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REFLESS PROJECT PARTNERS - Chamber of Commerce Nis 2

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REFLESS PROJECT PARTNERS - Chamber of Commerce Nis 2

  1. 1. DOING BUSINESS INTHE REGION OF NIŠ Regional Chamber of Economy Niš Monday, 23 May 2011
  2. 2. • 7861 km2• 642.000 inhabitants• 3 districts• 14 municipalities + the City of Niš (5 municipalities)• ~5800 companies• ~10 000 entrepreneurs (sole traders) 3
  3. 3. Foreign Exchange Export Import1,000 mil USD 800 mil USD 600 mil USD 400 mil USD 200 mil USD 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 4
  4. 4. France 50,059,360.25Montenegro 34,970,262.00Germany 33,344,996.10Italy 28,882,812.00Great Britain 27,994,343.00FYROM 26,327,006.19Bosnia and Herzegovina 24,887,654.00Spain 20,476,620.00Bulgaria 16,517,342.00Russia 13,736,146.00 5
  5. 5. Germany 64,496,402.00China 43,056,623.00Turkey 33,740,097.00Russia 32,530,553.00Italy 24,260,860.00France 16,278,200.00Hungary 15,036,614.00FYROM 14,395,833.00Poland 13,534,112.00Bulgaria 13,398,194.00 6
  6. 6. TIGAR TYRES, Pirot 171,519,042.13"DIN "FABRIKA DUVANA"AD NIS 26,181,747.00"PRVI MAJ" PIROT 11,550,415.00"MAKSI CO" ALEKSINAC 10,672,202.00"NISSAL" AD NIS 10,383,214.00"VULIC & VULIC" NIS 7,716,835.00"LISCA" BABUSNICA 4,949,739.00GRAMMER SYSTEM DOO 4,148,687.00SAM SON COMPANY,NIS 4,403,340.00 7
  7. 7. TIGAR TYRES, PIROT 94,785,326.00"DIN "FABRIKA DUVANA"AD NIS 69,385,614.00PAKOM DISTRIBUTION SYSTEM NIS 28,403,013.00SAM SON COMPANY,NIS 22,197,660.00GRAMMER SYSTEM DOO 10,497,681.00"VARVARIN VOCE"D.O.O. NIS 9,971,797.00ECO TRADE BG DOO,NIS 7,587,663.00"PRVI MAJ" PIROT 6,236,070.00MIN DIV SVRLJIG A.D. SVRLJIG 5,403,222.00"NISSAL" AD NIS 5,214,617.00AGROHIM D.O.O. NIS 4,445,796.00 8
  8. 8. Rubber,rubber products 174,054,366.13Boilers,machines,reactors,etc. 24,381,883.10Tobacco and tobacco replacement products 23,451,190.00Clothes and accessories other than knittedones 21,982,395.00Iron and steel 17,150,571.00Edible fruit;citric fruit rind,melon skin 15,606,488.00Iron and steel products 13,057,562.00Aluminium and aluminium products 10,915,751.00Electrical machines andequipment,parts,etc. 9,987,914.00Furniture,bedlinen,prefabricated houses 6,876,689.00Meat and edible meat products 5,025,543.00Rolling stock,mechanical signallingequipment,etc. 4,347,324.00Edible vegetables,roots and truffles 4,065,887.00
  9. 9. Boilers,machines,reactors,etc. 72,252,423.00Rubber,rubber products 55,283,030.00Electrical machines and equipment,parts,etc. 35,445,345.00Tobacco and tobacco replacement products 32,953,075.00Iron and steel products 22,093,437.00Paper,cardboard,paper products 19,757,450.00Water-proof textile fabrics,etc. 17,830,062.00Plastic materials,products thereof 16,334,864.00Inorganic chemical products 13,870,221.00Road vehicles,parts and accessories 13,666,491.00Iron and steel 11,861,435.00Man-made or synthetic fibres,cut 11,384,937.00Measuring,control,precise devices,etc. 9,863,147.00Aluminium and aluminium products 7,910,755.00Furniture,bedlinen,prefabricated houses 6,735,348.00Mineral fuels,oils and waxes,bituminous materials 5,835,894.00Fish, crustaceans, mollusks and otherinvertebrates 5,149,732.00Different chemical products 4,808,897.00Chemical organic products 4,182,621.00
  10. 10. • Textile cluster• Construction cluster Dunđer• Construction cluster Opeka-Brick• Organic food cluster Agro-Bio• Start up cluster association• Cluster initiative Cheese cluster• IT cluster initiative• Recycle cluster Jug• Nis – – Founded in 2005 – 14 production tenants – 14 new BIC production members + 10 new BIC IT members• Prokuplje – Founded in 2007 – Active participation in LED 11
  11. 11. • 1935 A workshop for production of rubber products and all sorts of rubber footwear was founded and named Tigar• 1959 The Tire Plant is finished and put in operation• 2001 Tigar and Michelin Europe decide to create Joint Company• 2003 Tigar MH, Joint Venture Company is established by three partners (Tigar - Michelin - IFC)• 2007 Tigar MH change the name in Tigar Tyres• Michelin became sole owner of TigarTyres• 2,500 employees Tigar Production Entities Tigar Sales Entities • Rubber footwear (protective, sport..) • Tigar Trade – since 1935 • Tigar Europe • Technical rubber • Tigar Americas – 300 employees • Tigar Trade, Tigar Partner, • Chemical products Tigar Montenegro – Since 1937 Tigar Services Entities – 100 employees 12
