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REFLESS Project - Ian McCall

TEMPUS project "Reforming Foreign Language Studies in Serbia", Working visit to University of Southampton

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REFLESS Project - Ian McCall

  1. 1. Modern Languages at Southampton Dr Ian McCall
  2. 2. Modern Languages -Undergraduate Programmes● Programmes ○ Single Honours ○ Combined Honours (with ML, outside ML) ○ 3 Languages Degree Four Year programmes (Year Abroad) Three Year programmes
  3. 3. Modern Languages – course structures● 8 modules per year● 2 semesters● Contact hours / workload per module● Lectures, seminars, tutorials, online study
  4. 4. Modern Languages – curriculum● Language modules● Linguistics modules ○ ‘The Making of Modern French’ ○ ‘Applications of Linguistics’● Socio-historical modules ○ ‘Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité’ ○ ‘Ethnography for Language Learners’● Cultural studies modules ○ ‘Modern French Culture’ ○ ‘Reading Culture’
  5. 5. Modern Languages – Year Abroad● ERASMUS exchanges / University Exchanges● Language Assistants● Work Placements● Non-EU placements & exchanges (Mexico, Chile, Brazil, Canada, Switzerland)● Projects
  6. 6. Supportive environment● Academic Advisors● Staff Office Hours● Communications (email, Blackboard, blogs)● Student reps● Specialist counselling● Student language societies● Pre-entry preparation
  7. 7. Opportunities – future careers● Employability Programme● Work experience opportunitiesYear AbroadStudent Ambassadors / AssociatesStudent MentorsVisit Day guides
  8. 8. Postgraduate Programmes Taught● MA programmes● Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching● Applied Linguistics (Research Methodology)● English Language Teaching● English Language Teaching (online)● Transnational Studies
  9. 9. Postgraduate Programmes Research● MRes ○ Linguistics (Language Acquisition) ○ Linguistics ( Syntax and Semantics) ○ Modern Languages● MPhil/PhD
  10. 10. Research at Southampton● Three Research Centres ○ Centre for Global Englishes ○ Centre for Transnational Studies ○ Centre for Applied Language Research● Top 2 in European Studies (RAE 2008)
  11. 11. Conferences● Sociolinguistics Symposium (Sept 2010)● Music and Migration (Oct 2009) nd● 2 International Conference on English as a Lingua Franca (April 2009)For your diaries! ● British Association for Applied Linguists (BAAL) September 2012.