. 9. Travelllngbate ~I Fror“ 04/12/1015 '0 11/iyzms CONFIRM ~l mavens ~‘ -'1 , — I" «bar -c phat ifill at 4 4, I4, I l I ‘i j . ,5-. . . ,u»‘. «- 9 1 & Track & Manage all your bookings through a well organized Transaction Manager. View Passenger Details seem ML] eniies Seav: 'i — “°°”"”" °"""°' °""""" ‘""‘ M 1'3"“ "" 5”“ 360° 3600 Overview of Booking - owioaszo Agra —. Jodluar cavxvar 31—Dec zovs zszo-so ‘_ :3 e. 1' 0.. .. DETAILS View Earned Commission , , fitllllllll Nllldu TIIVOII BUS DETAILS u: ~ >‘«C$1e'Sesce' 2.i FA§ENGER DETAILS — -) «man we “"‘“"““ Single & Multiple Cancellation On 04 Dec zois OnO5De< 2o‘s °°W"L°"° “E99” aouaing Point N’I"V)'C’vZIr( M31; iiaga-oea an H3331; DOWNLOAD ncxsrs — CANCEL aooxms v. Download Tickets & Receipts / ‘ ACHARI‘/ A
  10. 10. Self Markup All users can set a Markup for themselves. So that whenever a user make a search in the system, thefares will appear with that Markup added on top ofthe bus fare. This feature is to meet the operational functions in a travel agent level. fi HaaYcuCmKaq: aMI| uplioYandf. SoWhu1avu'YmMdwaSaud1tha1tf‘u MlluphnuflWIhakfladmTq)oftl'aB. IFuai1fl'u%dIFlQl.
  11. 11. Instant Markup A user can still add additional amount as Instant Markup according to the demand of the ticket. This is a revenue generating process beneficial for the end travel agent. Search Resuns Bangaloro -) Trivandrurn < wo¢nmay,1s«ooe-2015 > D Travels V 8 Bus Type V I Boarding V 0 Departure Time V O Dropping V (9 Arrival Time V € Price V Operator 9 Departure 9 Arrival 9 Durallorl 9 Seal! 9 Fare A I I K-'’-" C] 04115 PM ' 07130 8"‘ 15:15 Hrs kg 3150818 Q 7 I 00 Emarmumunniup Non NC Semi Sleeper (2+2) D 9 0 Enter Amount ‘ © *0 W, A1 ‘n-uni: Q] 04:00 pm - 07:45 am 15:45 Hm x -8011: Q 150_ : Non NC semi sleeper (2+2) L 090
  12. 12. Qilick : L?Ifi2:j30i"IZ 8-. SUPPORT TICKETS Easily communicate with Administrator through Integrated Ticket System 'I Selvlce ouaniiiy Wallet Wallet c Pa/ merit Method : cici to icici Trarsler—1’IED05UD01UE uaie o1Fayment Message Instructions . .i-. ii. iial Anieiiiii {wooed iooono veui Bank Accmml Name Bank Reference NIIMDEI UPDATE PAYMENTS Easy Payment Update Form from Website & Mobile DIII 05/01I20I5I II II IJAM ; ' _ _, smile Proceaslrlfi services e. ... i., i. ... ... 8 I Wallet 6 moon i. -.i. ia. ... ... Wu am. .. i. ... ... , am. .. Wallet 0 10000 Wallet 0 50000 4 ACHARIVA . . .3
  13. 13. fir-I IirI-I —: Hindi E Urdu E Bengali Marathi I T Gujarati Kannada I '. "|F‘. | '! r‘: u:i P? , ,1n‘jri - I 2.510‘ T Malayalam Persian ? > Nepali E Punjabi Tamil so Telugu ACHARIVA
  14. 14. Easy BZB Managerrient Manage all your B2B customers easily through our platform We support 5 levels of User Management { User—Direct Client { RetaiIers— Agents / / { Resellers — Wholesalers / { Distributofi — Franchisee etai| ers — Franchisee’s Agents 1 Pre-login option for effective troubleshooting Detailed Sales Overview Credit or Debfl Balance Complete Usage Statics with Charts Make Unlimited Users, Retailers, Distributors & , Resellers