  12. 12. • Since 1998• 17 hectares, with the extention possibility up to 50• Industrial park• Logistic centre• Business incubator• Total capacities: 650.000 m2• Capacities for rent: 170.000 m2• Outside arranged capacities: 103.181 m2• Inside capacities: 2.597 m2• Business capacities: 300 m2• Warehouse capacities: outside 3.000 m2, inside 14.516 m2 • 800+ Mil $US Investments in technology, products and people • 11+ Mil $US Investments in local community • 50% market share • 950 employees in Serbia • 26,000 sales points • 1 Billion $US for Serbian Budget • 142 Mil $US for local suppliers • Scholarships, student grants, entrepreneur support, cultural and art events … 13
  13. 13. • Six companies: Pakom Computers, Pakom Distribution System, Pakom Solution Center, Pakom Internet, Pakom Montenegro, Pakom BH• Total business solutions: hardware, network, software, Internet• Highly educated Human Resources, customer driven outsourcing opportunities, multiple language choices• Leading edge technologies in: City-wide parking billing systems (SMS4Parking), Hotel business solutions (Hi-MS), Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (MS DYNAMICS NAV) • Cables for automotive industry • No.1 in Europe (24% market share) • No. 4 in World (9% market share) 14
  14. 14. • Part of GRAMMER Group• Over 500 employees• Car seats materials and car seats for BMW, Mercedes, VW, Opel..• Part of the Messer group• Industrial, medical and special gases• Oxygen, nitrogen, argon, helium inert welding gases etc 15
  15. 15. • 60 years of tradition• Since 2006 part of Pionir group• Chocolate, candies, candy fruit, fruit jam…• Frequent presence on food fair exibitions• 300 employees• Founded in 1990• Production of natural, low-mineral water• Export to Germany, Swiss, Austria, USA..• Spa tourism potentials 16
  16. 16. • Road building, (re)constructions• Sport courts constructions• Founded in 1957• 250 employees• Partners network: PZP Niš, PZP Kragujevac, PZP Vranje, NIBENS group • Half a century tradition • Largest aluminum manufacturer • 800 employees • Processing bars, tubes, profiles • Constructions such as doors, windows, portals, facades • Accessories - products for public places, kiosks, billboards, fences, solar collectors, irrigation tubes 17
  17. 17. • Founded 1923• Privatized 2005• Wood and metal protection and preservation agents• House internal and external coloring with protection • 120 years of tradition • 6,000 production workers • Potential capacity growth • PRVI MAJ PIROT Male suits, 50,000 unit per month • NITEX NIŠ Home textile, Wear products, Protective Clothing program • MANIFATTURA EUROPEA Wear products female costumes, 15,000 units per month 18
  18. 18. 10 years tax-freeAttractive subsidies and taxesduty-free export to RussianmarketAttractive free trade agreements, subsidies and taxes5 days to open a companyImproved official procedures and contacts with localadministrationhighly skilled workforceUniversity, secondary school network, industrialtradition and competitive labor costs 19
  19. 19. University, secondary school network, industrial traditionand competitive labor costs Based on educational system generating well-educated, fast learning, multilingual and IT literate people Technical education is particularly strong Well developed secondary school network providing qualified labor Thirteen faculties at the University of Niš, • founded in 1965 • employ 1.502 teachers and lecturers • the number of graduates from the University of Niš since its foundation exceeds 41.000 students • 1.085 doctoral theses Industrial tradition – former Yugoslavia Industrial center (electronics and mechanical engineering industry, textile, construction, tobacco) 20
  20. 20. INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT CONSTANTINE THE GREAT The contract on the European Common Aviation Area (ECAA) came into effect in Serbia in 2009. Inflow of passengers from neighboring areas owing to the quick and efficient road and railway access to the Airport. Airport Constantine the Great generates enormous investment potential (Cargo Center...). 21
  21. 21. General Government support to investments inproduction, services and R&DAttractive free trade agreements, subsidies and taxesTax deduction of local Governments, tax-freegreenfield and brownfield locationsLogistics, excellent market accessibility, Corridors X andVII and International Airport Constantine the GreatHighly educated and motivated workforceUniversity, secondary school network, industrialtradition and competitive labor costsCrossroad between WestearnEurope, Middle East and RussiaDuty-free agreements with CEFTA, Russia, USANumerous investment locations and projects 22
  22. 22. The City of Niš Regional Chamber of Economy Niš7. Juli 2 Dobrička 218000 Niš 18000 Ništ: +381 18 504 411 t: +381 18 510 999f: +381 18 504 545 f: +381 18 255 472e: e: rpknis@rpknis.rsw: w: 23