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2018 Teeny Tiny Summit Presentations


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Speaker Presentations

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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2018 Teeny Tiny Summit Presentations

  1. 1. Tweed, Ontario June 14, 2018 #tts18
  2. 2. Katherine Sedgwick #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  3. 3. The Story Of The Little School That Could
  4. 4. “Downtown” Queensborough, Ont.
  5. 5. Madoc Township Public School: • Was opened in 1961, a central school replacing small rural schools in three townships. • Was Grades 1 to 8 initially; 50 years ago, it became K-6 as kids in Grades 7 and 8 were bused to Madoc Public School. • Has a tradition of academic excellence and making sure no kid slips through the cracks. • Is located in a splendid natural setting with…
  6. 6. A five-acre-plus playground
  7. 7. November 2016: the recommendation by the Hastings and Prince Edward District School Board • Close Madoc Township Public School and bus students to Madoc Public School for September 2017. • Move Grade 7 and 8 students from Madoc Public School to Centre Hastings Secondary School, creating a Grade 7-12 model, for September 2017.
  8. 8.
  9. 9. “I think we should stand up for our school, and for the sustainability of our rural way of life. It’s important. Let’s not give up without a fight.”
  10. 10. Photo courtesy of Shannon Binder Bray, The Tweed News
  11. 11. “It really comes down to how much noise you make.” Robin Hutcheon, chair, Rural Schools Matter, Stone Mills Township
  12. 12. “It goes to show the power of community.”
  13. 13. Telling Your Story: Some Tips • Get your story straight. Do your research. • Use all the tools, especially social media. • Detail and colour make your story engaging. • Use visuals. • Write about humans. • And…
  14. 14. • Support your local news media!
  15. 15. A storybook ending!
  16. 16. Katherine Sedgwick Meanwhile, at the Manse y/madoc-township-public-school/
  17. 17. Rachelle Hardesty #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  18. 18. SOCIAL MEDIA CHANNELS 2018 – Total of 26,356 Social Media Followers Municipality of Tweed – 18,200 likes Our Backyard Feast from Farm – 1,500 likes Emily Trudeau Splash Pad – 3,125 likes Stoco Lake – Fishing Tournament - 935 likes Instagram – 1,030 followers Twitter – 1,566 followers 2014 – 170 Facebook Followers Municipality of Tweed Population 6,044
  19. 19. 2017 Municipal Social Media Results ~ Redbrick Communications
  20. 20. CONTESTS
  21. 21. 288 Shares 544 Comments 2,000 Reactions
  22. 22. LIVE VIDEOS
  24. 24. 2015 Bay Of Quinte Social Media Award 2016 Hastings County Tourism Champion Of The Year Award 2017 Hastings County Farm To Table Event Of The Year
  25. 25.
  26. 26. Wendy Merkley #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  27. 27. Municipal-Volunteer Relationships A Journey of Patience, Persistence & Partnership pays off with a New Park Wendy Merkley Leeds & 1000 Islands Volunteer
  28. 28. Village Improvement • First Impressions – encouraged by Mayor • Fundraising Events – Many Volunteers • Build on the History • Walking Trails marked • Started in 2007 first Annual Rockport Harvest Fest • Explore/Apply Grants – OMAFRA & EODC 2008 • *Identify Customs Property Fenced Off – eyesore Township should acquire from the Federal Government
  29. 29. Key Activities • Township approved Village Improvement budget March 2009 • OMFRA grant approved March 2009 • Able to proceed with Heritage Lights through the village • Hired a part time Project Manager • Started Design of Logo, Village Brochures & Website • More Fundraising Events • Information Kiosks built • Landscaping main street flowerbeds • Friendship agreement with China spring 2009
  30. 30. Focus on History in Murals Bike Racks & Benches
  31. 31. Fundraising Events - Continue Dry Stone Wall Classess Fall Festivals
  32. 32. Celebration of Accomplishment from RED Grant Initiative Fall 2009  Appropriate development would be assured by municipal ownership  Even if undeveloped, the property would be a sound financial investment for the Township
  33. 33. Apply Political Pressure 2010 onwards • Made deputations to TLTI Council • Senator Runciman wrote to Border Services – Plans for the future of this Property • MP Brown work with Border Services and other • Historian Brian Phillips follow up with various Government departments • Public Meetings • Petition to Council to persuade them to buy it when it is offered • Provide vision of the future for this Property • Provide Historic Value of this Property
  34. 34. History & Heritage  Preserves and celebrates our rich heritage and provides a showcase for our history Heritage
  35. 35. Graphic Design of Potential Asset in Village
  36. 36. Keep Up the Pressure on Council- The Journey • Council Agrees If the Price is under a threshold They will make an offer • Council Requests Village Group to set up a Not For Profit Organization with mandate to assume responsibility for Fundraising to Restore the Property. Once done they will make an offer to purchase. • Council will lease property back to NFP Lease $1.00 per year and Township will hold liability insurance and pay Hydro • NFP oversee the restoration. First retain engineer and Council needs to agree with design from engineer • Council will contribute $100,000.00 to the project • NFP to find and apply for Grants • 5 year lease to complete the project
