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Strategic Meetings Management the future of today?


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A new room-booking tool from Regus and Condeco could save businesses almost two hours a week in the time it takes to find and arrange external meeting rooms.

The easy-to-use software app allows companies to book rooms all over the world in minutes. Given that, at present, they can spend almost 2 hours phoning room providers, and managing and processing quotes,[1] the solution can save users a huge amount of time during the year.

The partnership between Regus, the world’s leading provider of flexible workspaces, and Condeco brings together Regus’s global network of workspaces and Condeco’s room-booking software. Businesses that find their own internal meeting rooms are already booked or not suitable can immediately access Regus’s network of more than 5,000 meeting rooms and 1,000 video communication facilities at over 1,200 business centres in 95 countries, courtesy of its partnership with Condeco.

The app lets users book space from their mobile phone or tablet when working on the move. The one-click system also removes the language barriers that staff may face when they try to book meeting space in a different country.

Simon Hunt, Global Product Director e-Trading at Regus, comments: “If you only book one external meeting room a week because your own meeting space is booked, you can spend an average of nearly two hours booking that room, according to BDRC.

“Add up the time savings from this new tool over the year, and it could save you around 90 hours annually - that’s around 12 working days a year that you could spend on more useful activities.”

Pervez Gibbs, Head of Marketing, UK and North America, Condeco, adds: “This exciting partnership between Condeco and Regus comes from both organisations’ understanding of how to help businesses operate more efficiently. The result is a product that will save businesses of all sizes many hours a year, and enable them to use their time better. By giving them greater clarity over their meeting room use and expenses, it will also help them track and control spending better – a valuable tool when every business is seeking greater efficiency.”

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Strategic Meetings Management the future of today?