  15. 15. System Architecture Travel Industry's First N-Level Ready Made Booking Engine. Our N-Tier System Architecture allows you to create resellers upto any Level. Sub-Retailer Continues up to Nth Leve| ... . Q
  16. 16. Customer Management Manage all types of Customers effectively through an easy Customer Management Portal Q Easy & QuIcI( Customer Management System V TraCI( / Export all y0Ur tran$aCtI0nS vi Pre—| ogin option for effective troubleshooting " EBSY & Quick Credit Management V Add New Customers quickly v Detailed Sales Overview I DaslIBoard I Managecuslomers ‘ ManageReI: lIarges I ManageLorIgcodes ManageF| igM I Branding I Settings MarketingTooIs I supponceniar J. .t. iIil.3.&l: :.‘i II Users Resellers Retailers Distributors Sub Retailers Move Customers Add customers Transactions CreditsIDeoits Sales overview Search By: LISKIIIAVIL‘ J3: ILJi‘. .1riL'Ii'Jt. L‘ Sums: E st Uaernune Name Phone Email Actions 1 raIalest2[35772] rajaiesrz 9a9a929ol2 argigagaeascwtcom 2 2 ralaieim I 35171] rajaieim 9879897691 -rpsi@ngaem. wi. eom 2 3 iiseruia I 35768] userra]a 9890887086 nlgk@giIlI'. I.0om I 4 aiairlninorarnia 1 357341 amrininoaraia 9719233719 imigumcom I 5 d| st1|b| rIor2rIjI[35753] dlstrlbinofzmjl 9030979093 og1a@aa9lc. oorn 2
  17. 17. New Users l u, si. Uurnlme 1 jnbinauuz - u. ,. lI"‘A“. l-“" si. Unmllne Subjeci 1 Ielallev Sales Enquiry 2 Ielallev ammg Enquiry 3 Ielallev Sales Enquiry 3‘ New Resellers jcbinauuz one 2|/ Oi/2014 92 54 na PM 21/01/2014 oz 54 03 PM 2|/ Oi/2014 92 53 55 PM L l Ll A 3 Users Online 231 Amount 3190 . - 7 an l 5|. Uumlml 1 ilihureseller 2 dlslnbulnraraja l 3 user 4iiI[A. * ‘‘; ‘»‘l‘‘l 5; Today's Payments 1432343 . r. Bnnkidnlnc 5 ’ L 1' v ~11-1. JL smlee Qunnllty Amount Type Wallet 0 I Credit Wallet 0 10000 Credit Wallet 0 I Credit A Fully Loaded Dashboard gives you quick statistics and an Overview of Issues that needs your attention 4 ACHARIVA
  18. 18. Commission Management You can create multiple Commission Packages and can map to your down—| ine customers according to the commission thatyou receive from the up—line. CREAYE cunlwou PACKAGE UPDATE COMWSSION PACKAGE cnsnz PACKAGE mine UPDATE PACKAGE tune a Hnvmc-us: i1'i-camiuinnnnnnvniaivouw-n1na-uTnvu: OlliulIUlIIPiI: dIdtAS¢UC4dalIIICIIBIM$fi| JIdUAPIiiI: li in VAIIC-Il. hflI1'lu§-’lqfifl'I1(lkIE: *H"IuPltqpl'hL Panpsanunnnanamavnuuuuqpuuunavnuvusann Pawns-usumsuoicawmbdut sa-aruiqnam l VBWDBGII Paw-M-m Golden Packaqe You can define the sharing ratio. (iuilkilllilhl Vulflalllnlxm Configure 4% 5 = Commission P_Mm_Fm 35‘: 4% sasvmaaizi 2‘: 3 ‘a
  19. 19. Cancellation Charges cancellation Sorvieo Charge E YmnIuetfl| a|zI: dIi‘nIIavinadIIpal| ua.111adIIpaclibaIidIdila vdinanpuuulvvdin. . Absohie I’: I Pucuiiqe Caiedaiimchage UPDATE Cancellation Service Charge of Distributor Add Cancellation Service Charge, additional to the actual cancellation charge and thereby generate income when a booking is cancelled. Q.
