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RECUWATT Conference - Arthur Gignoux lecture


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"Current Implementation of formula R1 in incineration plants" by Mr. Arthur Gignoux, SVDU (Syndicat national du traitment et de la Valorisation des Déchets Urbains et assimilés), France

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RECUWATT Conference - Arthur Gignoux lecture

  1. 1. Current Implementation of formula R1 in incineration plants : Regulation in France for measuring energy efficiency Arthur GIGNOUX Recuwatt Conference - Mataró - 24th March 2011 CONTENTS I) BRIEF PRESENTATION OF SVDU II) EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE Disposal / Recovery / R1 formula III) FRENCH REGULATION General Tax on Polluting Activities (TGAP) Ministerial decree 3rd August 2010 1
  2. 2. I) SVDU ‘Syndicat national du traitement et de la Valorisation des Déchets Urbains et assimilés’= French professional syndicate of treatment and recovery of municipal solid waste Members = operators of Waste-to-Energy plants in France www.incineration.orgII) EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC Waste hierarchy : (a) prevention; (b) preparing for re-use; (c) recycling; (d) other recovery, e.g. energy recovery; and (e) disposal. Annexe I : Disposal operationsD10 : Incineration on land Annexe II : Recovery operationsR1 : Use principally as a fuel or other means to generate energy (*) 2
  3. 3. EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2008/98/ECR1 includes incineration facilities with energy efficiency equalto or above: 0,60 for installations permitted before 1 January 2009, 0,65 for installations permitted after 31 December 2008, Ep − ( Ef + Ei)Energy efficiency = 0,97 × ( Ew + Ef ) Ep : annual energy produced as heat or electricity. Calculated with : electricity multiplied by 2,6 heat multiplied by 1,1 Ef : annual energy from fuels contributing to the production of steam Ew : annual energy contained in the treated waste Ei : annual energy imported excluding Ew and Ef 0,97 : factor accounting for energy losses EUROPEAN DIRECTIVE 2008/98/EC A guidance is being prepared for the implementation the R1 formula for municipal waste incinerators, to define : System boundaries Energy flows Qualification procedure and monitoring of compliance 3
  4. 4. III) FRENCH REGULATION General Tax on Polluting Activities (TGAP) was created by the French government in 2009, concerning, among others, landfill and waste incineration. For waste incineration, this tax is modulated according to 3 criteria : EMAS / ISO 14000 NOx emission < 80mg/Nm3 High energy efficiency : Formula result ≥ 0,60 for existing plants Formula result ≥ 0,65 for new plants With following formula : General Tax on Polluting Activities Pe = (2,6 × Ee. p + 1,1× Eth. p ) − (2,6 × Ee.a + 1,1 × Eth.a + Ec.a ) 2,3 × TPe : energy efficiency Ee.p : annual electricity produced Eth.p : annual heat produced for commercial use and self-consumption as listed by regulation Ee.a : annual electricity imported Eth.a : annual heat imported Ec.a : annual energy from fuels other than waste 2,3 : takes into account a ‘standard’ heat value for municipal solid wastes in France (2044 kcal/kg) T : annual quantity of waste treated 4
  5. 5. General Tax on Polluting Activities Heat self-consumption as listed by regulation : Pre-heat of combustion air Heating of steam-water cycle Heating of feedwater Flue gas reheat Heating buildings, offices, industrial equipments Steam for steam-pump or steam-compressor Evaporating effluents Anti-freezing air-cooled condenser French ministerial decree 3rd August 2010 Treatment in Waste-to-Energy plant is classified as recovery only if : Energy efficiency : ≥ 0,60 for existing plants ≥ 0,65 for new plants Calculation of the energy efficiency each year Each parameter is to be measured with instrument controlled yearly Else classified as disposal Energy efficiency formula is : and is ‘adapted’ considering : Ep − ( Ef + Ei )Pe = 0,97 × ( Ew + Ef ) Ep − ( Ef + Ei) (2,6 × Ee. p + 1,1 × Eth. p ) − (2,6 × Ee.a + 1,1× Eth.a + Ec.a ) = 0,97 × ( Ew + Ef ) 2,3 × T 5
  6. 6. Application in French Waste-to-Energy plants Comparison of R1 formula and ‘TGAP’ formula : Results are very closed to each other : often less than 0,01 difference Plants without sufficient electricity or heat production to reach 0,60 : Nothing to add, no calculation to do => classified as ‘Disposal’ Plants that can reach 0,60 : Now adding new instrumentation to measure all energies used in the formula (especially on heat self-consumption) New projects will all be ≥ 0,65CONCLUSION French regulation already asks to calculate energy efficiency, only if the plant is able to reach 0,60 (0,65 for new plants) Formula used as far as now is a bit different from R1 formula, but results are very similar This regulation can easily evolve toward R1 formula, and is able to meet the R1 requirements depending on the R1 application guideline than could be published 6