  1. 1. Strategic Meetings Managementthe future today? May 2012
  2. 2. AgendaStrategic Meetings Management ChallengesGoal of Clinic – Introduce new solutionsWhy the solutions of today have benefits?The Solutions – Live DemonstrationQuestions & AnswersPlease ask questions as we go
  3. 3. Why people pursue Strategic MeetingsManagement Policies? Benchmark Meeting Program Impact Area of Impact Process automation 3% - 6.5% Cost Sourcing & Procurement 4.8% - 8% Cost Visibility & Control 2.4% - 5.5% Cost Compliance & Risk 1.6% - 5% Cost Meetings Effectiveness 0.5% - 5% Revenue & Benefit Total 12.3% - 30% Cost & Benefit
  4. 4. SMMP – Industry Trends How big is the pie?29% of internal driven by geocentric need58% of external driven by lack of internal Residential £99bn Non Residential68% of Hotel Meetings < 30 delegates non residential £24.8bn Source: Grass Roots Meetings Industry Report- Source: BDRC Starcite Study
  5. 5. Internal and External MeetingsWhy are they so painful? Can they be improved? Internal Meetings External Meetings Why? Internal Meetings Why? Other areas Internal Meetings Other areas 58% of external Monday & Friday Easy to access? 90% supply are 21st century Wifi? generated by lack too many internal hoteliers Can you book 21st century of internal rooms freely online? Lack of quality IT Re-Charging for That’s a high Tues-Thursday IPAD’s , IPhones Are they guarded No Online failure rate never enough vociferously? Inventory ~ Can you measure The Real Estate & whatsoever spend easily? Are support FM guys can’t win! services reliable? High cost High Can you consolidate Touch to phone & suppliers? Is there a pecking Book order to acquire Is the Meeting one? Are they in all Effectiveness financial centres? always there? And if you over run? Channels to book No automation, are high touch too measurement, Your clients are ~ HBA’s visibility or control late? Heavily utilised? Reality less than 30% High Amend & Cancel rate 30%+
  6. 6. Future Customer Demands – Merged Solutions • The whole unified Communications suite • Large Meetings • Instant Messaging Manage all • Small Meetings Integrate all • Audio Conferencing Meetings • Internal Meetings audio & visual • Video Conferencing • From any device into the meeting Integrate • No longer all the travel Look how • Skype Meetings to the meeting fast they are • Microsoft 360 • Book the meeting too! • Apple with travel moving Merge Incorporate Meetings into • Integrate Meetings • More Advanced & Flexible working “Your Own Workplace • Hot Desks, Day Offices • Less Secure Devices” Management
  7. 7. Why Condeco & Regus? Global Inventory 1200 Business Centres Access Regus through the Outlook scheduler connected to Regus Inventory Book Internal & external meeting rooms using the same DESKTOP systems 4,500 Meeting Rooms 38,000 Hot Desks 850 HD Video Rooms Drive compliance at the DESKTOP, all integrated into the Exchange or Notes server
  8. 8. Demonstration Include d Integrated into MS Exchange & Directories Desktop deployment for office based workers • Easy to use, now alleviates internal resource limits & related stress Web Services for mobile deployment • Extends control agenda by delivering a mobile working platform • Source / schedule solutions in real time • No reason for lack of compliance Condeco Scheduling
  9. 9. 4 Innovative Solutionsfrom Condeco & Regus Overflow to an outsourced meeting room & flexible workspace provider • No last minute panics • Consolidate Suppliers & gain leverage, we will show you this live today Strategic Meetings Management • Gain Visibility, Control & Save Alternative to Travel which helps drive Video Conferencing utilisation • Add 550 Video “City Pairs” & 850 destinations to your video network in one move Optimise real estate sq ft costs & Video Conferencing capital expenditure • Review Fixed Cost Infrastructure V Variable Cost “pay as you go” flexible working solutions
  10. 10. What’s Delivered Visibility Control Savings Visibility reporting by cost Control simple MS Real savings in your centre an usage type Outlook and web Fixed cost floor space booking service to drive and travel expense Reporting suite of standard & compliance budgets Bespoke Crystal reports Authorised & Permission To suit a Travel Managers based usage at the users Agenda, A Real Estate finger tips Agenda, a Workplace Directors Agenda Huge compliance as it’s a technology supported solution users can access easily
  11. 11. “Take control & save money on small meetings.” “Save 30% and switch fixedMeetings Manager “Enable a Video costs to variable costs.” 1st Policy today.” Finance Travel Manager “The right Real Estate portfolio efficiency.” Real Estate Key Benefits “Get visibility andconsolidate suppliers.” “Easy to deploy.” Procurement “The rooms you need, “Book by desktop, laptop, Stakeholder when & where tablet, simple to use & you need them.” peace of mind.” Meeting Host Meeting Booker
  12. 12. Next Steps The Regus module for Questions & Answers Condeco Meeting Rooms now Hot Desk & Day Offices & Video will be available in the next 30 days The upgrade is a 24 hour Software Lynda Lowe Release Upgrade Sales & Marketing Director The Regus Condeco Plus 25% off 121 Offer “Room Charges” Simon Hunt Vice President of Business Development
  13. 13. Step 1: User schedules an appointment andchecks for a meeting room through MS Outlook
  14. 14. Step 2: User finds a room with VC and selects this room
  15. 15. Step 3: User selects any additional VC end points andmeeting rooms and adds these rooms to the booking.
  16. 16. Step 4: User confirms meeting room and anyadditional resources
  17. 17. Step 5: User confirms the meeting and it saves intheir Outlook appointment diary
  18. 18. Step 6: User finds a room but there is no internal availability orthey have access, such as a Travel or Meetings Manager tobook an external room
  19. 19. Step 7: User carries out an external room searchby location into the Regus room inventory
  20. 20. Step 8: User is presented with external meeting roomoptions with pre-determined preferential rates
  21. 21. Step 9: User selects the available room to meettheir requirements
  22. 22. Step 10: User confirms their booking
  23. 23. Step 11: External room booking is confirmed, withouthaving to leave the Condeco system