  20. 20. Auto Credit PROFIIF CREDITS CRFDITORDFBIT Auro C REDIT SERWCES PAYMENTS ncxns COMMISSION RESHPASSWCIRD Auto Credit Wallet Limit ml Auto creaiiwalleuunaunl (7) Please Enlble Miocndn from semniis .7 some: Selim In order io nun uslnii mi: ieaiure Auto Credit is very useful feature for those who are always not available to add credits into their customer's wallet. If Auto Credit is enabled in a reseller/ distributor/ user/ retailer account then their ”Wa| |et” will get auto updated with an amount specified by you when their balance goes below than a specified amount set by you.
  21. 21. Muiiziple li*icome Sources All our products and technology are designed and developed to ensure stable and multiple income sources for our partners. Only a perfect and unique product can bring stable income for long and give quick ROI. Get Define your Resel: Get Se” franchisee own Mark up °°| mp_ “E d Registration XML & i5oN royalty and maximize 5° ”t'°" an / Entry fee Ap| & earn charges your income Far" huge from agents more income UL“ ‘ §y 6’ rrr MIM-
  22. 22. tel i IE'»Si“.22§3I'i'Iefit Create Resellers with different level restrictions l l NO RESELLERS FIRST LEVEL UNLIMITED Your Customer Can't Your customer can appoint Your customer can appoint a|0P0lnt any resellers only one level of resellers, under them. unlimited resellers under them. their reseller further can't Further their resellers can also appoint any number of resellers upto any level. make any resellers.
  23. 23. Available in El“! ffltiiiaiiu wlchlriw filchirlll I '-1 ?471819.08 Change Theme with 2 Clicks ~i. ... ... .., ... ... .n. .-
  24. 24. Support Centre SUPPORT TICKETS PAYMENT REQUESTS Integrated Online Ticketing System for Approve your Customers Credit Request in Effective Customer Support Just 3 Clicks Dash Board Manna: customers Manage Recharaes Man-ID: Lonueoaes ‘ Manawe riiaht Brandlllfi semncis Marxetina Tools support center I Q 8- 8. Plylnem Hhinry CoriIli: IMI1rix stnveyneport : Ticket id/ Transaction Id Rlbld Ulof Berni (35650) 02DIl20|5D5:0l: ‘I9 PM IIuIiuu1(!5l1l) u2InII2nI5o2:I7:1oPM IIIVHSBIYI) 0ZDIEOI502:II: Z7PM
  25. 25. 100% WHITE LABELLED SOLUTIONS You can customize your control panel & website as your wish. You can upload your own company logo, contents and also make changes according to your needs. Full Administration privilege will be yours. I All our Services are 100% white labeled. Our Company Name or back links will never display on your website. Change Theme — 12+ Color Themes Available Upload Your Company Logo JQuery Slider Show (Supports upto 4 images) 15+ Content Filled Pages with Easy Customization Options to Edit Site Title, Meta Tags & Descriptions of each Pages Advanced HTMLWYSIWYG editorfor editing your Images & Pages Update your own contents in the Selling Page Option to Show or Hide each page Edit Side Menu Content with Show or Hide Option Change Layout ofthe Side Menu (Right & Left) Option to Edit Header & Footer Add your own Metatags, Keywords & Site Description for SEO Option to configure Logout Re—direction URL : -i—. ... .aui. .-. ..nm. -
  26. 26. lII". ,l. ‘t. i‘. IT. filI_l3l‘. Iigi’. -I in I T) SUPPORT CENTER Search the knowledge baseI Knowledge Base it Bulk SMS it General Questions & Overview ‘ How to book a Bus Ticket? (2397 views) T How do I set Commission? (2383 views) ‘ How can I set Markup? (2491 views) Weloorne. guest Logln | Sgnug Comprehensive Searchable Knowledge Base for Quick & Detailed References ‘ . ACHARIVA u: .m_. JE
  27. 27. Resellers have the option to turn ON/ OFF TDS and Service Tax according to the customers wish while selling the paneL Features / Generate & Upload TDS Certificates for your down line customers on monthly/ quarterly basis. / View TDS Reports of all your customers. / View/ Download yourTDS Reports.
