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Reiki and Astrology Predictions: Reiki and Astrology always a subject of discussion and people think to how much extent one can believe and have faith on it. Everything in this world is possible when we believe on that or we know it by our past learning's or experiences that it was achieved earlier. Researches and inventions are the result of the first thought clicked in human mind. Astrology came to existence when human tried to find other ways to know himself, if something is there which he don't knows. Human always does repeatative and different process in many occurrence if he don't get succeed. Sun is the source of the energy and it gives energy to the world equally. As we can see Sun gives energy to all, there are other planets which also affect human life in same manner. When human takes birth the planetary position of that time decides how the person will lead his life in future. If he will have faith in god or not. How the food habits, relationship his living style as well life style will be in future. Reiki is the positive energy which helps to reach positive intentions in our life. Now firstly, questions arises that if person never seen Reiki energy and rays of planets so how they can have faith on Reiki and Astrology.

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