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  1. 1. Reiki and Astrology Predictions REIKI: Reiki always helps to cure many physical and mental problems and gives spiritual strength to make life better. It is also helpful in relationship, love, married life, for jobs, educational life, professional etc. Reiki means “Rei” and “ki” Rei means the Universal energy and Ki is the Key of the Universal energy. Reiki is discovered by Dr. Mikao Usui, who searched about the unique energy source and after austerity of 21 days they discovered Reiki. There are three degrees in learning of Reiki. Reiki I Reiki II Reiki III (A and B) Reiki I: It starts learning process of Reiki by healing our self and others by touch. Reiki II: It starts Reiki healing from Distant place to anywhere in the world for any kind of problems. In second level with the help of some symbols Reiki can be send. Reiki III: It is the advance form of Reiki healing as well as person can teach to others Reiki practicing. Five Principles of Reiki. Only for today … I will live my life with attitude of gratitude. Reiki and Astrology Predictions
  2. 2. Reiki and Astrology Predictions Only for today … I will not worry about anything. Only for today … I will not be angry. Only for today … I will do my work with honesty Only for today … I will love and give respect to all. Reiki and Astrology Predictions