Consulting family businesses                             effectively with Offices and                             Virtual ...
With a global network spanning550 cities and over 95 countries,we are the world’s largestprovider of flexible workspace.Re...
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Regus Case Study - Brooks Family Business


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Regus Case Study - Brooks Family Business

  1. 1. Consulting family businesses effectively with Offices and Virtual Offices. CLIE NT Currently operating in Vero Beach, Florida and Minneapolis, Minnesota, Brooks Family Business has been providing consulting services for family businesses since 1997. With a background in operations, strategic planning, acquisitions, and financial management, owner John Brooks has led his consulting practice with the assets to better serve family businesses across the country. Challenge As Brooks Family Business continues to expand into further territories, the need for“The biggest benefit for office space was imminent. But with current operations being heavily run out of Vero me was getting out of my Beach, Brooks required a solution that didn’t result in wasted costs. home office and into the business community and “In Minneapolis, I needed to sign a lease of at least a year. So I’m paying rent there, even when I’m in my office in Vero Beach,” said Brooks. meeting new people. I’m now better able to draw a Solution line between my work time In February 2012, Regus worked with Brooks providing an Office solution to establish at the office and family a business network in the Florida market. Brooks soon began taking advantage of a time when I’m at home.” Virtual Office solution, as well.John Brooks “The new Regus Office worked perfectly for me because I could basically show upOwner on day one and get to work,” Brooks said. “The location is very convenient, the staffBrooks Family Business is very helpful without being intrusive, and I was able to meet other business people in the area and begin building a local network.” Having the amenities of an Office and a Virtual Office has helped add credibility toConsulting business Brooks Family Business operating in Vero Beach. It has allowed Brooks to meetsince 1997 other advisers and consultants within the Regus Office who now serve as referrals for new clients as well as collaborators with his own business. In the fall of 2012, Brooks will transition back to an Office in Vero Beach and expand2 Regus Offices: his network with a Regus Office in Minneapolis. “That will save me quite a bit ofFlorida and Minnesota money,” Brooks said. 1200 locations | 550 cities | 95 countries
  2. 2. With a global network spanning550 cities and over 95 countries,we are the world’s largestprovider of flexible workspace.Regus workplace solutions is dedicated to helping global organizations realize thefull potential offered by alternative working models. In short, we help enable radicaltransformations in the way organizations do business.With a global network spanning 550 cities and over 95 countries, we are the world’slargest provider of innovative workplace solutions. And by tailoring these solutionsto our customers’ needs, we enable them to grow revenues, reduce costs, increaseprofitability, become more agile, and provide great working environments for theirpeople.The world of business is changing, and so are the ways businesses work. Organizationsare under pressure to do more than improve efficiency — they must increaseproductivity with fewer resources.With Regus you can... • Reduce infrastructure costs up to 60% and remove leases from your balance sheet • Establish an instant presence in new markets • Empower your people, reduce their commutes, and increase their productivity • Provide globally consistent standards for your distributed workforce • Create great working environments where your people can collaborate and work more effectively • Enable professional mobile working practices, wherever your people areThis is why most Fortune 500 and FTSE 500 businesses are Regus customers. 1200 locations | 550 cities | 95 countries