10 Major Trends In Commercial Real Estate Since 1950


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10 Major Trends In Commercial Real Estate Since 1950

  1. 1. CLICK TO EDIT MASTER TITLE STYLEGetREFM.com10 Trends In Commercial Real Estate Since 1950Copyright © 2013 by Real Estate Financial Modeling, LLC. All rights reserved.Property ownership: fragmented → more consolidated (REITs, pension fund allocation %s)Market information: scarce and asymmetric → less so due to broker research, paid databasesMarket liquidity: highly illiquid → less so due to REITs, MBS and CMBSBuilding environmental impact: who knows and who cares → we know and we careUrban parking ratios: minimums → maximumsUrban population % total population: growing!Information management / financial analysis: by hand (and gut) → by software (and gut)Developer community engagement: reactive → proactiveSources of equity: the 1% → the 99% (e.g., Fundrise after JOBS Act implementation)Office worker location: in the office → out of the office