  28. 28. IT l V @- l I ‘ 1 5 J 4‘ , aw MARKETING TOOLS Low Credit Search, Banner Pop—up‘s & SMS Announcements & Flash News PAYMENT OPTIONS Add Flexible Payment Options & New Services into the Panel SERVICE SETTINGS Define the default Services you would like to Resell further ALERT OPTIONS Customize the format of each outgoing SMS from your Panel EMAIL SETTINGS Configure your own SMTP account for authenticating outgoing e-mails EASY SERVICE MANAGEMENT Manage your customers service th rough easy Service Management 3‘*“‘“
  29. 29. Mid Office Management Managing your multiple booking offices and ticketing staffs are made easier with our mid office management module. V Can Create unlimited Ticket Booking Staff. V Can provide discrete privileges to the staff. V Can track your Ticketing staff's activities
  30. 30. No Coding Required Simple XML HTTP API We understand the difficulties of a developer for integrating Bus Booking Engine. Thus we made the entire process as much as simple with our AP| ’s, so you can relax while we do the complex coding. So with our Bus Booking Engine’s API, you can build your goodwill as an esteemed Bus service provider, providing par excellence services. _. Il. l.= .llWk«. .
  31. 31. I hL‘¢. .{« : .4 Fully Managed & Hosted Service We know and understand technology better, so you just focus only on your core business. 24x 7 White Labeled Call Centre You can rely on our 24 x 7 White Labeled Call Centre Support for Cancellations & Amendments. Even if the bus had to be cancelled at 2 am, our white labeled call centre service ensures round the clock services for your customers.
  32. 32. Some of our leading Bus Operators f _ travels vf . ..sufe service, courteous service -I-RANSPOR-I-S F ‘ Paulo v* - ~ - ‘ “i: }.: ‘I{imachaI Road Transport Corporation SHARMN _» -4; 95056’ @d? vs, I , . , N -27 A, |I, I,III, lI '€I, 'I. |._'/ l‘I§. Ix? ’ E%E£s'o? -§I'wu€sraVeI‘S‘ II; TRAVELS ‘I I I f'-‘ 3-? " "“-f-7"-'~' RAO TRAVELS vunvuuun nuvlu , ' —~ / /'[I 5 ’ Hlaha Laxmi Travels P rd n g e g-L‘-s ———-—. __/3“ Tours 8. Travels Travels Inma Ltd / ¢—- ‘Jar wl: _'g-5] | _n. |_| [_[ { _ 5 ; , ‘. ,’. '.‘. £‘. !£‘! '.‘‘. t‘. '’. .I'. ‘.‘. ‘.‘. ’.‘. ‘.§ . . "‘”"" -v+: ;~, -.», -*, r-v-, - ¢_‘7/"I)tlSI1mt>. SI1ll». a” ACHARIVA
  33. 33. Contact Us Registered Office AchariyaTechno Solutions India Pvt Ltd T. C 26/1340(1) Opp: SP Grand Days Hotel Panavilalunction Trivandrum—695 O01 Kerala, India K. +91 471 4242424 (100 Lines) Innovation Hub (R&D) AchariyaTechno Solutions India Pvt Ltd 3'“ & 4”‘ Floor T. C14/1727(5) Lakshmy Chambers Ganapathi Kovil Road, Vazhuthacaud Trivandrum, Kera| a,| ndia—695 014 K. +91 471 — 33 07 we (100 Lines) Mumbai Office Achariya Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd Office No 22,2nd Floor Om Heera Panna Mall Next to Oshiwara Police station Andheri West Mumbai—400 053 K. +91 22 — 55 32 33 33 (100 Lines) Cochin Office Achariya Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd B-11, 11"" Floor Heavenly Plaza Vazhakkala Kakkanad, Kochi Kera| a,| ndia—682021 S. +91 O484—4011778(10O Lines) New Delhi Office AchariyaTechno Solutions India Pvt Ltd D—185/lB, 2nd Floor Okhla Phase—1(Main Road) Ma Anandmayee Marg NewDe| hl: 110020 0.. +91 11-42 42 55 55 (100 Lines) Our Products www. sabkaa. com www. smsachariya. com www. smsa| ertbox. com www. teleclouddna. com _ www. |inkedin. com/ com pany/ ach ariya-tech no-so| utions-india—pvt—| td I n WWW-f3Ceb°°k-C0 m/3CI'|3TIV3teCI“1°5°IUtI°"5I @I”f°@3°I‘a'IVa"°'I" I www. smsachariya. com/ blog www. achariya. co. in Iii»: -7
  34. 34. You Celebrating 10 Years of Innovations! I Vwevttwtg/ I nnovafwvlxy