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RECAP Horizon 2020 Project - 1st RECAP Webinar

Presentation of Ifigeneia-Maria - DRAXIS
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RECAP Horizon 2020 Project - 1st RECAP Webinar

  1. 1. RECAP PLATFORM Ms. Ifigeneia-Maria Tsioutsia Project Manager
  2. 2. RECAP System roles Paying Agencies Inspectors FarmersFarmers Consultants
  3. 3. Paying Agencies • Functionalities: o Farm selection for inspection o Communication with farmers o Spatial Component PayingPaying AgenciesAgencies Inspectors FarmersFarmers Consultants
  4. 4. Inspectors • Functionalities: o Preparation for inspection o On spot inspection o Remote inspection o Spatial Component o Photos upload Paying Agencies InspectorsInspectors Farmers o Photos upload o File upload o Final Report generation Farmers Consultants
  5. 5. Farmers • Functionalities: o Farm details completion o Farmer’s self assessment o Completion of work diary, input/output o Spatial Component o Inspection results Paying Agencies Inspectors FarmersFarmers o Inspection results o Communication with Paying Agencies o e-learning tool FarmersFarmers Consultants
  6. 6. Consultants • Functionalities: o Similar functionalities like farmers Paying Agencies Inspectors FarmersFarmers ConsultantsConsultants
  7. 7. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSDK Extractor Application Remote Sensing
  8. 8. RECAP System Components WorkflowWorkflow SpatialSDK • Provides farmers, consultants and inspectors with check lists of Cross Compliance rules applicable to the farm based on information from the BPS application submitted by the farmer. • Guides farmers and inspectors with personalized information on the procedures that they have to follow. Extractor Application Remote Sensing personalized information on the procedures that they have to follow. • Allows the farmers to store the required information and material for each CC rule and make it available to inspectors if needed. • Generates notifications to farmers based on calendar of key dates.
  9. 9. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSpatialSDK • Provides PA officers, inspectors and consultants access to the spatial information generated by the Remote Sensing Extractor Application Remote Sensing the Remote Sensing component. • Allows performing spatial analysis and queries upon data stored in the RECAP database.
  10. 10. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSDK • Analyzes large datasets available and to uncover meaningful (and previously unknown) patterns based on techniques such as online analytical processing, reporting and text mining, ExtractorExtractor Application Remote Sensing reporting and text mining, comprising a component. • Allows comparison with older data or data from other areas which will help to determine the proper CAP implementation.
  11. 11. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSDK • Brings regulations and compliance at the fingertips of the farmers and the inspectors. • A smartphone optimized app dedicated to the farmer and a tablet-optimized app focusing on the inspector’s needs. The RECAP web application will Extractor ApplicationApplication Remote Sensing • The RECAP web application will act as the main user environment for the Paying Agencies, farmers completing their self-assessment, Independent Software Vendors (to use the SDK component) and agricultural consultants.
  12. 12. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSDK • Extracts useful features, such as indices relevant for crop monitoring, from a time series of primarily open Earth Observation data. • Identifies the type of crop(s) cultivated in a specific parcel, and other characteristics. • The classification output will be Extractor Application RemoteRemote SensingSensing • The classification output will be combined with geo-information data available to public organizations, and model this information for enabling the identification of potential breaches of cross- compliance by public authorities and inspectors. • User-generated data such as in-situ photos will be also used for offline validation purposes.
  13. 13. RECAP System Components Workflow SpatialSDKSDK • Provides design tools, libraries and communication with the database under an open approach. • Provides the specific components so that other developers can create add-ons Extractor Application Remote Sensing developers can create add-ons that extend the functionality of RECAP, e.g. Report Generator Tool, Calendar Events and Follow Up Reminders, RECAP Telemetry Interface (IoT), E-learning Tool.
  14. 14. Thank you Ifigeneia – Maria Tsioutsia DRAXIS Environmental S.A. Project Manager