  37. 37. Where are we Today • Property Offered to the township in Oct 2016 • NFP established in April 2017 • Delay response to May 2017 to allow time for NFP to be established • Second Offer agreed in August 2017 for purchase of $1. • Title Search found not clear title in Sept 2017, needed Provincial release • NFP retained Engineering Firm in Oct 2017 and did Underwater video for Engineering needs (fundraising to cover costs) • NFP applied for Grants • Sales to Township Finalized March 20th 2018 • Leased to NFP Finalized April 10th 2018 • Official Kickoff April 21st on property with Thanks all around and donations.
  38. 38. Journey Continues April 21st Launch End of April 21st
  39. 39. June 1, 2018 • Stamped engineering drawings approved by Council of TLTI. • Bids are coming in on the various pieces of work • First fundraiser event held May 5 and many more planed • Work has already started. This will be the new jewel For Township of Leeds & 1000 Islands in Rockport Buttons for sale
  40. 40. Stephanie Sims #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  41. 41. Youth involvement in our communities Stephanie Sims
  42. 42. Thank you!
  43. 43. Jeff Mills & Sherryl Smith #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  44. 44. Citizens Building Community in Pakenham ON
  45. 45. Community Leadership • Mills Community Support – initiated and provided seed funds – 2016 • Small (5 person) hand-picked volunteer working group provided the grunt work • Used the WHO Age Friendly Communities Framework to focus discussion (Feb 2016) • Identified assets and keen community members to take action on issues identified through a series 3 of pot lucks/ community forums • Provided feedback to the community through a report
  46. 46. Age Friendly Community Framework that builds on existing community strength We asked seniors – “What are the important factors to consider so they can remain in and be a vital part of life in Pakenham?”
  47. 47. Our workplan Project/ Activity Lead person Partners Deadline dates Status- March 18 Pakenham Public School - Access to PHS afterhours – Municipal election issue Sherryl /Jeff MM /Recreation, UCDSB, Spring 2018 Invite broader reps to all Candidates MVFN/MVCA Water Festival Sherryl MVFN/MVCA/UCDSB/ River Institute etc Sept 26 2018 MVCA will take lead for MM Water Festival late Sept 2018 Housing Jeff 5 Arches ongoing Tenant Assoc. formed. Health/ community Services –Patient’s First system changes; Health Links merged Sherryl LHIN /sub regions/ health links May 14, 2018 Continue discussion of issues ‘Business Summit’ Vic Bode, Paddye Mann, Pakenham Business community, community leads identified Workplan implementation with leads Transportation Trail in Pakenham Jeff BG Jeff Active Transportation Ctt MM; Lanark County Work with Active transportation ctt re trail Cross walk in Pakenham in 2018 Mtg April ? crosswalk follow-up with Lanark Cnty Mtg with Ctt and Denzil to plan Library Seniors Speakers series-Tea and Talk Doris/Myrna/Sherryl Library staff Ongoing post March 31 Publicity, schedule new topics Bridging Generations BG Expand membership, plan for future Age Friendly Pakenham formal registration BG WHO, Health Canada process checklist completed Revised and updated April 2018
  48. 48. The Daisy Wheel model
  49. 49. Simple Process - Strong Impact • In 2 years we have – Initiated seniors speakers series at the Library Provided a 2 forums and a 1 day educational Water Ways event to raise awareness regarding water quality Advocated for and are developing a recreational trail Influenced health and community supports in the community Advocated for safe road crossings in the village Supported the local school Council re potential closure of the school Brought together the local business community to discuss a vibrant future for Pakenham
  50. 50. Our initial report issued March 31, 2016 Facebook page Sherryl Smith - Jeff Mills –
  51. 51. Peter Smith #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON
  52. 52. Creating our Future Teeny Tiny Summit 2018 June 2018 Tweed, ON
  53. 53. Establish a network – and ask who’s not here. THE STORY by George Agnew Reid
  54. 54. Blyth
  55. 55. where is your public place to gather?
  56. 56. Blyth Women’s Institute 1921
  57. 57. Opening Day 1921
  58. 58. Following the Creative Impulse
  59. 59. Fare on 4, 2014
  60. 60. $4.2M Renovation
  61. 61. Re-Opening Day: May 19,2017 Blyth Memorial CommunityHall
  62. 62. The Grant & MildredSparling Centre home of the Canadian Centre for RuralCreativity
  63. 63. Rural Talks to RuralConference (R2R2016)
  64. 64. Cowbell Brewing Company “Greener Pastures”
  65. 65. Goderich to Guelph RailTrail (G2G)
  66. 66. “We are the they we’ve been waiting for”
  67. 67. “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein
  68. 68. Peter Smith, Project Director peter@blyth1419.caThank you Please join us for R2R2018
  69. 69. Thank You! #tts18June 14th - Tweed, ON